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TREAT THE EXCESS WEIGHT RIGHT. Posted by prachiphale on November 25th, 2019 Obesity is the state of the body where one is overweight in accordance with one's height.


In scientific terms, Body Mass Index (BMI) is the calculator of one's obesity. Generally, a BMI of more than 30 is considered obesity. Now, come to think of it excess weight can be because of poor lifestyle or genetic or because of some really serious health issues. LAPAROSCOPY: SMALL INCISIONS, BIG STUDY - Prachi Phale - Medium. Laparoscopy also called diagnostic laparoscopy, is known to be a surgical procedure that is done to examine organs of the abdomen and pelvis with very small incisions.


It’s a low-risk, minimally invasive procedure that allows doctors to examine organs inside the abdomen. So, all in all, this laparoscopic surgery allows your doctor to see inside your body without any major open surgery. This laparoscopy procedure uses an instrument called a laparoscope to look at the organs. A laparoscope is a thin and long tube with a high-intensity light. It also has a high-resolution camera at the front.

Network & Infrastructure Security Services By Tata Communications. Multi-layered Managed Security Services By Tata Communications. Cloud Ready Networks. Enable Full Phone System Capabilities For Microsoft Teams With Tata Communications. At the Forefront of Building IoT Industry. Connected Restaurant Program. With a nationwide portfolio of restaurants, a renowned pizza delivery chain in India partnered with us for an enterprise-wide IoT and Analytics initiative.

Connected Restaurant Program

The objectives were optimizing the energy spend, enabling food safety tracking in refrigeration, enforcing thermal compliance policies in dining areas and enabling central real-time visualization of energy usage. The Connected Restaurant program enabled sustained multi-year savings of more than 10% at 400+ restaurants across kitchen, dining and refrigeration loads. Further to energy savings, we achieved an improvement of 18% in walk in chiller compliance and an improvement of 83% in guest area thermal compliance improvement over 3 years of the engagement. For more information, please visit the resources page or reach out to us, we'd be delighted to help. Things That Can Invalidate Your Car Insurance Policy.

If there is anything about insurance policies that you can be absolutely sure of is that nothing in the cover comes without a fine print asterisk sign.

Things That Can Invalidate Your Car Insurance Policy

Everything that is included as part of the policy coverage is generally showcased in bold and big print. On the other hand, the fine print along with terms and conditions that are loaded with technical jargons are actually quite tiny. And understandably, your car insurance policy is no different. Be it a bundled plan that includes third-party motor insurance and cover for own damages or comprehensive coverage, it is absolutely essential for you to read the fine print carefully and be aware of any exclusions where you are stuck with invalid car insurance. Third-Party Vs Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy. Electric Bike Insurance – All You Need to Know. Technology, as has been mentioned several times before, is a double-edge blade.

Electric Bike Insurance – All You Need to Know

In the context of electric bikes, the double-edged nature of technology appears quite apparent – the electric powered two-wheelers produce minimal noise and are environmentally friendly; at the same time, electric vehicles are built on extremely intricate and delicate technology which is much more vulnerable to mishaps as compared to the raw, brazen engines of conventional vehicles. Being a relatively new addition to a world that is only now slowly awakening to the importance of renewable sources of energy, electric bikes are not yet properly covered under insurance policies issued by most insurance companies in the market. Electric bike insurance, from those who provide it to consumers, consists mainly of limited coverage, especially owing to some inherent limitations in the vehicle itself. So, how exactly do you go about choosing the right electric bike insurance policy in such a two-pronged situation?

Bike Insurance Coverages - Comprehensive & Third Party. Bike insurance policies offer financial protection to policyholders in order to cover for financial losses in the case of emergencies.

Bike Insurance Coverages - Comprehensive & Third Party

However, owing to the diverse variety of issues that could befall a bike insurance policyholder, there are two different types of insurance, namely Third Party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance. In this article, we shall be looking at the various similarities and differences between them, including the varying needs associated with them: Types of Bike Insurance There are two main types of bike insurance coverage - Third Party Liability Cover and Comprehensive Cover. They both are different and they serve different purposes: Purchased A Brand New KTM. Here's Why You Should Insure It Immediately. KTM offers adventurous two-wheeler experience with its light-weight body and powerful engine.

Purchased A Brand New KTM. Here's Why You Should Insure It Immediately

It has made off-roading so accessible that the vehicle and the driver both need to be taken care of. KTM bike insurance is required not only as a part of the legal requirement but also as a part of fortifying you and your bike in case of any perils. The powerful engine of KTM enables the rider to drive adventurously off the road, but at the same time, your bike undergoes a lot of stress and you might need to get it repaired and serviced on a regular basis. Also, off-roading means taking a lot of individual risk - a fall, crash, ram, et al. while riding - which can burn a hole in your pocket if not mitigated.

