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Neha Rai

I am neha rai pursuing my B.A.LL.B. (5 th Year) from Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida.

Best Law Colleges in Delhi NCR. Which subject will be the best for LLM course. All about Legal Notice. IntroductionIt is believed that written words are more valuable than oral words as written documents are kept as a record.

All about Legal Notice

Therefore, at the time of dispute written documents are used for solving the matter. Legal notice is a written document that is drafted on legal terms and conditions for which a person gets legally bound to acknowledge it. Legal notice is drafted against complaints of personal or private issues, complaints against employer or employees, issues arising in the workplace, cheque bounce, divorce, etc. The person who issues a legal notice has to inform the person against whom the legal notice is to be issued about issuing of notice. Criminal Amendment Act, 2018. The Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2018, is also an aftereffect of such crude events that shook the soul and inward voice of the entire nation.

Criminal Amendment Act, 2018

The interest in making severe to rape laws increasingly stringent had started forming on account of various youth ambush scenes. The famous Kathuarape case and the Unnao rape case set off this interest,and this tooka difference in 2018. Why Basic Legal Knowledge is important for everyone. Knowledge of the law is very essential; it helps us to promote legal culture.

Why Basic Legal Knowledge is important for everyone

Every member of society should have the basic understanding of law. Commonly, the law is understood as a set of rules and regulations followed by society i.e., the present rules of the society. The laws help in the proper functioning of the society. The new Law in India for 2020. COVID-19 Quarantine related Laws: -Quarantine is a state of isolation in which people who are more likely to get an infection are placed for a fixed time, to reduce further spread of such disease.

The new Law in India for 2020

Existing Legal Framework: In our country, the criminal justice system talks about offenses relating to public health under Chapter XIV of /Indian Penal Code, 1860. Sections 269 and 270 of IPC deals with punishment for the offense of negligent and malignant acts resulting in the spread of infection of a deadly disease. The former provision prescribes punishment for up to six months or fine or both. In the case of the latter offense, the prescribed punishment is up to 2 years or fine or both. Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate in India. 1) On-going crisis in the Real Estate Sector.

Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate in India

Supreme Court in India: Importance, Functions, and Powers. IntroductionThe Supreme Court in India was established through an enactment passed in pre-independent India, with the introduction of the Regulating Act, 1773.

Supreme Court in India: Importance, Functions, and Powers

The 1st Supreme Court started its function as a court of record at Calcutta, and the 1st Chief Justice Sir Elijah Impey was appointed. The court was established to resolve the disputes in Bengal, Orissa, and Patna. Consequently, in 1800 and 1834, the King Gorge-III established the other two Supreme Courts in Bombay and Madras. Combination of MBA and Law degree. With the coming of this pandemic now everything is at stake, now management is not only about being good with the in-depth knowledge of business; it is also about the strong legal base that you have.

Combination of MBA and Law degree

Now it is about knowing both management and law. Legal Education for Engineers: Prospects and Career Opportunities. AbstractThe Legal System provides the basis for activities and ensures a just and equitable framework under which these activities are performed.

Legal Education for Engineers: Prospects and Career Opportunities

Law encompasses all aspects of society and economy and human activities and thus requires inputs from social sciences, technical sciences, businesses, etc Legal Education in India can be acquired through the three-year LLB course which requires a graduate degree from a recognised university in any subject. It is open to students of all fields to allow enrichment of the field from various sources and to allow Law to be immersed within the society and allow it to uphold the rights of the society in a much more efficient manner. While an engineering graduate can choose to pursue any field in law, certain courses are preferred by students from a technical background, namely: Cyber Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Patent Law.Job opportunities for law graduates include Advocate, Legal Advisor, Entrepreneur, etc. Top Colleges for LLB. Top law Blogs and Websites in India by Rohit Kumar. By Rohit Kumar education consultant - MBA,BBA,PGDM and Executive.

Top law Blogs and Websites in India by Rohit Kumar

All about Business Law Career and scope - Rohit Kumar - Medium. One of the critical pillars of the nation’s development is Business.

All about Business Law Career and scope - Rohit Kumar - Medium

When we think of business, we visualize an activity that has an economic goal of It is seen as an economic activity of unending supply which is born out of continuous production and distribution of essential and luxurious commodities. CLAT 2020 Syllabus, Exam Date and registration. CLAT 2020 Syllabus, Exam Date and registration Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a national level entrance examination taken by law aspirants in the country. CLAT is conducted, on a rotational basis, by the 22 National Law Schools/Universities, as per the establishment seniority order. The exam is conducted on an annual basis and is the most important entrance level test for students willing to secure admissions to top NLUs and Law Schools in the country for undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in law. Every year, The Consortium of National Law Universities releases the syllabus for CLAT examination to be held concurrently. Law College Delhi, India. Lloyd Law College offers a unique opportunity to study law with a nation-wide academic reputation.

The college endeavors towards bringing social, political and economic change with the help of law. It can be achieved only with professionals who are committed to the aforementioned objectives and have a keen interest in the field of law. The faculty members and staff at Lloyd are well experienced and committed to the study of law. The courses have been designed to cater to a holistic development of students. LLB course after graduation, Best LLB college in India. Eligibility LL.B. has the duration of 3-years and covers only law subjects and is offered by few universities, one of them being Lloyd Law College. The course curriculum of LL.B. is purely based on law subjects. Top LL.M. Colleges in India.

Law entrance Exam 2020. Lloyd Law College.