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Best eFile Income Tax Returns This Year? (Last Updated On: July 27, 2017) Like every year, income tax return filing is going to be a little different this year as well. So, before you begin filing your income tax return, let’s see what has changed in income tax return filing this year. 1. Disclosure and linking of Aadhaar Number: From 1st July on-wards, the quoting of your Aadhaar number in your ITR is mandatory. If you don’t have one, but have filed an application for the same, then the 28 digit Aadhaar Enrolment number is required to be quoted in the ITR. 2.

If you have deposited cash equal to or more than Rs 2,00,000 in aggregate – old as well as new currency notes – in any of your Bank Account, be it Savings, Current or even a Loan Account between 9th November 2016 to 30th December 2016, the same has to be reported by you at the time of filing your income tax return. 3. For simplification, the Income Tax Department has changed Income Tax Return form numbers. 4. 5. 6. 7.

New Lenovo 4G Mobile Price in India. Looking for the LG 4G Mobiles at Lowest Prices Online. Looking for the Oppo 4G Mobiles in India. Samsung 4G Mobiles in India | Lowest Prices of Samsung 4G Mobiles. The New Sony Xperia XA1 32 GB Gold Lowest Prices Online. Moto G Plus 4th Gen 32 GB Smartphone at lowest price in india. Looking for the graceful accessories for womens. Today with the arrival of the e-shop has totally revolutionized and made it mush easy for us to shop anything and everything online. Fashion accessories that have captivated women of any age for many years are shooting up by a high percentage of impulse purchase where any kind of jewellery be it bracelet or bag may become simply irresistible for a woman.

Right from trendy and fashionable bags to attractive gold or artificial jewelry and other fashion accessories, this zone of the retail world has survived and remained buoyant even in the years of economic ups and downs. This is because if you wish and are firm to buy fashion accessories online, you will be simply besieged with the numerous amounts of options available for you. Jewellery is something that has infinite varieties and enormous collections. Some fashion accessories for women are very much in demand now days are bracelets, necklaces, earrings and many more. The good thing about accessories is that they’re not that expensive. Looking for the how to wear long skirts for summer. The fashion trend of Long skirt will keep going and it continues to grow. Long skirts are easy to style, they are super feminine and versatile This summer season long skirts reach their fashion peak, as many designers offered lots of long skirt designs and color combinations.

You can get many options in long skirts: there are many prints, lots of fabrics etc. In summer season people love to wear light colored fabric and the reason being is that wearing light colored clothing is key to regulating body temperature during the summer months when sun exposure is at its highest. Now let’s have a general discussion: A long skirt of any variety would look nice on tall and slim women. If you are short, then wear the long skirt a few inches above your ankle or below your ankle. As far as length of skirt is concerned Finding the right length of the skirt can be a bit challenging since women have different heights. The Final Thought: Looking For the Designer Purse and Handbags for women's. The purse and handbag trend would be going strong for coming seasons now.

A purse or a handbag is a valuable item in which most of the people carry things that are more essential. In fact, it is a companion that everybody wants to be good looking. It is the perfect long term friend that one would ever have or know. Having a designer purse, make girls feel grown up and in fact they carry it proudly. Designer purse and handbags are treasured by women like pride. Now let’s have a general discussion on selecting a purse or a handbag. The day to day women fashion accessory includes the purse and the bags. For example, a tote Kantha bags is the one that is for the many practical needs like that can be taken to the college or shopping while the sling bag is taken for a casual needs. The purse is the best companions to all girls in the college; that enhances their style quotients up to the next level.

Know your comfort and body shape Dress according to the occasion and then match the purse. Looking for the best idea for gifts on raksha bandhan. Raksha Bandhan, the festival that celebrates the brother sister bond is celebrated with great fanfare. The sisters look forward to the gifts they get from their brothers. This year, indulge your brother too. Why should only sisters have all the fun? The tying of the decorative string which is the rakhi is the most important element of this festival.

So, there are different types of Rakhi that you can gift your brother by tying it on his wrist. . #1 Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi Even if you don’t have a sister who would tie you a rakhi, you can tie a rakhi to your brother’s wife (sister-in-law) . #2 Lumba Rakhi Handicrunch brings to you a rakhi for your sister in law. . #3 Designer Rakhi Designer Rakhi can always be worn as an accessory. . #4 Kids Rakhi Rakhi festival is mostly considered as to celebrate the bonding between a brother and sister.

. #5 Resham Thread Rakhi A thread Rakhi is a really simple Rakhi without any kind of fancy hangings or embellishments. . #6 Rakhi Thali The Final Thought: Like this: Used Different Type of Tapestry for home decorating. Mandala tapestries are an essential ingredient of your home’s Bohemian decor. However, their use is not just restricted to home decor, they also double up as a beach throw, picnic blanket besides being a beautiful addition to your bedroom decor. Whenever we talk about home decor, we always look for options that are not only great to look at but also very comfortable to maintain.

