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Tabula: Extract Tables from PDFs. Funny man of the year images. THE INSULT FILE VERSION 6.13. The UK Hour of Code - for the Year of Code. Motivational Posters for those who love bikes. Speeding Up AMS Verification by Modeling. My first introduction to modeling an AMS behavior using a language was back in the 1980's at Silicon Compilers using the Lsim simulator.

Speeding Up AMS Verification by Modeling

Around the same time the VHDL and Verilog languages emerged to handle the modeling of both digital and some analog behaviors. The big reason to model analog behavior with a language is for improved simulation speeds to boost productivity of both the design and verification phases, but the challenge is to consider the trade-off in accuracy versus a reference like SPICE circuit simulation. Pulse response of an Operational Amplifier:SPICE in blue, Real Number model in Orange Coming from a circuit design background I have come to trust the accuracy of SPICE because it models and simulates quite closely to silicon behavior for DC, transient, voltages and currents of both MOS devices and interconnect on analog designs.

But who wants to wait one week for a large AMS block to simulate when running SPICE? AMS Modeling Abstraction RN Model Limitations Summary. Internetopia - the supersized Internet poster. by Benjamin Redford. Welcome to Internetopia.

Internetopia - the supersized Internet poster. by Benjamin Redford

We're making a super-sized, super-detailed 24 x 36" poster created from the collective imagination of the web. By sending in requests, you decide what the final artwork will look like and you can ask for anything to be drawn. Facebook Twitter. Hubbub. Blogs, Articles and Videos from the World's Top Thinkers and Leaders. Cocoa Runners - Monthly Subscription Artisan Chocolate Tasting Club. The American Society of Test Engineers, Inc. (ASTE) Home Page. Images-3D-sans-lunettes-Stereoscopie-4.gif (GIF Image, 720x450 pixels) Top Documentary Films - Watch Free Documentaries Online. ViewMixed. ITRS Home. 25 Years of Innovation: Then, Now, and the Road Ahead - The Fuller View - Cadence Community.

In 1988, Ronald Reagan was wrapping up his second presidential term in Washington.

25 Years of Innovation: Then, Now, and the Road Ahead - The Fuller View - Cadence Community

Perestroika came to the Soviet Union. NASA reported accelerated breakdown of the ozone layer by chlorofluorocarbons. Steve Jobs showed off his first NeXT Computer in San Francisco. The term "brick" was used not just for building materials but for mobile phones, those novelty devices that people like doctors, lawyers, and drug dealers carried. The 10 Funniest Sites on the Internet. Along with sex and shopping, comedy is one of the biggest drivers of traffic on the Web.

The 10 Funniest Sites on the Internet

Especially now that a lot of regular people know how to post their homemade video and audio to the Web (along with clips from TV or radio), there's an awful lot of funny stuff online. After months of exhaustive research, including lie-detector tests performed on laboratory rats, we've gathered a list of the funniest sites on the Web. Visit these sites and try not to laugh. It’s just German. - America's Only Humor Site. Nnery_letter.jpg (806×1048) Top 10 Ubuntu App Downloads for July 2013. On August 6, Canonical published the usual top 10 app downloads chart, this time for July 2013, extracted straight from the Ubuntu Software Center. Guess what? Steam is still the undefeated king of the top 10 free apps chart from the Ubuntu Software Center, which tells us that many Ubuntu users are hard core gamers.

Moreover, three new apps have just entered the top 10 free apps chart: Minitube, one of the best YouTube clients for Linux, Wakfu, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, and All Video Downloader, a universal video downloader tool. On the other hand, the top 10 paid apps chart is still ruled by Filebot, the ultimate utility for renaming your TV shows, movies and even downloading subtitles. Oh, and there's a new tool called Spindl, which allows you to track your time and get things done. "The productivity app, Spindl, debuts in the top 10 paid apps for July. "In the free apps category, three new apps make their debut. Top 10 paid apps: Geda:links [gEDA Project Wiki] Time Management Links. How to install Windows 8.1 preview on a virtual machine. If you aren't happy with Windows 8, and are curious to find out what's new in Windows 8.1, rather than just read about it, why not try it for yourself and install it in a Virtual Machine?

How to install Windows 8.1 preview on a virtual machine

It's easy to do, and will give you some hands on time to really see what you can expect. Here I'll show you the quickest and easiest way to get it installed and working. View all The Windows 8.1 preview is currently available as a free download via the Windows Store or an ISO file. If you currently have a Windows 8 computer, don't do an upgrade install.

What You'll Need Install Windows 8.1 preview on VirtualBox Start by setting up a new machine in VirtualBox and click the button to show the machine description. REVOMAZE NEW! An Art Car Factory. Scenarios. A.O.D. Lorimer on Behance. CARMA. Building the world the way da Vinci saw it.