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Online Journal Clubs and Discussion. How We Help. Wikistream. Open technologies for durable digital content. Etherpad Foundation. PiH7Ncgr1f. Open Conference Systems. A short introduction to the LiquidPub Project — LiquidPub Project. We have prepared a short distillation of the project motivation, objectives, plans, criteria, and work for folks who want to contribute, or anyone who wants to know more about the project.

The Liquid Publications Project is a Framework Program 7 ( FP7 ) funded research project in the Future and Emerging Technologies ( FET ) – OPEN series . This introduction to the project is intended to describe what we’re trying to accomplish in a more publicly accessible form. In the following sections we will cover the Liquid Publications Project’s motivation , objectives , potential benefits , challenges , and research plans . SynchroEdit. The tutor's Online Toolbox. Wave - Communicate and collaborate in real time. JISC : Inspiring innovation. LaTeX/Collaborative Writing of LaTeX Documents. Note: This Wikibook is based on the article Tools for Collaborative Writing of Scientific LaTeX Documents by Arne Henningsen that is published in The PracTeX Journal 2007, number 3 ( Abstract[edit] Collaborative writing of documents requires a strong synchronisation among authors.

LaTeX/Collaborative Writing of LaTeX Documents

This Wikibook describes a possible way to organise the collaborative preparation of LaTeX documents. The presented solution is primarily based on the version control system Subversion ( The Wikibook describes how Subversion can be used together with several other software tools and LaTeX packages to organise the collaborative preparation of LaTeX documents. About ALA Connect. What is ALA Connect?

About ALA Connect

It's a centralized space where official ALA groups can work together online. In addition, it's a place where any member can create new communities (unofficial ALA groups) without any staff assistance, so the site combines association work with communities of interest in one place. Every active ALA working group has a space in Connect automatically, because we've pre-populated it with data from our membership database (iMIS), and we synchronize roster information nightly, so we'll always know which committees you're on and which other official ALA groups you're part of.