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#Zentangle #Patterns & #Ideas - zentangle | Pinterest - Zentangle-patronen, Zentangle en Patronen. Zentangle #57 - Bored #7 by hilda_r, via Flickr. Judy's Zentangle Creations: Zentangle Patterns. Hi everyone... my Tangling friends I have loaded up some patterns...  It's great to play around with your own patterns... and a great way of practising them On of my all time favourite Paradox Triangles in my last post I used this pattern in the centre of my design One of my absolutely favourite patterns Paradox Square I use this pattern lots This Pattern Lap is a bit fiddley but looks amazing this one was designed by Lizzie Mayne in 2012 Another great pattern Cicerone looks affective This pattern Basket Weave can be done in many ways you just have to choose what you want it to look like... great for background on large designs This pattern Daisy Square you can do so much with I love this Pattern Tangled Ribbons very easy to do..

Well I hope they have been great inspiration for you to try.. have ago and try them out.... or even design your own... please share them with me HappyTangling Judy. News from Zentangle. Zentangle at CHA Rick writes: We just returned from the annual Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. In this case "we" means Molly, Martha, Maria and I. Such fun! It was great to experience a few warm days after the recent bitter cold here. Maria and I were invited to speak due to Zentangle's impact on the craft and hobby industry. Our talk was titled, "The Zentangle® Inspiration.

" We'll share what we discussed in future newsletters and blogs. We had an awesomely large screen behind us on stage: That image is a gilded letter that we tangled as we spoke: It was an exciting and fun time. During the convention we gave small demonstrations in Sakura of America's booth: We gave a workshop on the convention floor: And we hung out at the Sakura booth, meeting wonderful people and goofing off: On our travels we were always on the lookout for tangles. Static as seen from our plane over the Rocky Mountains. We all had such a wonderful time. 禪繞畫圖案設計Zentangle pattern - EDDYPER @ damy的快樂隨意作 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET :: Rosquire or Round Peg Square – Tangle Pattern | The Rainbow Elephant. Here’s one of my latest line-weaving tangle patterns that I call Round-Peg Square – zenned, “Rosquire.” It’s a quick and easy one to learn how to draw and it works well as a focal design, a filler, and it can even be used along a border/string too. Download my free pdf version of this tangled pattern to add to your pattern collection or simply save the jpg image below.

View this video for my little show-and-tell session on how to draw it. Enjoy! Here’s an ATC I scribbled out using this pattern as the main design. Drink from Life Enjoy adding this line weave design to your creations and please let me know if you do – so I can see how you’re using it. Also Share this Article Using >>> Like this: Like Loading... Related Lucky Charms Repeat Pattern Design This is a "charming" little line/weave tangle that's based on a grid design and works wonderfully as a shape filler. In "Pattern How-Tos" Stick Weave - Another ZenDoodle Pattern Share Sharing My Tangle Pattern: Bofi. News from Zentangle. You may have noticed this new tangle appearing here and there. This tangle is one of a rare "species" in our zentomology of tangles. Its basic structure is a malleable tessellation, but tripoli takes things a bit further. It's not just tiling adjacent triangles - a delightful tangle in itself - but what you then do within and between those triangles that yields amazingly different and fun results.

This tangle also introduces an effect called an Ehrenstein Illusion where tips of these triangles in a way that creates a space which seems brighter than surrounding areas. This is a fun tangle which invites all sorts of tangleations. . . . or roasted garlic. Some tips: Your triangles can have curved or straight edges.Leave a consistent space between them, like with aura.Although clusters of six triangles are most common, you can just as easily have 5, 7, 8 or more mixed throughout your tile. We look forward to seeing what else you do with tripoli! Oh, yes . . . why tripoli? • ❃ • ❋ • ❁ • tanglebucket • ✿ • ✽ • ❀ •: Tangle Remix, Vol. I + PUFFLE. I work best when I'm (properly caffeinated and) avoiding something else I should be doing. Yesterday, this room was a disaster. Major upheaval going on in here. I've got at least a couple of hours of work left to do in it, so naturally, I'm diving into something I would rather be doing, and avoiding the mess altogether.

There's just something about procrastination that gets my creativity crankin'. This is a really rewarding artistic exercise for me, taking tangle patterns I already know and kneading/squishing them into something new. The mission: pick two patterns, adopt at least one element from each, and make a new pattern out of the pieces. Pardon the randomness of the pattern layouts; this post has been in the making for a looong time. Tangle remix no. 1: Eylet & Ribbon (Lori Howe) & Crescent Moon (Zentangle) Tangle remix no. 2: Assunta (Zentangle) & Paizel (Angie Vangalis, CZT) Tangle remix no. 3: Huggins (Zentangle) & Hypnotic (Elena Hadzijaneva) Tangle remix no. 4: Cadent (Zentangle) Zentangle. Linda’s List of Official Tangle Patterns. Sampler of a few Zentangle-original Tangle Patterns. Not all of the tangles created and introduced by Zentangle® originators Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas are posted online.

This makes complete sense when you think about it because income from teaching about Zentangle is one aspect of their business. Learning about the original “102 Tangles” (now up to 154) and receiving instructions on how to teach them is part of the teacher certification seminar. (See this page for more about teaching Zentangle.) For those who are new to Zentangle, the Zentangle-original (aka “official”) tangles are those created and introduced by Zentangle HQ — that is to say patterns by Maria Thomas, Rick Roberts and Maria’s daughters Molly Hollibaugh “(pronounced: haul’-a’-baw’)” and Martha Huggins.

However, every Zentangle-original tangle that does have authorized online drawing instructions is posted here on TanglePatterns and is linked in my list below. A reminder … Copyright Issues You Should Know. Linda’s List of Official Tangle Patterns.