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4.22 gigabytes and still (slowly) growing! Over 100 titles! Buying Choices: Guitar Amplifier Handbook - Understanding Tube Amplifiers and Getting Great Sounds (Softcover) Buying Choices: Valve Amplifiers, Fourth Edition. Electronics 27. This overgrown page covers all kinds of vacuum-tube electron devices, especially receiving tubes.Many experiments are suggested, and much tube lore and curious circuits are presented.

Electronics 27

The Index may help you find what you want. Index Theory of Vacuum Tubes Miniature vacuum tubes with cathodes of high-field-emitting carbon nanotubes are currently under study at Agere Systems in Murray Hill, NJ. A triode with amplification factor of 4 has been constructed, with an anode-cathode spacing of 220 μm, and a pentode is planned. Devices in which a stream of electrons is controlled by electric and magnetic fields have many applications in electronics.

The electrons move from the cathode (K), the negative electrode, to the anode or plate (P), the positive electrode. Self-heated electron emitters are called filaments. If enough gas is present in the tube, the positive ions can counterbalance the negative electron space charge, robbing the anode of control and greatly increasing the current. Bassman-5f6-a-schematic.gif (1497×900) Marshall Schematics. Sadly, Jim Marshall, the Guv'nor, passed away on march 31st 2012.

Marshall Schematics

R.I.P. Dr.Tube humbly salutes the Father of Loud. Jim Marshall started building amps in 1962. He did this together with technical friend Ken Bran. Their first amps were very heavily "inspired" on the 1959 Fender Tweed 4x10" Bassman. Schematics. Free Schematics Downloads. Amplifier Building and Repair. The Learning Series - Vacuum Tubes and Amps Part 1. Electronics 27. The Learning Series - Vacuum Tubes and Amps Part 1. Design Your Own Tube Preamp. British-100-Watt-Style-Head-Amplifier-Kit. Crank it up to 10 and let this amp sing.


Modeled after the well-known Marshall Super Lead 100, this amp offers as much gain as it does tone. Bridge the channels like you would an original and get the clarity and gain of the first channel, and beef it up with the warmth of the second channel. This kit includes 4 JJ EL34 tubes and 3 12AX7 preamp tubes that bring this Class A/B amp into a realm of its own. 1966-1981 100 Watt Super Lead A/B All Tube AmplifierOutput: ~100 Watts Circuit/Model: 1959 Fixed Bias with an adjustable bias potentiometer Build Time: 7 hoursDifficulty: 4 out of 5 4 JJ Electronic EL34 Tubes 3 JJ Electronic 12AX7 Preamp Tubes Carbon Composition Resistors, Sprague, TAD, Mallory 150 Series and Mojo Dijon Custom Mojotone Black board with forked turrets Mojotone Custom Reproduction Transformers Mojotone British 100 Watt Schematic Mojotone British 100 Watt Wiring Diagram.

50 Watt Bass Amp Small Parts Kit. C:/Documents and Settings/gabi/My Documents/My Dropbox/Public/blast from the past/BFTP.sch - sheet 1. The Valve Caster 2.0: Tube Boost and Overdrive. This project uses a very interesting mode of operation of the vacuum tube, "starved cathode".

The Valve Caster 2.0: Tube Boost and Overdrive

Instead of running the tubes at a few hundred volts on the plate like you are supposed to, it runs them at 9-12V. This starved cathode mode gives all of the distortion and sound of vacuum tubes but at a fraction of the danger. I first heard about the Valve Caster from gmoon's ValveLiTzer project. He recreated the Valve Caster but used the funky 12FQ8. I had 12au7s laying around so I recreated the original Valve Caster instead. Watts Tube Audio ~ Everything Tube Amps! The Cooperative Tube Guitar Amp Project. Tube boost + overdrive running off a 9 volt battery. There are a lot of different figures on tube life and heater voltage, in part because different tubes respond differently.

Tube boost + overdrive running off a 9 volt battery

Those with thoriated heaters, for example, do well when run at rated voltage for their first 200 hours, then dropped to 95% of full voltage until they approach end of life. Dropping to 90% of rated voltage after the initial 200 hours may increase filament life to the point that heater failure will be eliminated as a cause of (thoriated) tube failure. Tubes with oxide-based heaters are different. Power tubes can have their life shortened by running at lower heater voltages, but others often benefit from slightly lower voltages: at 10% above rated voltage, life will be cut by half, at 5%-10% below rated voltage, tube life will be significantly enhanced at the cost of slightly worse performance in various other regards. Mojo Amp Kits » z5550003 Tweed Bassman Style Small Parts Kit (Caps, Resistors, Screws, Etc.) The Fender Bassman 5F6-A Circuit. Here is a photo of the inside of an original 5F6-A chassis, courtesy of our friends at Technical University Berlin.

The Fender Bassman 5F6-A Circuit

The 1st-Stage 12AY7 Preamp The Bassman 5F6-A preamp contains two voltage amplifiers, one for the bright inputs and one for the normal inputs. Books, DVDs & Software. 12AX7 Tube (valve) Preamplifier Kit. Page 1: Introduction, 12AX7 Valve Preamp, Kit AssemblyPage 2: Enclosure, SoundPage 3: MeasurementsPage 4: More Photographs Introduction - 12AX7 Tube Preamp Kit Using a K-12 tube amp with a NAD C542 CD player, there is no need for a buffer or line level preamplifier.

12AX7 Tube (valve) Preamplifier Kit

The K-12 is a very polite and sweet amp with all the warmth of it's "hot bottle" heritage. However, when I compare the K-12 with my monoblock chip amps (LM3875), I was never convinced that the chips amps really delivered the passion of the music which the K-12 does so easily. There was always something missing when it came to a convincing delivery.

Some chapters from Jack Darr's classic book. Designing-V-T-Amplifiers. The Blue Guitar.