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Believe it or Not: This Looks-Much-Bigger Apartment Is Under 500 Square Feet. One of the biggest challenges when designing a small home is how to separate the space into different uses without making it feel constricted or cramped.

Believe it or Not: This Looks-Much-Bigger Apartment Is Under 500 Square Feet

In the case of this 431-square-foot Barcelona apartment, the designers at Egue y Seta rose to the occasion, separating the home into public and private zones with a glass-trimmed wall that hardly feels like a wall at all. The process of remodeling this little apartment included tearing down all of the existing interior walls, and re-imagining the apartment as just three spaces: a combination kitchen/dining/living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. The biggest interior wall, the one that separates the kitchen and bedroom, is formed by a wall of cabinetry, surrounded by glass. The glass allows natural light to flow through the space and extends sight lines through the whole apartment, creating a feeling of spaciousness. The glass wall is echoed in the glass doors that open the living room up to the unit's two balconies. The Decorating Mistake You Don't Know You're Making. Window treatments.

The Decorating Mistake You Don't Know You're Making

They can be your room's best feature or its biggest eyesore. With many custom options running thousands of dollars, and that pack of (too short) cotton panels from big box stores seeming like the only affordable option, we admit that we've been likely to leave our windows well enough alone and go completely bare. That mentality may have held us over for the majority of our adulthood so far, but we'd be lying if we said we haven't always yearned to have the chic, grown-up looking windows that graced the homes of our inspiration photos. So when The Shade Store approached us about working together, we knew this was the perfect time to finally navigate the expansive and intimidating world of window treatments. The Shade Store offers literally hundreds of styles and fabric options to choose from, allowing you to customize your selection to fit your unique needs and budget.

10 Commandments to Designing Your Living Room. You know when you go shopping and see approximately 80 pieces of clothing that you'd love to buy, but you only have like $5 in your checking account?

10 Commandments to Designing Your Living Room

And then you return to the mall after payday with ACTUAL MONEY to spend but you still end up leaving empty-handed? Either you don't like the way anything fits or suddenly that $60 top seems really overrated or there are SO MANY OPTIONS that you're overwhelmed and everything is starting to look the same? Possibly Most Favourite IKEA Hack Yet! The folks at Livet Hemma sent over a few preview picks of their posts this week, and in it this DIY marble coffee table idea which caught my eye.

Possibly Most Favourite IKEA Hack Yet!

The how-to isn't up on their site yet, but I'm guessing it's similar to my DIY I did on my IKEA table earlier this year using marble contact paper. Remember it? Click here to see. And this one they've done, I'm loving even more (because you can do the sides more easier because of all the straight edges. DIY HANGING ROPE SHELVES. 8th September 2014 Working on the new studio has enabled a few realisations for me – namely that there’s nothing more satisfying than the successful use of a drill.


Just like my ladder wardrobe, these shelves cost almost nothing to make but utterly transformed the space – I’m a total convert to anything involving nails and wood! Read on to see how. Pin It. DIY LADDER WARDROBE. 2nd June 2014 I have to say I’ve been quite enjoying learning my way around a drill since we moved into the new studio, working my way through a very very long list of DIY projects to make the space just right (can’t wait to finally show you the ‘after’ in the next few weeks!).


It seems during the moving process we acquired a somewhat old and paint stained ladder which was used by the builder. Hand-Printed Galaxy Wall. We are pretty excited about getting to the "finishing touches" phase of some of our studio rooms.

Hand-Printed Galaxy Wall

We are so close to finishing our little downstairs bathroom, but we wanted to add a bit of visual texture to the walls. It can be so easy to overlook such a small (and comparatively boring) space in a house, but we wanted to add a special handmade touch to the room to make it as fun as the rest of the rooms. It took a bit of thinking to decide what sort of pattern to actually put on the wall, but we finally decided that star constellations would be just the ticket. First, I made a few small star stamps out of craft foam and scraps of cardboard (I just glued them together with a simple all purpose glue and let it dry). I suggest using two layers of cardboard as the backing of stamps for extra strength. ABM Studio: The Office (Progress!) I am SO excited to share some more progress we've made on our studio space!

