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Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Leadership Route to High Profile Careers. There is one big difference between the leaders in different walks of life and the also-rans.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Leadership Route to High Profile Careers

You might have all the talent in the world but if you don’t find the right guidance, you won’t be able to realize your true potential. Mentors, especially in the corporate world, are the guiding lights behind many transformational journeys that have resulted in flourishing careers. Short Courses on Leadership for a Rapid Caree...

Has your professional life become mundane and you are looking for challenges that let you showcase your true mettle?

Short Courses on Leadership for a Rapid Caree...

Do you feel undervalued being just another employee in your organization? In that case you need to opt for a management program, which will enable you to up your game and achieve your true potential. However it’s understandable that not many can walk away from the job security for a long period of time. Thankfully now you can opt for Short Courses on Leadership, which will help you transform your career in a short span of time.

These programs have been designed to leverage the experience of working professionals and turn it into a massive advantage for them. If you want to get the best out of a management program then the importance of personalized attention from faculty members and mentors cannot be overemphasized. Business Analytics Specialization Can Give You the Competitive Edge: nculeadership. The world of business has changed dramatically over the last few years.

Business Analytics Specialization Can Give You the Competitive Edge: nculeadership

Information technology has a big role to play in its evolution as large amounts of data are being processed by companies on a daily basis. In fact, organizations that can deal with data effectively are the ones that are seeing rich benefits in today’s times. Hence it’s not surprising that a recent study showed that more than 90% employers in the US preferred management graduates who can interpret data. Best PGDM Course in Delhi NCR Region for a Rewarding Corporate... If you have your eyes set on a successful career in the corporate world then you understand the importance of choosing the best PGDM program.

Best PGDM Course in Delhi NCR Region for a Rewarding Corporate...

You know that it should arm you with the necessarily skills to cope with the challenges of the industry. It should offer you hands on training to ensure that you can make an impression with any organization. But what if you were told that the Best PGDM Course in Delhi NCR can bring a lot more to the table and prepare you for leadership roles? Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to take their career up a few notches and reach the pinnacle of success? But can you really do that armed with just another PGDM degree from a run-of-the-mill B School? Are top industry names associated with the program? The true worth of a B School can be seen in the high profile names working with it. Can you get the competitive edge through specialized courses?

Are you getting the right placement options? One Year Full Time MBA Program in Delhi NCR To Fast Track Your Career by Centerfor Leadership. Personalised Placements at Center for Leadership. Business Foundations Specialization and How It Helps Your Career. Has going to work every day become a chore because you don’t feel rewarded at the end of the day?

Business Foundations Specialization and How It Helps Your Career

Do you believe that you are not doing justice to your true potential in your present professional role? You know that a management programme is the answer, but you wonder whether you have missed the boat. Job security is difficult to give up, especially for two-year programmes that have been the norm in the world of management. Hallmarks of a Renowned Post Graduate Diploma in Management: nculeadership. Recent studies have shown that management is one of the most sought after career options in the country.

Hallmarks of a Renowned Post Graduate Diploma in Management: nculeadership

Interestingly, it’s true for fresh graduates and professionals with work experience alike. In fact, an increasing number of professional who have made their mark in their careers are opting for a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. That’s because it boosts their future prospects and prepares them for senior roles in organizations. Besides the sizeable increase in remuneration packages, you can also expect dynamic job profiles in your rewarding careers.

Things to Look For in an Executive MBA Progra... Are you facing a lull in your career and want to take it to a whole new level altogether?

Things to Look For in an Executive MBA Progra...

Do you feel that your career ambitions are not being met with your current job profile? In that case an executive MBA program might be the way forward for you. But since we are talking about your future goals, not just any program would do. One Year MBA for Working Professionals to Fastrack Your Career by Centerfor Leadership. By Centerfor Leadership Center For Leadership An increasing number of working professionals all over the country are opting for management programs that can boost their career prospects.

One Year MBA for Working Professionals to Fastrack Your Career by Centerfor Leadership

If you find yourself stuck in a position at work when you know you can do better and scale greater heights of success then a MBA program can help you reach your goal. And the good news is that now you don’t have to opt for the traditional two year programs. A reputed One Year MBA For Working Professionals can give you the same competitive edge, if not more. Spending time at BMW India – Antara Choudhury. Going Back To Work – Kriti Jain. Psychology of Pricing – Kriti Jain and Deepan Jashu. How to Use your MBA to Get a Dream Job?: nculeadership. B-schools give you an opportunity to focus comprehensively on professional development and even re-evaluate one’s career goals.

How to Use your MBA to Get a Dream Job?: nculeadership

If you can be smart about your choices and find a way to align your interests with your past experiences, you can leverage your MBA years to find your dream job. Here are a few ways in which you can rely on your MBA to get your dream job – • Focusing on Function or Industry There are two major considerations you will need to make when looking for the perfect job – the industry or the function.

It is extremely challenging to be able to switch both – industry as well as function. . • Picking the Right Internships. Preparing yourself to be an A-Grade MBA Stude... A quintessential MBA program is not a cake walk.

Preparing yourself to be an A-Grade MBA Stude...

