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Nefarious is the brand that indulges you to present your best self. Nefarious understands how unique you are and we have created scents that highlight your personality and multiply your charm.

Luxury Series By Nefarious Perfume & Fragrance Concepts. Designer luxury series perfumes and fragrances by Nefarious which is specially handcrafted you.

Luxury Series By Nefarious Perfume & Fragrance Concepts

Choose from a wide range of 9 enticing perfumes that will leave you mesmerized. Dapper Vetiver A contrasting blend of delicate & frozen accords Luxury series perfume crafted for those who prefer to look their sharp and dapper self. Opening with fresh bergamot & sparkling pink pepper the cool top is balanced over a heavy heart of jasmine, vetiver & oud. HEAD NOTES : Bergamot and Pink Pepper MIDDLE NOTES : Vetiver Oud Jasmine BASE NOTES : Sandalwood Ambergris and Musk. Premium Series perfumes by Nefarious designer premium fragrances.

"Kintsugi World Series" 15 diverse Perfume& Fragrances by Nefarious. Nefarious perfume & fragrance concept presents 15 new and luxurious fragrances named “Kintsugi World Series” French Vetiver Your Daily Dose of newness. The French Vetiver from Nefarious Perfumes drastically reevaluates the customary vetiver aroma. This aroma implants every one of the three pieces of the plant: the gritty root, the verdant leaves, and the rich heart to renew the mix. The outcome is an aroma suggestive of waiting summers, strengthening and enthusiastic – it leaves a charming quality of newness. Cambodian Oud This extreme mix shows the force of Cambodian oud, joined with Indonesian patchouli leaves over a strong base of mandarin, musk, and flower petals. it’s an uncommon excursion to some place you have never been and can’t stand by to come back to. Russian Blackcurrant As luxurious as it sounds, notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, and coconut have been combined with white peach, rose, violet, jasmine, vanilla, and white musk.

Spanish Strawberry Japanese Flora. 10 Best Perfume for Men's By Nefarious Perfume & Fragrance concept. Perfumes are man’s biggest accessory.

10 Best Perfume for Men's By Nefarious Perfume & Fragrance concept

Perfumes are like a man’s identity which defines its personality, style and creates an impression when he steps out and meets people. Perfumes can add to the charm of any man. We all agree that it’s of no use when you are all dressed up but smell bad, that could be worse. When you smell good, you feel confident. The choice of perfumes depends on your personal taste or on the occasion. 10 Best Perfume for Women By Nefarious Perfume & Fragrance concept. To smell like a dream is every woman’s desire.

10 Best Perfume for Women By Nefarious Perfume & Fragrance concept

Smelling good is very important when you step out and meet someone. Smelling fresh and beautiful creates a great impression, so it’s very important to find the right perfume which compliments your unique personality, multiples your charm and makes you feel beautiful about yourself. It’s not easy to find the best perfume. As a matter of fact, there are so many options available in front of you. Buying a perfume online can be tricky because your nose cannot experience the beauty from best selling blends to how to choose the best perfume for your type, along with the diverse variety of perfumes and fragrances available.

So, to help you kick start your search for the best perfume for women. Rose in Vogue Roses that will ram their thorns firmly into the skin and leave an incredible presence. Adorable Vanilla A sweet fragrance with hints of Jasmine incorporated with coconut that feels like beaches. Delish Rose Wicked Rasberries Mysterious Amber. “Kintsugi World Series” By Nefarious Perfume & Fragrance Concept. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage by using gold.

“Kintsugi World Series” By Nefarious Perfume & Fragrance Concept

Kin = golden tsugi = joinery. Perfectly handcrafted and the new, the art of kintsugi retains a particular wisdom – as applicable to our own lives. History of Perfumery. Do you love perfume?

History of Perfumery

Are you interested in finding out more about its origins? Well, we’re giving you the chance to find out about the history of perfume and who created it. The word “perfume” comes from the Latin “per fumus”, meaning “through smoke”. In this write up, we’re going to look at its origins and how it has become as we know it today. THE ORIGINS OF PERFUMEPerfume has been around since prehistoric times. It was when the Romans came along that people started to use fragrances as part of their personal hygiene, mainly women across all social classes. It was when alchemy and the Arab civilization came along that the experimentation and development of perfumes re-emerged. For the Indians & Chinese, smell is one of the most important senses, so essences and perfumes have always been important to them.

Perfumes According to Olfactory Families. TYPES OF PERFUMES ACCORDING TO OLFACTORY FAMILIES, When you discover an aroma, it’s inevitable that it will provoke some sensation in you or remind you of someone.Sometimes it smells like the sea, at other times it reminds you of a summer afternoon at the beach… And it’s also possible that you can’t even describe the sensation it gives you.That’s why today we’re starting to explain to you what some of our olfactory families are and what fragrances belong to each one.

Perfumes According to Olfactory Families

That way, the next time you choose a perfume, you can have a clear idea of what sensation you want to give to those who capture your essence. These are fresh, light scents which smell clean and smell like good times. Their personality comes from a synthetic essence called Calone, which gives them a marine touch that is perfect for those hot days. An example is Sensual Oud from Nefarious Perfumes , a Stellar perfume for those who want something more niche to the famous Cool Water for men. Perfumes According To Olfactory Families (II)

Are Perfumes A Great Gift For Every Occasion? Every occasion whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, housewarming or anything it is marked with happy memories and fabulous gifts.

Are Perfumes A Great Gift For Every Occasion?

Maybe flashy or subtle, a good gift can not only cheer someone up but bestow upon such memories. They will reflect upon those memories and enjoy them, feel good about themselves and remember about those happy memories whenever they see that gift or use it in their everyday lifestyle. However, if you are finding it a bit difficult to grab a good gift for someone you love or adore, maybe try out a good perfume instead. Perfumes are rising as wedding anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and even for Valentine’s Day gifts, you name the occasion and it is suitable for every single special occasion that comes in your life.

Long-Lasting Fragrances. After spraying an Nefarious luxury perfume, every fragrance lover expects it to last a little longer on them.

Long-Lasting Fragrances

This is the reason why most of us are ready to spend more than we can afford on any perfume. However, not all the brands that promise to deliver a lasting scent are able to do so. All About Nefarious Perfumes, Best Fragrance Just For You. Nefarious is the brand that indulges you to present your best self.

All About Nefarious Perfumes, Best Fragrance Just For You

Nefarious understands how unique you are and we have created scents that highlight your personality and multiply your charm. Fruity, Aquatic, Musk, Woody… and the list goes on with so many perfume options available to suit every personality worldwide. We are the leading perfume experts in India. Variety of options available to choose from. Fantastic savings due to offers and other discounts. Amazing Gifts vouchers and coupons . FREE Standard delivery available online.