ABM Studio: The Office (Progress!)

As you can see, it's still far from done, but we've made SO much progress. ABM Studio: The Office (Progress!) A Modern & Bright All-Over Remodel Professional Project. Project by: Architect Daniel Flebut and Essential Design + Build Location: Forest Hills Gardens, New York The tree-lined street of this Forest Hills Gardens neighborhood in New York feels like a traditional English village.

A Modern & Bright All-Over Remodel Professional Project

A surprising but also perfect setting for a bold redesign of a property in this community. Collaborated on by construction manager Essential Design + Build and architect Daniel Flebut, the interior designer homeowner also added her style to make a modern mix. From the designers: The homeowner has had a long career as a Residential and Hospitality Interior Designer but recently, with her growing family (three children), has mostly worked on her own projects — renovating five personal residences in the past 12 years.

Originally constructed in the 1930s, the interior of the home was taken back to the framing and extensively reorganized around the kitchen, pantry and family rooms to better function for the family. Weekend Browse: 10 Happy Modern Geometric Pillows Under $50. Previous image Next image We've been spotting really bold and arresting new or on-sale throw pillows from some of our favorite stores lately, perhaps to combat the dreary winter weather gripping certain parts of our country?

Weekend Browse: 10 Happy Modern Geometric Pillows Under $50

Whatever the weather where you live, these throw pillows are splashed with color. How To Use the $50 IKEA RÅSKOG Cart in Every Room of the House. Gold Moon Wall. I have to admit that I've been a bit obsessed with moons lately: moon shirts, moon calendars, moon wall hangings... I want it all. As I've been working on making over my art room, I was playing around with a few moon art ideas, but then I thought, "Hey! Why not skip all this little moon business and just do the whole wall-in gold! " Jackpot. One of my most treasured art tools is actually my overhead projector. While the steps are simple enough, it definitely took me a while to get the whole image done. So far this moon makes me smile almost every time I come into the room. 50 Clever DIY Ways To Organize Your Entire Life. How They Do Small in Sweden: Big Ideas from a Little Loft. Europeans are good at everything.

Or at least, that's how it seems when you work for a design blog and all the homes you see in Paris and London and Stockholm are beautiful and perfect and amazing. You Live Where?: 8 Unlikely Homes from Our House Tours. A Salvaged Window Dream Home, Built for Optimal Sunset Watching Inhabitat. Previous image Next image I love this story for ringing in the new year. It's a tale of two lovers and a first-date dream. Most importantly, it's a story of having a dream and actually turning that crazy dream into reality, without lots of money or resources. Love Your Rental: Tips & Inspiration Best of 2013: Renter's Solutions Month. A Bohemian Tea Party Apartment Therapy Perfect Party Ideas Guide. Inspiration, Installation, & Maintenance: The Complete Guide to Concrete Countertops. Previous image Next image If you're looking for a modern countertop surface that's both beautiful and budget-friendly, consider concrete. If properly installed and sealed, concrete countertops will last practically forever, and the best part is, you can make them yourself.

First, some of our favorite concrete countertop inspiration from around the web. How To Fall in Love with Your Home... without Changing a Thing Apartment Therapy Video Roundup. Do you love where you live? Even if you're pretty happy with your abode, you probably have, in the back of your mind, a little list of things that aren't quite right: photos that need to be hung, an old couch you want to replace, a corner of the tub that needs recaulking. Maybe when you walk into your home it's these imperfections that you focus on, and not the things you really love. These videos from our archives are all about embracing imperfections and learning to love living in the home that you have right now. You can be happier at home — without changing a thing. Out of the mouths of babes! Organization Inspiration: Tidy Kitchens. Hallie's Whimsical Yet Sophisticated South Loop Loft House Tour. Name: Hallie Glennie Location: South Loop, Chicago, Illinois Size: 1,000 square feet Years Lived In: 2 years; Owned From the rustic wood ceilings crisscrossed by painted red duct work to the castle-sized windows surrounded by floor-to-ceiling exposed brick, her loft is the real deal — that sleek, urban look that suburbanites (like myself) often try to emulate with faux brick panels and prepackaged beadboard, but can never quite capture for lack of authenticity.