There is a reason why the admission process is a rigorous one that involves testing your management, analytical and communication skills among many others. If you are among the lucky ones to have gotten into a b-school of your choice, it is time to start preparing yourself to become a competent student who is able to cope with the grueling program. Acquire the Right Time Management Skills As soon as you enter your MBA program, you will find yourself hit by a whirlwind of assignments and projects. With the right time management skills under your sleeve, you will be able to easily cope with all the work that is thrown your way. Between attending classes, seminars, making industrial visits and submitting all your assignments on time, you will have little room for anything else. Lucratively Passionate: How to Ensure Career Success without Giving Up on Dreams by Centerfor Leadership.

By Centerfor Leadership Center For Leadership Turning up for a job day after day can be an exhaustive and indolent task taking a toll on both your physical as well as mental well being. Jack of all trades, Master of all: An MBA Perspective by Centerfor Leadership. By Centerfor Leadership Center For Leadership Let me tell you about why I think a general management degree worked for me and why it should work for you too. Growing up, there wasn’t one subject that I was passionate about. I liked math and history but didn’t see myself pursuing a professional career in either of the courses. I had varied interests -- dancing, painting, studying -- and wanted to be able to do it all. This helped me realise I wanted to use my left and right brain in whatever I did. Does Class Size Really Matter in MBA? — When Small is Big. When applying for an MBA program, the first question you want to ask yourself is — Does bigger necessarily mean better?

While it may be a common belief that larger programs are able to spread their message in a more effective manner, the truth of the matter is that a smaller class size eventually proves to be better. This is because they offer opportunities of closer, more intimate interactions with students. Opportunities of More Direct Interactions The smaller the size of your Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Leadership or MBA class, the higher the chances of direct interaction and cohesion. Guest Lecture by Achalesh Sharma. THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY : Giving Yourself an Edge with the Benefits of a PGD in Management.

To be successful on your chosen career path, it is essential to have a variety of skill sets. Not only is knowledge important, but developing assistive abilities and an array of skills can prove you are a worthy candidate. If you seek a simple way to mould yourself into a professional and creditable candidate for a better position, a Post Graduate Diploma in Management in India can be exactly what you need. What a Revered and Recognized University Can Do The nationally renowned Northcap University (NCU) has a renowned name due to their prestigious board, innovative course offerings and overall credibility. Field Visit: Ashok Leyland. A visit to Intellitos (A Pre-school for children)

A visit to Intellitos (A Pre-school for children) Workshops and Seminars on Leadership Training - Center for Leadership. At the Center for Leadership, we do not believe in confining learning to textbooks. We are of the opinion that a comprehensive understanding of business involveseffective utilization of all possible resources like-newspapers, Ted Talks, seminars and conferences. We want to ensure that each of our students step out with a realistic understanding of the business world, its challenges and effective ways to tackle such challenges and emerge successfully. What’s The News? : The newspaper will be an important part of the curriculum at NCU. This series of fortnightly seminars will focus on discussing the newspapers and important news, understanding how news can be used as a useful data resource for business, and reading what the news does not tell us.

Week Three in Chennai -Abhisehk Goswami. Second Week in Chennai by Deepan Jashu. First week in Chennai by Kriti Jain. Wharton Business Analytics Specialization and Business Foundations Specialization Courses. Students will graduate with two certifications (Business Foundations Specialization and Business Analytics Specialization) from the acclaimed Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, USA. Wharton School of Business is ranked #4 globally. Core courses will be supplemented with curated seminars, workshops, guest sessions and industry events.

The three converging tracks: Mastering Strategy and Digital Transformation • Managerial Economics • Global Economics • Competitve Strategy • Business Strategy • Growth Strategy • Planning and Execution • Domestic Policy and International Trade • Enterprise Technology Strategies • Digital Marketing • Business of Technology • Operations Strategy Building Successful Businesses Communication Thinking and Leadership • Business Communication • Taking Charge of Personal Growth • Team Leadership • Responsible Leadership • Leading Change • Creativity and Innovation • Entrepreneurship.

One year Post Graduate Diploma Course in Management and Leadership - Center for Leadership. Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Leadership: 10 Commandments to Ace Interviews by Deepa Kapoor. Deepa Kapoor is the director of Center for Leadership at The NorthCap University. Setting the Bar in B-school Education Higher – Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Management.

Tushar Jaruhar, an alumnus of Kellog and Deepa Kapoor an alumna of Wharton, are determined to replicate their own experiences at the best international business schools for students at Center of Leadership at NCU and Crescent School of Business, Chennai. What defines a university or an institution as truly international? More pertinently, why are some universities considered to be the best among the top in terms of the international experience and education they offer? Student experience is often a good measure of the attributes that make a university’s experience unforgettable and among the best. While quality of teaching is still considered a top parameter for a institution’s ranking, other parameters like high quality of lectures, exposure to industry, practical skills like effective communication, problem solving among other things, go a long way in enhancing academics and quality of the program.

Tushar explains the inadequacy of the higher education system in India. Like this: Functioning of a Consulting Firm – A Perspective by Mohd. Anish.