Once such option for home decor is Indian Mandala round tapestry. These beautiful cotton tapestries come up multipurpose usages, which blend magnificently with the hippie and gypsy feel. You can make multiple use of tapestry as a table cloth or couch cover or window curtains or wall hangings or dorm bedding throws to get desirable interiors. You can even use them as Mandala beach towels, yoga exercise mats or beach blankets when you are out. #1. Mandala tapestry brightens up your room and gives it a Bohemian flair. . #2. Simply lay a bedspread to lend new life to your room. . #3. . #4. . #5. . #6.

The Final Thought: Looking for the five beautiful idea for home decorating. In case you want to make your home more attractive by the addition of beautiful decorative item, then by hanging a tapestry wall art is the best that you can do for decorating your home. It is something that unique and attractive walls. When a wall hanging fills a wall it is truly a dramatic way to make a big impression. Fantastic painted walls, so no need to paint. Tapestries are one of the most creative and classy ways of stylizing simple walls of your house. They come at prices from medium to low and are an amazing option to redecorate the boring bare walls with something colorful, vibrant and lively. It is all about redefining the space with some new idea or thought with these decorative tapestries. Decorating, Home With Variety of Tapestries Home decoration is an essential part of home maker’s responsibility.

. #1 Indian Tapestries Live out of the box with Indian tapestry. . #2 Mandala Tapestry #3 Sun & Moon Tapestry Rise and Shine! Cushion covers #4 Animal Tapestry Closing up: Looking for the shorts wears idea's. Your summer short game needs to work harder than that, go to pair of cheeky denim-cutoffs, and while your daisy dukes deserve their time in the sun, fashion’s feeling modern silhouettes that are so damn versatile. A variation of the jogger short, these shorts are looser, more comfortable and won’t cling to your thighs in the heat. Here’s our take on sophisticated shorts that embrace the sports-luxe look, and will bring athletic chic and cool comfort to wherever you happen to stretch your pins this summer. Blending in rather than standing out is easy with chic city shorts. This very leggy look is office-apt (A high waist makes you look taller as well as more put-together), and forms part of an urban trend where more formal attire, like blazers and heels, are used to create looks that generate plenty of visual interest instead of making the wearer blend in with the rest of the corporate drones.

Summer Print Shorts Length Matters Sometimes, it helps to have a starting point. Looking for the round tapestry for home decorating. Tapestry is one of the favorite accessory that compliments the home decor exactly the way anyone want. Art, craft and culture truly fascinate me to the core. And this is something which should be displayed on every hook and corner of the house. Meaningful and beautiful artworks will be the heart throb and will surely form a part of home decor.

Decorating, Home With Different Styles Using Tapestries There are different patterns and designs of the tapestry that can either be used as a wall hanging, a bedspread or as a curtain. Get your hands on these six ways to style a tapestry: #1 Mandala Tapestry as Bed Spreads Breaking the banal and the overstated style of decor, using the Mandala design tapestry as bedspreads will be a new transformation for the bedrooms.

. #2 The Tapestry Bed Headboards If there is no backrest in the bed, good. . #3 Hang it on the wall Get closer to the perfect home decor style and hang a large wall hanging mandala tapestry onto the wall. . #4 A Tapestry as Bed Canopy. Looking For The How to Delivery Rakhi Gifts Worldwide. Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is one of the most auspicious and popular Hindu festival in India. It is a very special occasion for Indians, especially Hindu when brothers and their sisters celebrate the love that exists in this beautiful relationship. This relation is considered as one of the best relations of humanity.

At least all brothers and sisters have one day in a year when they can show their love and care for each other and be nice. The festival of showing love to siblings is called Raksha Bandhan. It is celebrated across India and even by the Indian living across the globe. All sisters can send cherished and beautiful wishes to their lovely brothers across the world. Internet Marketing Makes the Gift Sending Process Easy Now you will think how it is possible to send such thing so easily. The process is done in simple three steps i.e. At the time of this festival rush in the markets nearby you is unbelievable. Every Indian festival is not complete without sweets. Like this: How to send Rakhi Gifts Online to indian in 2017.

Rakhi, also known as Raksha Bandhan, is a festival demarcating the strong and pure relationship between brothers and sisters, sisters pray for the well-being and success of their brothers, and in return, brothers promise to safeguard their sisters during tough times. Despite the noble cause and the bonding between the siblings is displayed here, nothing is complete without exchanges of gifts and pleasantries – mostly from a brother to a sister or vice-versa as well. These gifts should be more likely to be a symbol of love and affection rather than simply of high value in terms of cost. Missing Family on Occasion of Rakhi If you are living in any other country of the world, like in the United States for a long time, you will obviously miss your fellows and family members. Now if you want to send Rakhis to India for your brother, you only require visit the official site of Handicrunch and get the job done spontaneously. The Final Words: Looking for the send gifts on rakhi festival.

The celebration of siblings, Raksha-Bandhan, is forever, a special day for brothers and sisters. While sisters wait for the day to tie Rakhi, brothers prepare to make the day special by selecting gifts for Rakhi for sisters. However, since men are not shopping savvy, they usually face a lot of confusion over what to buy for their sister.

