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At Navratan we have a pool of professional in house artisans that are expert in creating gemstone with beauty and power.

Mystery of Ruby Gemstone or Manik Stone. Know All About Ruby Gemstone and Its Benefits. Ruby or Manik is a highly popular gemstone when it attains to jewelry and likewise as a gemstone too.

Know All About Ruby Gemstone and Its Benefits

There are too many myths related to this magical stone. The term ‘Ruby’ originates from the Latin term ‘Ruber’ which signifies Red. This is a gemstone that is stated to include a set of emotions in it. Some countries consider this stone in a fable that rubies once mounted on trees that began as white buds and then blossomed into ripe and red ruby gemstones. A Guide To Emerald or Panna Stone. Sapphires are the most precious gemstone created by god.

A Guide To Emerald or Panna Stone

Mainly, there are four precious gemstones that hold an amazing place in Vedic astrology. These gemstones are associated with some type of astrological planet which holds the powers of these ruling planets. Advantages of Wearing Panna. Articles by Navratan Gems | Buy Certified Loose Panna or the Emerald stone is one of the nine astrological gemstones.

Advantages of Wearing Panna

The beautifully​ green-colored stone, Panna is regarded as one of the most dynamic and stunning gemstones out there. Since time immemorial, the stone has been an essential part of the traditional ornaments and statement pieces of jewelry. Things to Know About Aquamarine Gemstone. The Aquamarine Stone is described after the sea, and correctly so, as the stone holds blue to greenish-blue colors that remind anyone who stares at the stone of rich seawater.

Things to Know About Aquamarine Gemstone

The variety of water makes you need to dive right in. Aquamarine stone is part of the beryl mineral family and is considered the modern March Birthstone. Being titled after the sea, it is, of course, besieged by stories and legends associated with the water, water beasts, and sailors. All About Pearl (Moti) Pearl, which is well known as The queen of gemstones, has a wide history and charm that extends far beyond the wearer of today's time.

All About Pearl (Moti)

Pearl is a wonderful gem obtained from the shells in the sea and is very rare to trace in its natural form. Pure and natural pearls are round in texture, smooth, and white in color. Besides making beautiful jewelry, they are extensively used in cosmetic products and astrological purposes. Pearls​ are not actually stones, rather they are gems.

They are naturally produced by mollusks (snails). Manik Gemstone: Facts and Appearance of the gemstone. Ruby gemstone or Manik stone which is also referred to as the king of gemstones or Ratnaraj, is considered as one of the rarest and most valued stones in the world.

Manik Gemstone: Facts and Appearance of the gemstone

The gemstone is believed to be the most powerful gem in the whole universe which holds an important place in Indian astrology. As we have seen in several mythological scriptures, the stone has amazing healing power due to its association with the planet Sun. 4 Gemstones Jewelry That Every Women Should Have. In accordance with the traditional classification, the precious gemstones mainly include only the diamond, precious emerald, ruby, and sapphire that are quite rare, stunningly rich, bright, and sparkling gems.

4 Gemstones Jewelry That Every Women Should Have

Rest all the gemstones are considered semi-precious stones. Then again, the assigned order is rather transient as also slightly less translucent rubies and sapphire gemstones are granted among all the semi-precious stones, while tourmaline, in case it is very bright and attractive, is viewed as precious and highly valuable stone (it is normally classified as a semi-precious gemstone). When it comes to the comparison of gemstones then the cost of precious gemstones is always higher than the semi-precious gemstone. Important Facts and Myths About Pearl Gem -

Different Types and Origins of Ruby Stone. THE NAVRATAN GEMSTONE FAMILY. Gemstones have a great amount of importance in Indian culture.


Natural gemstones are considered as a source of faith and new energy for overcoming the difficulties of life caused by the unfavorable planetary conditions in the horoscope. Every person has a unique natal chart based on the planetary positions at the time of birth. How is Tourmaline Beneficial for Us? Born into the family of crystalline boron silicate, the tourmaline stone is a beautiful semi-precious gemstone.

How is Tourmaline Beneficial for Us?

The real tourmaline stone is available in a wide range of stunning colors. Just like other gemstones, the Tourmaline stone too has incredible benefits and healing properties. Tourmaline stone got its name from the Tamil and Sinhalese words "tourmaline" or "Toramali", which mean "stone of different colors. " These benefits are witnessed​ in both Western and Vedic astrology. What You Must Know About Zircon. Alternative medicines are the newest search.

What You Must Know About Zircon

People are looking for various new methods to heal many problems such as yoga, exercises, healing crystals, etc. The healing crystals are easily available and you can buy them online to heal your​ various underlying issues. Many crystal healers use these stones to get rid of many issues related to the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the person. 4.5 million years old gemstones- Zircon has been present around the big bang theory and when the Earth was made. Incredible Benefits of Wearing a Gomed Stone or Hessonite Gemstone. God has made things special for us. They have invented amazing things that made the life of humans amazing. Here gemstones play a crucial role in the life of a human being.

Opal Stone: Astrological Benefits and Ruling Planet Venus. Opal is a popular semi-precious gem variety that belongs to the Silicates Quartz group mineral family. These stones come in a number of color varieties hence the stone is regarded as the play of colors. As we all know that all the gemstones on the earth are associated with a specific planet. Things to Keep in Mind Before Wearing a Gomed Stone. Hessonite gemstone is commonly popular with its astrological names such as Gomed and Gomedha, which is a honey-colored gemstone of the garnet mineral family. Garnet is regarded as the birthstone for the people who are born in the month of January. After having a real gemstone, if you do not wear the stone in the best astrological way then this will not work for you. You will not be able to get the benefits associated with this gemstone. Here we all have a simple question in our mind and that is who should wear Gomed or How to wear Gomed stone or what is the Vedic procedure of wearing a Gomed stone.

Incredible Benefits of Wearing Aquamarine Gemstone. Categories Posted on September 6th, 2021 06:19 PM Natural Gemstones have ​undeniable impacts on our lives. Whether it's for jewelry, decorative, or healing purposes, the gemstones have the most extraordinary and supernatural powers​ to do both, attract a person as well as heal a person. You can now also buy gemstones online. It's not about the lack of modern medicine, but people are looking forward to choosing them as a better alternative remedy for healing purposes. Blue Sapphire:- The Most Powerful Gemstone. More About Blue Sapphire Stone or Neelam Stone The gemstone for September Month, Blue Sapphire or Neelam Stone is one of the hardest, valuable, and expensive stones in the world. In fact, the Neelam stone holds the hardness of 9/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness- After diamonds, Sapphire comes on the second of the life with the hardness level of 9 on the moh scale. This indicates that the blue sapphire or Neelam stone is a durable gemstone that can be scraped only with a diamond.

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