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Hand as ID for your Payment. Here I brought new technical news for you as you know I mostly post something about developers’ news but this time I have something different for you.

Hand as ID for your Payment

Just think about if you don’t have a need to carry cards cash or e-wallet with you but you can do the payment. Yes, its true Amazon is testing out a new payment method at its New York offices: hand scanning, the e-retailer has refused to comment on the project, which is code-named “Orville,” but a report in the New York Post notes that employees are testing the tech on company vending machines. The goal, apparently, is to roll out the scanners at Whole Foods stores across the country. HTC VIVE COSMOS VR HEADSET ANNOUNCED. After HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, and HTC Vive Focus, new upgrade is here Vive Cosmos VR headset.


Cosmos doesn’t need external trackers it is capable of tracking the controllers on its own. The Vive Cosmos has upgraded LCD panels has combined resolution of 2880 x 1700 pixels and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, A wide 110-degree field-of-view and stereo headphones. For the PC connection, it requires a USB 3.0 and Display Port 1.2 connection. You can buy the Vive Wireless Adapter that’s sold separately. However, it will require a free PCIe slot on your PC. Get ready for Wi-Fi 6. On Monday the 16th of September 2019, the Wi-Fi alliance has released certification standards for Wi-Fi 6 devices, this technology is ready for prime time.

Get ready for Wi-Fi 6

This new technology provides better experience devices supporting IEEE 802.11ax, to those users or buyers who carrying the Wi-Fi devices. The general manager of Intel’s Wireless Solutions Group Eric McLaughlin said this new technology has the greatest advancement to Wi-Fi in the last decade. The big things are you don’t have a need to purchase any special device for Wi-Fi 6 because it supports many devices with diverse demands from those requiring peak performance in demanding enterprise environments to those requiring low latency and low power in smart homes or industrial Internet of Things settings.

Wi-Fi 6 has innovations to create faster network performance and to decrease the latency that can result from adding devices to a network. China's new robot. The brand new collaborative robot who can lift around 35-pound payload, it was first displayed in China International Industry Fair (CIIF) trade show in Shanghai on 18th September 2019.

China's new robot

It is the signal when humans and robots will work together. Operating alongside people and outside cages, collaborative robots (cobots) are now performing manufacturing tasks that were previously the domain of caged off industrial machines The cobots will work very safely because designed with an abundance of sensors to enable them to operate safely alongside humans.It’s unthinkable when humans and robots will work together, Market adoption of cobots, which use force sensors and machine vision, among other sensing technologies, to avoid striking humans or shut off in the event of a strike, demanded those robots start small. Jürgen von Hollen, President of Universal Robots said In today’s uncertain economic climate manufacturers need to look at flexible solutions to stay competitive. IIOT 2019 in Delhi. This year 5th and 6th December get ready for the Industrial Internet Of Thing in Delhi.

IIOT 2019 in Delhi

This IIOT edition is will a business platform dedicated to reimagining the future by creating collaboration and knowledge sharing opportunities for professionals in the Smart Manufacturing & Smart Infrastructure value chain. This event-related to potential IoT technology adopters from offline to online, enablers, technology solution providers and end-users.

Detail Business Matching all attendees can pre-schedule one on one meetings based on business preferencesIllustrative case studies, highlights of new & innovative technologies via ConferenceUnique IIoT solutions and products will be featured focusing on Smart Manufacturing & Smart InfraExperience Zone will bring together leading brands & tech innovators to demo new technologies This event is totally free of cost so you also can be a part of this event just click here to register yourself now. Nokia's Future X Lab. Tor browser new release: Tor Proxy?

Tor browser new release: Tor

There have many users who don’t know about the proxy server or understand the meaning of proxy or why it is used. A proxy server is a website/server that acts as a middleman for you to get on the Internet. A proxy is someone or something which is acting on your behalf, doing something you tell it to. A person can place a proxy vote at a stockholder’s meeting for you if you tell that person in advance what they should vote for. Banking Robot. As you know the banking sector developing, recently private sector’s famous bank ICICI starts a new thing, as a loan provider ICICI bank is a leading bank and now it will use ROBOTS for count cash.

Banking Robot

ICICI Bank has become the first in the country to deploy industrial ‘Robotic Arms’ to count millions of currency notes at its currency chests across the country. ICICI bank has been placed 14 industrial robotic arms at its prominent currency chests across 12 cities to digitize the currency sorting process.These Robots are placed in Siliguri, Mumbai, Sangli, Bengaluru, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Raipur, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Varanasi, said ICICI Bank Head of Operations & Customer Services, Anubhuti Sanghai.These robotic arms now help sort over six million notes every working day and 1.8 billion annually. Google Pixel 4 features.

In October 2019 hardware event Google has announced about the product which will be launched in the market soon Google Pixel 4 one of them.

