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Neighbium is a cloud-based society management solution with a vision to make your society better managed and strongly connected.

Top Apartment Management Software. Top 10 benefits of having an Online society management solution When people live in housing societies, they need to share the responsibility to handle functional stuff such as bill payment, upkeep, and maintenance of the property, security, and legalities.

Top Apartment Management Software

Large Villas have several buildings with hundreds of apartments, it’s become really difficult for the resident welfare association to efficiently manages the community issues and resolves everyone’s problems promptly. Since these are time-consuming factors, people search for efficient methods such as Online society management solutions. Using these society management solutions, the management committee can manage the day to day operations of the societies and these are ideal for small, large, and medium societies.

Whenever people manage societies using these society management solutions, they develop a process in the system which saves time and money. Request for Demo today and our executive will get in touch with you in 24 hours. Apartment management App In Pune, India - Neighbium. Free Housing Society Management Software- Neighbium. Top Apartment & Housing Society Application in Marathi. Dear Member, Greetings from Neighbium!

Top Apartment & Housing Society Application in Marathi

We have released the new version of the app today. Below are the recent features and enhancement in our App. – Neighbium App is now available in English, Hindi, and Marathi for Residents and Gatekeeper. Other languages are coming soon. – Support for draft notice is added in the Notice Section. – Contra entry options in Accounts Action Center. – Added support for Flat member history. Download the App today Are you searching for the BEST apartment management system for your Apartment Complex? Best Society Management Software.

Society is a beautiful place to reside in.

Best Society Management Software

The relationships we build with our neighbors is something to be cherished for a lifetime. All apartment members come from diverse backgrounds and it would be a great thing to mingle with everyone and stay connected. Although we share a common ground and a common dwelling place with our neighbors, owing to our busy lifestyle and schedule, we rarely get the opportunity to talk and mingle with our neighbors and other apartment members. We may still be far away from our dream society. But Neighbium can make this dream come true. Neighbium allows you to perform the following operations on Chat features. 1.

A good neighbour is a great blessing. 2. For every problem, there is one practical solution-Communication. With Neighbium, it is now possible to create groups of members and discuss your concerns on a larger common platform with a larger audience. Challenges & Issues Faced by a Housing Society and Apartment Complex. Being a member of an Apartment complex or society managing committee, it is apparent that the role holds a lot of responsibilities to maintain smooth functions of the society.

Challenges & Issues Faced by a Housing Society and Apartment Complex

Taking up the tasks of managing an Apartment Complex or a housing society can be time-consuming and it’s a tough nut to crack. This probably happens because there is a lack of communication with society residents. Also, every single task which relates to the management of the society is handled manually by the managing committee which leads to discrepancies and errors. At times it turns out to be exceptionally troublesome for the housing society committee to carry on complex tasks manually, such as managing and collecting maintenance fees from residents, taking care of important assets of the society such as parks, swimming pools, and roads.

Despite the efforts, often we find that the situation gets heated up and it brings about superfluous fights and misjudgments about the managing committee. GST Compliant Society Accounting‎ Managing administrative responsibilities of hundreds of residents in a society is not only an old school stone-age chore, but sometimes also a task more difficult than breaking the Da Vinci Codes.

GST Compliant Society Accounting‎

Whether it is the collection of society’s dues from non paying members, managing common utilities, handling the complaints from housing society members or handling statutory reports; everything needs to be managed through a computerized system. Keeping a track of important records manually and stacking documents in some room after a while gets complex and unmanageable. So it is wise to use comprehensive society management software that can manage a variety of administrative tasks in an effective manner.

We bring you a few reasons why society management software is a must for every society. 1. The effects of rising population of India can be seen in our societies also.