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At Navratan we have a pool of professional in house artisans that are expert in creating gemstone with beauty and power.

Wearing or not wearing a Neelam..? Sapphires are precious stones of the corundum mineral family.

Wearing or not wearing a Neelam..?

Typically they are available in several colors such as blue, pink, yellow, green, and purple. Among all, blue is the most loved one. Neelam or Blue Sapphire is a famous gemstone that is known for its potent power and prettiness worldwide. It is one of the strongest and fastest-acting precious gemstones in the renowned Navratan family of the astrology arena. Today, as we have endless options to buy gemstones online, we can explore blue sapphire online as well. According to Indian Vedic astrology, Neelam is associated with the karmic planet Saturn and carries many benefits with it. So if you are also wondering whether to wear a blue sapphire or not, read beneath.

The power of Shani. Important points to be kept in mind while wearing a Blue Sapphire gemstone Besides all the above-mentioned general information, avoid wearing Neelam or any gem without consulting an expert astrologer or a gem therapist. Shares Share Tweet Pin Email. Remarkable Benefits of wearing an Emerald Gemstone. How and Why to wear a Yellow Sapphire Gemstone. Gemstones are generous not only in terms of beauty but also in terms of value.

How and Why to wear a Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Besides the jewelry industry, gemstones hold a vital place in the astrology arena as well. In this modern era, we have easy access to everything. Now we can buy gemstones online also. Expert astrologers say that not just a gemstone, but the steps of wearing a gemstone also make a huge difference in availing its maximum benefits. Henceforth, one should keep complete caution while wearing any piece of gemstone. Yellow Sapphire, also known as the Pukhraj gemstone, is a precious gemstone of the Navratna family group.

If you want to know more about the basics of Yellow sapphire Gemstone, go through our previous blog that emphasizes on the Benefits of yellow sapphire, or which yellow sapphire or Pukhraj color is the best. Who should wear a Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire gemstone..? Steps of wearing a Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire) Shares Share Tweet Pin Email. Best Gemstones For Gifting Purposes. Celebrations, festivals, and birthdays are among the most desired and cherished moments of our lives.

Best Gemstones For Gifting Purposes

For such special occasions, we need special gifts to express our gratitude and warmth towards our loved ones. While gifting, we should always opt for something which is useful for the receiver. However, sometimes it becomes really tough to find that perfect present for that special one, as there are endless options available in the market. In such cases of hustle and confusion, you can simply go for a piece of beautiful gemstone. A gift in the form of a gemstone delights the receivers anytime in every way. Emeralds Holding the gorgeous green hue of spring and lush forests, Emerald is an extremely beautiful rich green colored precious gemstone to be taken into consideration. Ruled by the planet Mercury, it can be a perfect gift to be presented, especially those having Virgo and Gemini as their Zodiac signs.

Like this: Like Loading... Amazing Facts About Gemstones. Here You will get to know about all the amazing facts about Gemstone such as sapphire, emeralds, Ruby and many more.

Amazing Facts About Gemstones

If you are trying to find facts about gemstone then read the full article. Since ancient times, gemstones have been a reason to tempt and amaze us, humans. Be it their admirable natural beauty or the incredible astrological benefits, people around the world have a huge praise and embracing for gemstones from always. Though, it’s not the same feel with everyone.

There are some who find the world of gems a little boring, but the larger section of people finds this arena extremely fascinating. In this modern era of digitalization, we hold numerous choices to buy gemstones online. Let us go through some amazing facts, stories, and history that you might not know about gemstones, their name, origin, properties, and other dynamics. Garnet Garnet gemstones hold an origin dated back to the ancient Egyptian period. Sapphires Emeralds World of Diamonds Hardest gem mineral. Interesting Facts About Gemstones. Gems are simply gorgeous.

Interesting Facts About Gemstones

Nature has blessed us with open hands. Besides the beautiful Navratna range, the womb of the earth has given us a lot of other exclusive gemstones. For humans, gemstones are not just alluring but also a center of attraction for always. Here are some of the most interesting facts (that you might not know) about a variety of gemstones that nature has granted us. Buy Star Ruby Gemstone From