Buying bike insurance online has eased the process of evaluating policies. If You Really Know Your Bike, You Would Insure It Evaluating the features of KTM bikes enables evaluating an insurance policy to get one fit the needs. Do You Know How Much the KTM Insurance Can Cover? Difference Between Premium Petrol And Normal Petrol. Mostly the people who drive for the very first time generally get into the dilemma of choosing a particular petrol type when they arrive at a gas station.

Difference Between Premium Petrol And Normal Petrol

They get in a confusion, whether to choose normal or premium petrol. Comparing the prices of both types, anyone could figure out that premium petrol is a higher grade of petrol, but no one realises what extra factors give each petrol type its own character and associated results. Premium petrol has its own properties and varies in cost according to brands and specifications. Certain vehicle engines require high graded petrol. The vehicle owners should be careful in such cases, because nowadays there are lot of scams happening at gas stations where they cheat the customers by filling up normal petrol while saying that it is premium type. Electric Vehicle Manufacturers In India. There is a big transformation which is taking place all over the world.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers In India

It is the switch from traditional Petrol Vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and India is in the race as well. With a growing population, having cars with a clean source of energy is the need of the hour. India has a unique situation where two-wheelers are more common than cars and hence manufacturers have to take this factor into consideration as well. With India providing GST rebates and tax reliefs on Electric Vehicles, more and more people are making the switch. India has launched a unique National Electric Mobility Plan under which the manufacturers will produce Electric bikes, cars and other vehicles over the next two decades. With this in mind, we present the top Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India along with their products. Bharti AXA General Insurance - Buy General Insurance Online in India - Car, Two Wheeler, Health, Travel Insurance. Travel Guide for your Himachal Trip. Himachal Pradesh: India’s snow-kissed land Himachal Pradesh, India’s snow-laden province, is the 21st largest state in India and there are records to show that this hilly region has been inhabited since pre-historic times.

Travel Guide for your Himachal Trip

All through its history, the region has been ruled by local kings and empires. The main occupation of the people is agriculture, horticulture and hydropower, all made possible because of the several perennial rivers that flow through the state. It is the same rivers that have lent their charm to the picturesque vistas that the land is dotted with. The famed Silk Route of days of yore passed right through Himachal Pradesh, and connected the far corners of China, Tibet, Ladakh and Kashmir. Highlights of Himachal Pradesh Tourism: Things to See and Do There is much to do and see in Himachal Pradesh, and tourism in Himachal offers you myriad opportunities to do exactly that which your heart desires.

Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh Temples. Australia Tourism - Travel Guide for your trip to Australia. While you are standing at the edge of a cliff, or a chopper, or a boat, the only thing that will keep repeating in your head is that 'fear is temporary.' As you take your leap of faith, you will have millions of butterflies in your stomach, intense feel of a freefall and extremely adrenaline. Be it skydiving, bungee jump or even the scuba dive; Australia will give you the rush of all these things, making you feel breathless. Book Malaysia Trip & Holiday PackagesOnline. About Malaysia Holiday - Look up at towering skyscrapers, shop in bustling malls and... Read More laze around on balmy beaches. Feast on brimming broth pots and hot woks served in vibrant melamine plates and bowls.

This is Malaysia, where culture spills into the streets with modernity leading the way. Evolution of DEMAT. So, your stock broker has told you to open a DEMAT account. You might have thought, what on earth is a DEMAT account and why do you need it? Keep reading to find out the evolution of DEMAT accounts. Our era belongs to the internet and all things digital, and there’s no turning back. With everything going online, it becomes easier for a consumer to access his assets and liabilities at the click of a button. In an age where change is constant, it’s safe to say that communication and learning devices are here to stay. Debunking Equity Investment Myths. Since the evolution of equity investment, it has been a common misconception that it is an activity for the rich or budding entrepreneurs. Today, there are so many smaller investment options, something more accessible to the working class.

In an attempt to promote more investment, companies are now offering free demat accounts to people who want to invest. Currency Trading - Online Forex Trading in India. The demonetization impact on GDP may actually be beneficial.. On November 08th 2016, when Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, announced the demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes, it was met with mixed reactions. A full 10 months hence, the jury is still out on the merits and demer…More>> Rupee forward market versus INR futures market If you are familiar with banking and international trade, you would surely be familiar with the concept of a forward cover. A forward cover is the most basic form of a forward contract. How to convert your physical shares into demat form. Benefits of Investing in Bonds - Investing in Bonds or Debentures. Signs of Undervalued Stock - How to find Undervalued Stocks. Open Demat Account Online: Share Trading Account Opening Form. Learn How to Invest in Mutual funds from Expert Videos.

How to Choose the Best Mutual Fund for My Investment? Become a Sub Broker with Motilal Oswal - A Leading Share Broker in India. Debunking Equity Investment Myths. Live Commodity Prices: Commodities Trading in India. Share Market Live Update: Get Live updates on stock market Online.

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