Rakhi Bandhan Festival Celebrated enveloped in the festiveness. The mirth that surrounds the festival is unsurpassed. Raksha Bandhan holds immense significance for brothers and sisters in India and so does Rakhi Gifts. On the eve of Rakhi, Sisters Send Rakhi for brothers and in turn brothers can choose some really interesting gift for their sisters. So, Let us say if your brother is located in Dubai and you are expecting some surprise for Rakhi from him, you should also start planning a surprise for your brother. * Chocolates & Dry Fruits: An unfailing gift for sisters! * Rakhi Gift Hampers: How about gifting your brother a box of Rakhi gift hampers?

Looking for the bedding ideas master bedroom. Is it easy to decorate the master bedroom? Decorating the perfect master bedroom will get a little easier with the below mentioned points. Among many rooms in a house, usually the bedroom is the favorite room. You love it because it is the only room in the house where you can lock yourself away from the rest of the world and can have a great rest or sleep. So, what is a way to make your bedroom special? How you will decorate the same and make it a wonderful bedroom?

A Clean Contemporary Master Bedroom Let’s adopt an easier approach in making your bedroom a unique room: #1.Embrace Color and Pattern The old ideas that are associated with bedrooms tend to be on the tranquil and calm end of the designing a spectrum, but in case if that approach leaves you yawning, buck the trend and go instead for bold color and pattern. . #2.Crown it with a canopy The canopy bed at a good high level can make a small bedroom feel larger and it will certainly up the grandness factor. . #3.Craft a space #7. . #8. . #9. Perfect Round Tapestry For Home Decorating. Hanging a beautiful and huge wall tapestry not only add colors to your boring wall, but also magnify the place and make it lively.

Who does not want a Dreamy, cozy and luxury room? You cannot neglect String lights or fairy lights to give a whimsical look to your room. Tapestries are also one of the beautiful items to give you an amazing feel.Beautiful wall hangings add a modern look to the room decoration. Tapestries are a beautiful creation of woven threads, which are selected from a variety such as cotton, silk, gold, wool and silver. The distinctive design and the intricate pattern, made on the loom could make the tapestry worth millions. Round Tapestry is fabric decoration to your place Decorating your bedroom with tapestry is fun and easy. You can have some beautiful Bohemian tapestry, Elephant tapestries or Mandala round tapestry and many more designs that come at affordable prices. Bed canopies special white add more glow and luxury feel to your bedroom. Tapestries Wall Hanging.

Looking for The 8 Beautiful Ideas About Wall Hanging Tapestry. Are you planning to buy a tapestry or do you own a tapestry that needs hanging? There are some good ways to hang a tapestry so do not limit its possibilities, especially when it is quite strong and independent. Decorating your home with wall hanging tapestry is always a great idea to create a unique ambience in the space. I can assure you that some of these 8 methods will give you an idea of hanging a wall tapestry. #1 Tapestry Use: Bedspread This is one of the favorite ways to use tapestries, honestly. They are so thin that it doesn’t really affect the warmth of your bed, but it definitely changes the entire feeling of your bedroom. There’s also something to be said for the weight it adds to the bed.

Also, if you’re a compulsive bed-maker, you’ll love how put-together your bed looks with a beautiful tapestry on top. . #2 Tapestry Use: Throw Blanket Basically, once you fold this thing, it becomes a throw blanket. . #3 Tapestry Use: Gift Wrap #4 Tapestry Use: Tablecloth #6. . #7. . #8. Like this: Looking for the six ways to uniquely decorate your space. Looking for the idea about wall hanging tapestry. Palazzo Style & How to Wear Palazzo Pants. Looking for the how to choose best curtains for living room. Looking For The Styles To Transfigure Home Into Blessed Heaven. Looking for the best tips selecting right investment handbag.

Looking For the Change your Wardrobe this Summers. Looking For The Summers and Winters Beautiful Skirts. Best 6 Tips How to Wear Long Skirts With Suitable Tees. Looking for the eyebrow window treatments. Looking For The Fashionable Handbags And Their Advantages. Looking For The Top 13 Opinions For Blank Wall Decor Using Stuff.

Types of handbags for women style fashion. Looking for the designing and mandala printing handbags. Looking for the different uses of hanging tapestry at home. Looking for the best idea for hanging tapestries in a dorm room. Looking for the tapestries for home decor in the low price. Looking for the best wall tapestry decor your dream home. Decorate Your Sweet Home with 6 impressive way. Looking For The Tips To Wear The Palazzo Pants. Looking for the best tips for your valentine days. 7 best ways to give makeover to your home in fraction of seconds. Looking for the five reasons for wall decor tapestry.

Best Idea's For Wall Hanging Curtains. Four Best Inverntory Controlers For Mobile Application. Top 5 mobile app building platforms and tools. Five best mobile application trends for in the year 2017.