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Does a Gemstone substitute really work? Humans are the biggest mystery of this planet and maybe the second biggest is gems.

Does a Gemstone substitute really work?

The curious minds of human beings have always found gemstones as a center of attraction due to a number of reasons. From eye-catching looks and unique physical properties to eccentric origins and extraordinary mystical powers, these small pieces of gems have managed to keep on grabbing our attention for centuries. They receive global praise and recognition owing to the appealing charm and transcendental properties. Besides being a stunning jewelry piece, these gemstones are considered highly beneficial for the wearer on the astrological ground and hence are widely sold throughout the world. However, gemstones, especially precious ones, are not within reach of everyone. What is an Upratna or semi-precious gemstone..? There are gemstones that possess similar powers as their series of precious gemstones do. Does an Upratna or a gemstone substitute really work..? Blue Sapphire Substitutes. Buy Diamond (Heera)Gemstone Online –

Associated with the planet Venus, the natural diamond is an incredibly powerful gemstone that is often linked to luxury and glamour.

Buy Diamond (Heera)Gemstone Online –

Used heavily in engagement rings and jewelry, the diamond is one of the most popularly demanded gemstones even to this date. Birthstone for the month of April, a well-fashioned natural diamond will make a great investment and is also believed to bring marital happiness. DID YOU KNOW: Diamonds are made up entirely of carbon and are the hardest mineral on the Mohs scale of hardness, whereas graphite on the other hand is also made entirely of carbon but is one of the softer minerals used in a pencil. Their only difference is their bonding structure.

Ruled by Venus, these glittering gemstones have a sense of immortality attached to them. Offers radiating confidenceOffers creative guidanceBring good luck and wealth Made available by global demand, natural diamonds take centuries to form under high pressure and temperature deep within the earth. Buy Cat's Eye (Lehsunia) Gemstone Online – The cat’s eye chrysoberyl (Lehsuniya) is believed to reduce the negative effects on an individual and boost one’s Ketu (the mythological planet of spirituality), offering liberation from materialistic things.

Buy Cat's Eye (Lehsunia) Gemstone Online –

A gemstone that is often worn only for specific periods in one’s life, a natural cat’s eye chrysoberyl or Ketu gem is associated with wisdom. Moves and individual closer to spiritualism Promotes detachment Offers wisdom and intuition An exemplar gemstone when it comes to natural creation, these gems get their coveted visual appearance from tiny, naturally occurring needles that reflect light, similar to that of a piece of satin material. Sold as with many misnomers in the market, it is important to be cautious of stimulants like cat’s eye quartz and others that are sold in place of the cat’s eye chrysoberyl.

Color:Some of the most attractive colors range from yellowish green, golden yellow, and a brown yellow emphasizing an even body color and a beautiful, clear eye of the gemstone. Buy Pearl (Moti) Gemstone Online – A pearl's nearly spherical shape is what adds charm and value to each gemstone.

Buy Pearl (Moti) Gemstone Online –

Every pearl so different in shape and form, gives a sense of uniqueness when set in a piece of jewelry. Birthstone for the month of June, these organic pearls are a coveted gemstone represented by the Moon bringing about a surreal calmness. Allowing one's creative side to run free, the pearl is also thought to be a gemstone that brings emotional stability.

Symbolic of purity and loyalty, the luminous appearance of the pearl is what connects this organic gemstone to the ocean and the moon. Linked to many folklore, pearls have been noted to have a positive effect on energies, health and wealth. Allows one to overcome depression and anger Boosts one's will power Believed to overcome insomnia Once extracted, a pearl must be processed for its luster to come alive. A pearls quality is dependent on a number of factors: Size:Measured in millimeters, the size of the pearl is recorded by its length and width. Buy Emerald (Panna) Gemstone Online – One of the popular big three, Emeralds radiates beauty with their color.

Buy Emerald (Panna) Gemstone Online –

A bold choice, these gems are popular with today’s modern and contemporary couples and are renowned for their healing effects. Representing the planet Mercury, natural emeralds are rare gems that are mined in select locations across the world like Zambia and Colombia. Richly colored with fresh green hues, the emerald is also the birthstone for the month of May, colored by vanadium and chromium and is truly a prized gem.

Part of the navratna (9 gemstone grahas), the Emerald is a powerful gemstone that soothes, heals and is believed to be a messenger from the gods. Drives away losses and tough situations for businesses owners Facilitates effective communication and wit Believed to improve one’s concentration Part of the beryl family, it takes a lot for a magnificent emerald to form. Clarity:Clarity features go hand in hand with natural emeralds. An emerald’s origin can speak for the gem itself.