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The sobering truth behind Scotland’s new drink drive limits for the licensed trade : Holyrood PR. We’ve all seen examples of good PR and bad PR. But what if a public relations campaign is SO good that it leaves one of Scotland’s main business sectors in turmoil? That’s the predicament faced by the licensed trade, as a direct result of the hugely successful PR and media messaging around new drink-drive limits. It’s a particularly prickly issue, leaving hospitality business owners on the horns of dilemma. Morally none of them has even the remotest complaint with making our roads safer – but in cold, pragmatic terms they are seeing their livelihoods decimated. For me, the issue came into sharp focus at the recent East Lothian Tourism Conference, where I had been asked to run a PR workshop on How To Get Noticed.

Watch of latest PR Video to learn more about the PR workshop Business after business spoke in grave terms about the impact the law change was having on their sales and ultimately their longer term chances of survival. The evaluation of the PR campaign does seem overwhelming. Ouch.