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How to create a Pie chart in Word

How to Build a Computer. How to add a profile picture to your YouTube profile. Desktop Support Interview Questions. Automation Anywhere Tutorial. How TreeMap Works Internally in Java. In Java Interview Question, the most commonly asked question is how TreeMap works internally in Java or what is the internal implementation of TreeMap.

How TreeMap Works Internally in Java

In this section, we will learn how TreeMap works internally in Java. Before moving to the internal working, first, understand what is TreeMap. TreeMap in Java TreeMap is a class that is a member of the Java Collections Framework. It implements Map, NavigableMap, Sorted, Cloneable, and Serializable interfaces. It is slow in comparison to HashMap and LinkedHashMap.

As we know that, in a tree, a node has three references parent, right, and left element. The tree data structure follows the property, given below: How to disable JavaScript on Tor Browser. The popularity of the Tor Browser has risen very rapidly over the last period of time.

How to disable JavaScript on Tor Browser

It was originally developed by the US Naval Research Lab in the mid-1990s to allow government officials to communicate in an anonymous and secure manner. Nowadays, most people tend to use the Tor Browser because it gives them the freedom to keep their privacy and anonymity on the internet. What is Tor? The Tor browser is also known by another name, the Onion router, and is a Flagship/significant product of the Tor project.

A team of developers and some of the Tor Browser volunteers have successfully managed to create a browser by modifying a version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser that allows users to browse the internet anonymously. Top 58 MySql Interview Questions. A list of top frequently asked MySQL interview questions and answers are given below. 1) What is MySQL?

Top 58 MySql Interview Questions

MySQL is a multithreaded, multi-user SQL database management system which has more than 11 million installations. What is a server. A server commonly refers to a computer program that receives and responds to requests made over a network.

What is a server

It receives the request for a web document from the client and sends the requested information to the client computer on the Internet. A device can be both a client and a server at the same time, as an individual system has the ability to provide resources and use them from another system in one go. There are different types of servers, including mail servers, virtual servers, and web servers. Minicomputers and mainframe computers were some of the first servers. As compared to mainframe computers, minicomputers were much smaller; therefore, they were known as the name of Minicomputers. Types of servers. What are the advantages of computer. There are many advantages to using a computer.

What are the advantages of computer

Below is given a list that contains the main advantages of computers. Increase your productivity Computers help increase user productivity, and users become more productive at everything you do on the software running on the computer with a good understanding. For instance, when you have work on an Excel worksheet with a basic understanding, you can create, edit, delete, store, calculation, and print documents and letters.

How to install Python in Windows. Python is the most popular and versatile language in the current scenario.

How to install Python in Windows

Python doesn't come with prepackage in Windows, but it doesn't mean that Window user cannot be flexible with Python. Some operating systems such as Linux come with the Python package manager that can run to install Python. Below are the steps to install Python in Windows. Step - 1: Visit Official Site to Download Python Installer All Python-related information is available on its official website. Best Casino Games for Android. Casino is one of the most popular entertaining places since last 100 of years.

Best Casino Games for Android

In a casino, people come from various places to gather and put their money by thinking that they will earn even more if they have a good luck. However, in this fast era, you may be don't have the time or money to enjoy this game live. You may take a virtual experience of this game by downloading and playing it on your Android smartphone or tablet. Most of popular casino games are available in premium but some are free at Google Play Store. In this article, we will discuss some best free casino games for Android device. Arduino Stepper motor - JavaTpoint.

The stepper motor does not require any feedback for its operation.

Arduino Stepper motor - JavaTpoint

It can be controlled with high accuracy due to its design. The series of magnets mounted on the shaft of the stepper motor are controlled by the electromagnetic coils. These coils are negatively and positively charged in a sequence, which makes the shaft to move in forward and backward in little steps. We can also hold the position of the motor at any step during rotation.

It has a simple, accurate open-loop system. Print a PDF. Nowadays, with no extra software or tools, all types of computers, smartphones, and tablets offer us to print PDF files.

Print a PDF

As we are aware, PDF is a standard, portable document format that operates throughout all devices. Here, we will learn how to print your PDF file. 1. Print a PDF from Adobe Reader. Nuclear Power Plants in India. There are many nuclear power plants in India located in different states of the country.

Nuclear Power Plants in India

Today, nuclear power is the fifth-largest source of electricity in India apart from hydroelectric, renewable, and thermal power plants where heat is produced by burning coal or natural gas, etc. Unlike other energy plants, in nuclear power plants, the heat is produced by the nuclear reactor through nuclear fission without burning anything such as coal or natural gas, etc. What is character. Character is a single visual object that is also referred to as char, which is used to represent numbers, symbols, or text. For example, N is a letter and is a single character, which is shown below. One character is equal to one byte in the computer that is 8 bits. A character is also used to describe a computer player; it plays an important role as a fictitious player in a computer game. For instance, you are considered a character or PC while playing a game. CAN (Controller Area Network) protocol. CAN stands for Controller Area Network protocol. TCP Retransmission.

The TCP retransmission means resending the packets over the network that have been either lost or damaged. Here, retransmission is a mechanism used by protocols such as TCP to provide reliable communication. Here, reliable communication means that the protocol guarantees packet's delivery even if the data packet has been lost or damaged. The networks are unreliable and do not guarantee the delay or the retransmission of the lost or damaged packets. The network which uses a combination of acknowledgment and retransmission of damaged or lost packets offers reliability. VB.NET Control Statements. In VB.NET, the control statements are the statements that controls the execution of the program on the basis of the specified condition. It is useful for determining whether a condition is true or not.

If the condition is true, a single or block of statement is executed. In the control statement, we will use if- Then, if Then Else, if Then ElseIf and the Select case statement. Splunk Reports Generation. In this section, we are going to learn how the report is generated in the Splunk. The generated report can be used further for the local use. We can also set it up to a custom dashboard. Here, we will look forward to changing its permission and how we can edit a report in Splunk after it has been saved. We will also learn to change the view permission of the Reports generated. How to create a poll on Facebook. Facebook provides a poll to ask a question, customize the answers, and let people vote for their preferred option. Smartsheet Tutorial. What is a CD. How to login as Administrator in Windows 10. Similarly asked questions. How to add JavaScript to html. Difference between MySQL Union and Join.

Google Assistant app for Android. Google Adwords Tutorial. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial. Adobe Illustrator tutorial is the training series for the students and working professionals to learn Adobe graphics and publishing software developed with the support of Adobe product experts. PostgreSQL vs SQL Server. PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server are extensively used in the relational database management system and compatible with several small and large enterprise applications, even though both databases come with different editions based on the developer's requirements.

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