Hallie knew a gem when she found one — she made an offer on the space, and carefully stowed away treasures, making plans for the day it would be hers. She's implemented a lot of clever solutions for making the most of the space, including taking advantage of the ultra high ceilings by constructing a sleeper loft above the bedroom closet, and salvaging pieces from thrift stores and even her grandmother's kitchen to pull together a fun, modern look that still manages to feel warm and inviting. 41 Creative DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home. 22 Things That Belong In Every Bookworm's Dream Home. Office Inspiration: Colorful Desk Designs. Bohemian DIY Decor: 10 Projects for a Colorful, Layered & Eclectic Look. How to Expertly Mix Geek with Chic on a Bookcase Desert Domicile.

When it comes to home decor, glam and geek can be like oil and vinegar: they don't naturally mix well, but when done right, it can offer a tasteful combination. The Power of One: 10 Beautiful Monochromatic Rooms. Starry Night: Outdoor Wall Light Installation. 23 Hacks For Your Tiny Bedroom. Color Combo: Purple & Orange. Even More Unusual Color Combos: 10 Weird Pairings That Work. The Luxurious Little Home of Sooz Gordon House Tour. Even More Unusual Color Combos: 10 Weird Pairings That Work. Karen's Color Explosion House Tour. Name: Karen Racicot, actor and artist Location: Parkdale, Toronto Size: 650 square feet Years lived in: 7 years, owned Flamboyant French actor/artist Karen Racicot emphasizes the use of bold colors in every aspect of her style, right down to her hot pink Brita water filter.

As an extensive world traveller, jewelry designer and painter, she set out to create a vibrant “living jewelry box” with her Westside condo. The endless colored glass ornaments, lampshades and wall hangings are the widest collection of treasures one could imagine under one roof — and not a single one comes without a tale of adventure. DIY Decor Trend: Handwritten Script. 21 Cozy Makeshift Reading Nooks. DIY These Glam Bookends With Rocks and Spray Paint. 22 Brilliant Ideas For Your Tiny Apartment. 32 Creative Gallery Wall Ideas To Transform Any Room. 31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again. 24 West Elm Hacks. Hanging Diamond Decor. Project, photos, and tutorial contributed by Kathleen of Snowdrop & Co. Free Botanical Art Prints for Your Walls. Hanging jar lanterns. Got a balcony or porch railing and some jam jars? This is a cheap and easy way to shed some light for trick-or-treaters, or just create a mood for nighttime porch sitting.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the wind (or little feet) knocking them over. Tin Can Lanterns Tutorial. The Ultimate Used Furniture Cleaning Kit. Gallery Wall Ideas And How-To - Bill Powers. 5 DIY Tables for Outdoor Use. 32 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier. 27 Lifehacks For Your Tiny Kitchen. Al Fresco Wine Party from Moira Events. 31 Ways To Seriously Deep Clean Your Home. How To Create a Gallery Wall on a Budget. SMP Living. 28 Decorating Tricks To Brighten Up Your Rented Home. 32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius.

5 Décor Ideas for A Spring Fling. How To Turn Boring String Lights Into A Rainbow Extravaganza. 35 Money-Saving Home Decor Knock-Offs. The Ten Commandments of Used Furniture. 7 Pinterest Tips to Save Money and Shop Smarter. String Lights In The Bedroom. DIY geometric felt heart garland. Real-Life Inspiration: Converting a Bedroom Into a Dressing Room. Sarah's Supremely Stylish West Village Home House Tour. Living Large in a Small Apartment.

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