Google Pixel 4 features

After unveiling the previous models like the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, Google has now added Pixel 4 in its 2019 list of smartphones and the device gets a flagship tag from Google with all the latest features. The brands stick to their merit by amazing features that will user great performance experience. The Google Pixel 4 has 6.23-inch OLED display having a resolution of 1440×3040 pixel with pixel density of 540 PPI. Pixel buds 2. New York City October Hardware Event 15th October 2019 Google has announced its new Pixel Buds or Pixel Buds 2, as some are calling them and the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, Pixel book Go, Nest Wi-Fi, and Nest Mini.

Pixel buds 2

The new Pixel Buds 2 is leaps and bounds ahead of the original Pixel Buds, which came out in October 2017. Android 11. Google has released the first preview of next version of the wildly famous Android mobile operating system that is Android 11.

Android 11

If you familiar with android updates so you know google adopted number strategy from its last update Android 10 also known as Android Q that means a coming update of android is Android 11 known as Android R. The Android 11 is now available to download and test for the developers. Atom Plugin. DeepCode has launched an associate AI-powered code review plugin for Atom. The Atom version joins existing plugins for Visual Studio Code and GitHub. DeepCode, that we have a tendency to 1st met that it introduced a free tier in August 2019, is an associate AI-based tool that integrates with code hosting platforms and might be accustomed analyse code victimization static program analysis to search out issues and create changes to enhance the code. India's First 5G Phone. Realme X50 Pro 5G Realme X50 professional 5G is ready to become India’s initial 5G phone.

The smartphone is launched on Feb 24 in New Delhi and Spanish capital via a web event. Earlier than the launch, the Realme X50 professional 5G value in the Asian countries has leaked. India’s initial 5G phone can bear a tag of around Rs fifty,000, a PTI report has same, citing a Realme official. Google advises shoppers to not sideload its applications on new, uncertified Huawei gadgets. Last May, the U.S. government placed Huawei on AN export blacklist that wedged its operating relationship with Google. New Android gadgets from the Chinese company couldn’t be certified to run Gmail, Maps, or the Play Store.

Sooner than approaching Huawei devices, Google has issued a prolonged consumer-facing statement regarding matters, as well as consultive to not sideload its Android apps. NewsGuard Tech publishes Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center. New York City-based NewsGuard Technologies, that hosts a subscription service that rates the quality of online content sources using a multi-point check system, has launched Coronavirus information following Center for the needs of spreading data regarding websites that area unit willfully spreading false data regarding the COVID-19 unwellness and therefore the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself. What is NewsGuard? NewsGuard and it’s related to browser extension offer its users the flexibility to form knowing determinations concerning the standard of wherever they acquire their news — notably because it relates to a content source’s political biases.

NewsGuard could be a desktop Chrome extension that displays quality and transparency content marking and is out there by subscription. It launched in the Gregorian calendar month of 2020 and prices $2.95 per month for a desktop user and is liberated to use if you’re a Microsoft Edge user on iOS or Android. 5G EXPO GLOBAL 2020.  17 March 2020 09:00 – 18 March 2020 17:00 Olympia London, Olympia Grand, London, Hammersmith Rd, London, UK, W14 8UX Website: 17-18 March 2020 | Olympia Grand, London Discover the important value of 5G. Go Installation and Variables. Single and Multi Selection ListView in Flutter. Flutter App Development Course Online. Flutter Custom Font. Plurals in Dart Example. Android Studio stop support. Flutter Lottie Animation.

Android Studio stop support. Flutter shimmer animation. Android 10. Flutter v/s React Native. Twitter’s useful ‘Hide Replies’ feature now open for developers. How 5G is the effect on the Computing landscape. Facebook F8 event cancel due to coronavirus. Google Bangalore worker tests positive for COVID-19. WWDC 2020 cancel due to COVID-19. IOT TECH EXPO EUROPE 2020. GitHub core features now free for everyone. Amazon AppFlow launched by AWS, the new SaaS integration service.

iOS 14, XCode is reportedly included in OS update. A new Play Store bug is inflicting repeat app updates for same versions. Google's new messaging app Stadia. Google Search now shows YouTube Music links on album queries. Github Codespaces allows code in a web browser without any setup. Android 11 beta plans. Google will let most staff work remotely this year.

Flutter Web with Github Pages Hosting. QR Code Generator Windows App in Flutter Desktop. GSON - Beginner to Professional Android. Variables in Dart Programming language. List in Dart Programming language. Flutter Hero Animation. Flutter switch widget. Flutter 1.9 and Dart 2.5. Flutter shared preference. How flutter different from other development tools. Playstore bug now fixed. Flutter SDK setup in Linux. Scorecard for C++, Dart, Rust, Go for Fuchsia OS. iOS developers now able to send ads using push notifications. Shimmer Animation Using Flutter. DATE TIME PICKER USING FLUTTER. Flare Animation With Flutter. DATE TIME PICKER DIALOG USING FLUTTER. Detect Barcode using Firebase ML kit. Objects Detection From Image Using Flutter. Firebase Cloud Messaging Using Flutter. DETECT TEXT FROM IMAGE USING FIREBASE. Open Street Map Using Flutter. Flutter Platform Channel. [UPDATED] Setup Flutter Desktop on Windows, Linux, macOS using VSCode and Build and Release - Flutter Tutorial.

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