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High quality Raspberry Pi Audio including Audiophile 24/192 sound card and amplifiers [Audio DAC, Audio AMP] for the Raspberry Pi. audio out, audio card, audio projects, maker hacker market available on Wyliodrin. Raspberry Pi 2 Overclock. Some of you may remember my old overclocking post for Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi 2 Overclock

I’m still obsessed with performance. So this post seeks to overclock the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. Squeezing out some extra performance without compromising stability. It’s highly recommended that you use a capable power supply with 2 amps or better. I recommend something like is this dual port 2.1A power supply. Developer Program for IoT. Windows Developer Program for IoT We're bringing Windows to a new class of small devices.

Developer Program for IoT

What will you make? System Sessions—Wolfram Language Documentation. A Raspberry Pi (VAX) Cluster. In a blog post last month I looked at how a Raspberry Pi can be used to emulate a formidable IBM mainframe, and in this post I describe how a pair can be used to emulate VAX computers which can then be configured to form a VMScluster.

A Raspberry Pi (VAX) Cluster

The MicroVAX 3900 hardware being emulated this time is a little more modern and somewhat smaller than the IBM 4381 processor, but the VAX architecture and OpenVMS operating system are no less impressive. On introduction in 1989 an entry level MicroVAX 3900 would have set you back over $120,000 and, as with IBM's VM operating system, you'd be mistaken if you thought that OpenVMS was dead and buried as it runs many mission critical workloads today.

Emulation of the VAX hardware has been made possible by a pretty amazing piece of software called SimH. In order to be able to run OpenVMS on this a licence is required, but fortunately these are available free of charge via the OpenVMS Hobbyist programme. Machine Address Raspberry Pi #1 Conclusion. Fxos on RaspberryPi. Firefox OS is now Raspberry Pi We are looking to demonstrate that Firefox OS can be a viable and valuable operating system for a range of hardware, and for the wide variety of use cases that are being imagined for connected devices.

Fxos on RaspberryPi

Our initial goal was to release a downloadable or flashable version of Firefox OS for Raspberry Pi boards in conjunction with the Mozilla Festival (October 24-26 2014), which we did. Now we're looking to extend the functionality and practicality. How to Get Firefox OS onto Your Raspberry Pi device 1. 2. The 8 Cool Raspberry Pi Operating Systems/Projects for Beginners. At IDR Solutions we spend a lot of our time developing our Java PDF Library and PDF to HTML5 Converter.

The 8 Cool Raspberry Pi Operating Systems/Projects for Beginners

Recently we have been getting involved in the Java and Programming community to try to pass on those coding skills to the next generation of developers. One of the things we were involved in was Encouraging Kids in Programming and we were attendees at JavaOne Minecraft sessions. For me I think the Raspberry Pi is a really good way of getting into programming especially if you’re a newbie like me and want to learn about programming and the different programming languages.

So what is the Raspberry Pi? It’s an extremely small credit-card sized computer that can be plugged into your TV and a standard PC keyboard. Use the Raspberry Pi as a DIY Surveillance camera. Using dd to backup a PI SD. Raspberry Pi P1 Connector Page. Raspberry Pi GPIO connector Click to download high resolution image Pins.

Raspberry Pi P1 Connector Page

RaspMap - Raspberry Pi component MAP. Raspberry Pi operating systems: 5 reviewed and rated. The Raspberry Pi phenomenon appears to go from strength to strength; like a runaway train, it's ploughing ahead and forging itself a place in the record books.

Raspberry Pi operating systems: 5 reviewed and rated

It's hardly surprising - the hardware alone is developed perfectly for the goals of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the pricing is pitched perfectly, and having the unique versatility of Linux as the operating system seals the deal nicely. Most buyers, once they get their hands on their new RPi, make a move towards the official Raspberry Pi site and follow the getting started instructions therein; the end result is the user running Raspbian "Wheezy", the Foundation's recommended operating system, creating, learning and programming, and strapping the poor wee beast onto a weather balloon and sending it to the outer edge of the atmosphere. Accelerating Fourier transforms using the GPU. Andrew Holme is well known to regular blog readers, as the creator of the awesome (and fearsomely clever) homemade GPS receiver.

Accelerating Fourier transforms using the GPU

Over the last few months he’s been experimenting with writing general purpose code for the VideoCore IV graphics processing unit (GPU) in the BCM2835, the microchip at the heart of the Raspberry Pi, to create an accelerated fast Fourier transform library. Taking the Fourier transform of a function yields its frequency spectrum (i.e. the pure harmonic functions which can be added together to reconstruct the original function). In the following example, shamelessly lifted from Wikipedia, we have a function which oscillates roughly three times per second, and whose Fourier transform unsurprisingly has a peak around 3Hz. Being able to perform lots of Fourier transforms quickly is useful for all sorts of audio and radio applications including, unsurprisingly, GPS.

Ham radio enthusiasts will also find Andrew’s work very useful. Sudo rpi-update && sudo reboot. Ruby and Sinatra on the Raspberry Pi. A Raspberry Pi controlled mini CNC Laser engraver [last update Dec 18, 2013] I recently made a mini CNC laser engraver using two DVD drives salvaged from old computers and <$10 extra parts bought on eBay.

A Raspberry Pi controlled mini CNC Laser engraver [last update Dec 18, 2013]

The controller of the CNC machine is a Raspberry Pi, a $35 credit card size computer. The engraver turns out to be pretty successful. So I am sharing it with everyone. There have been a lot of examples people using Arduino to control CNCs. You can probably find tons of C programs available that run directly on Arduino to process G code. Stepper motor drivers. [Tutorial] Web based SSH terminal for the Raspberry Pi - The Unsafe Bit.

So, the other day, i wrote about Onion Terminal.

[Tutorial] Web based SSH terminal for the Raspberry Pi - The Unsafe Bit

Despite this is a great Terminal, it relies on Onion lib, and this has a lot of dependencies to it: libcairo-dev, libxml2, libpng++-dev, … Then, i discovered GateOne - a full featured HTML5 based web terminal for SSH access. Despite this tutorial is for the Raspberry Pi, this will work without much changes in any Debian based system, such as Ubuntu and others. GateOne in action I thought about writing this tutorial after trying out Shell-in-a-Box, by following this great write up from Remi Bergsma. Sometimes you can’t just SSH to your terminal. The installation is pretty straightforward. Wget tar zxvf setuptools-0.6c11.tar.gz cd setuptools-0.6c11 python build python install Then, clone the source from Git repository, and run the installer: git clone cd GateOne sudo python install.

Raspberry PI GPIO access with ruby. One of the main features of the raspberry pi is the GPIO port, a 21 pins connector where you can attach external hardware and have fun. You can access the GPIO via the C wiringpi library, which happens to have nice bindings for ruby as well , so let’s install it on the raspberry with gem install wiringpi Today we’re going to use ruby to monitor a push button that, when pressed, will activate a LED diode. A Raspberry Pi controlled mini CNC Laser engraver [keep updating] Raspberry Pi Project: A Wolfram Engine on Every Raspberry Pi. Writing a Particle System on the Raspberry Pi. 25 fun things to do with a Raspberry Pi. Bruce smith - author. Pi-Point. An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte! HOME - Magpi. Getting Started with Java SE Embedded on the Raspberry Pi.

By Bill Courington and Gary Collins Published August 2012. Pilarian - piLarian [pi-lair-ee-un] Arch Linux ARM. PiAddict - The Independent Raspberry Pi Magazine ISSN 2052-1324. RISC OS Open: Welcome. JDK8 Early Access Releases — Project Kenai. The Raspberry Pi.

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