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Urban transport (incl sustrans)

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*****City Road, London. I challenge you. What do you see? Go on. Open the photo and check it out BEFORE reading this THREAD.

Dutch style roundabout

Cycle in lanes Paris. Paris is really turning into a cycling city these years Vid @CommuteDeParis. *****South Korea produces #cleanenergy. They've covered this bike lane with #solar panels protecting cyclists from the sun and traffic while producing energy. We have the solutions to the #climatecrisis. Implement them. #ActOnClimate #climate #ener.

Public transport Luxembourg. Walking in urban. *****The Cambridge Guided Busway, the longest guided busway in the world #UrbanTransport. Birmingham cars could be banned from driving through city centre. Image copyright Getty Images Private cars will be banned from taking "through trips" across Birmingham city centre under plans to cut pollution.

Birmingham cars could be banned from driving through city centre

Vehicles will be able to drive into the city, but would have to go back out to the ring road to access other areas. In a newly published transport plan the city council is also looking at rerouting the A38 and bringing in a 20mph limit on residential roads.

Sustrans dataviz (sustrans posters)

Too many cars in Dublin city centre 50 years ago WATCH: 'Newsbeat' reports #OnThisDay in 1969. Please watch this □ This isn’t Netherlands or Copenhagen, it really isn’t far from here. Action with real results, delivering a better, cleaner & more sustainable place to live:… Learning #Danish ... □□ ‘Parkeringsplads forbeholdt ministeren’ = Parking space reserved for the minister! □ HT @lpfischer. *****In our haste to drive through cities, we’ve forgotten the sounds that make them pleasant places to stay: □ People talking □ Birds singing □ Bells ringing □ Music playing Tackling noise pollution should be one goal of any car reduct. Cyclists aren’t the ‘scourge of the streets’. They are mothers, fathers, grandparents and children all doing their bit to make Britain a healthier, greener and more liveable place. Share this video from @Chris_Boardman to help us make our message loud and. 'Our city is not Amsterdam'. Well, so wasn't Amsterdam: it took long, deliberate and consistent work. And a conscious decision to change! ~Zeilstraat, Amsterdam 1970s…

Modacity sur Twitter : "Half of all train trips in the Netherlands begin with a bike ride. As you can see from Delft Station, that isn’t an accident. It’s the deliberate extension of the CROW principles of cohesion, directness, safety, attractiveness, and. Exiting changes coming to Greater Manchester’s cycling infrastructure with the proposed Bee Network. Great initiative led by @Chris_Boardman and @AndyBurnhamGM □ Twitter. How an emerging African megacity cut commutes by two hours a day. EastCoastGreenway sur Twitter : "Help to secure funding for an East Coast Greenway from Wicklow to Greystones . A cycle and walking teach from #Greystones to #Wicklow via Kilcoole and Newcastle,all along our beautiful coast- Sign the Petition please! http. Twitter. John Whitelegg sur Twitter : "I have just walked past Shrewsbury bus station on Sunday afternoon It is shut/closed/free of buses..a vey clear message that the car is the only option in Shropshire @ShrewsburyGreen @JulianDean99 @BusUsersUK My German collea.

*****The ratio of a) commuters who use the car to get to work against b) commuters who either walk, cycle or use any form of public transport.… *****The Detroit Department of Street Railways knew it in 1937.… If everybody drives, your city won't thrive. Whitstable Gazette sur Twitter : "In today's Gazette: ▪️City council accused of neglecting town over park and ride ▪️Group's daring swim for three-year-old battling brain tumours ▪️Special report on mysterious death of local man found washed up on French.

The hellscape that is Copenhagen traffic shows what Dublin would be like if the Green Party's War on the Motorist ever took off.… When driving, remember to be thankful to people walking/biking for taking up less urban space than you vid @wegeheld. Cycling is efficiency! ~75 people on bikes (1 lane) - smooth ~30-36 people in cars (3 lanes) - clogged #Copenhagen vid @Penalosa_G. *****Commuter animations (connectivity): Rush hour art. Accessibility with different traffic modes (car, public transport & bicycle) compared in London. Work in progress with @heredev data.… *****Commuter animations (connectivity): More (from @UberEng) stuff coming soon, will share datasets too in case anyone wants to play. For now, here's daytime population in London and wider area ...…

Twitter. Twitter. Joe Smith sur Twitter : "In British planning this long dominant thinking known as ‘predict and provide’. In truth this approach failed to predict new road space being immediately consumed by generated demand, or provide efficient access to stuff. So much. If you plant bicycle infrastructure, you will get healthy citizens in a livable city Copenhagen traffic 1970 - 2015… These are the world's most congested #cities. #Traffic planning can be counter-intuitive. Road with 1 car lane can accommodate 2.5x traffic than a 3 car lane street. While #ElectricCars… From Oslo to Paris, these major cities have plans to go car-free. Calle de Alcalá in Madrid, Spain.Wikipedia Commons In late 2016, Madrid's Mayor Manuela Carmena reiterated her plan to kick personal cars out of the city center.

From Oslo to Paris, these major cities have plans to go car-free

On Spanish radio network Cadena Ser, she confirmed that Madrid's main avenue, the Gran Vía, will only allow access to bikes, buses, and taxis before she leaves office in May 2019. It's part of a larger effort to ban all diesel cars in Madrid by 2025. But the Spanish city is not the only one getting ready to take the car-free plunge. Urban planners and policy makers around the world have started to brainstorm ways that cities can create more space for pedestrians and lower CO2 emissions from diesel. Here are 12 cities leading the car-free movement. When people say "there's not enough parking" or the parking is "too far away, I won't go there" I suspect they don't realize how far they wa…

Electric black cabs hit London's roads. Image copyright LEVC Electric black taxis have hit London's roads under plans to improve air quality but critics say their cost will put drivers off "going green".

Electric black cabs hit London's roads

The cab costs £55,599 up from £45,000 for the newest petrol equivalent. Chris Gubbey, boss of manufacturer the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) insists the cab will "play a major role in helping to improve air quality". The launch comes weeks ahead of rules requiring new cabs in the capital to be capable of emitting zero emissions. More than 9,000 such taxis, roughly half the current black cab fleet, are expected on London's roads by 2021. The new TX can travel 80 miles on a single battery charge and is fitted with a 1.5 litre petrol engine to assist with longer journeys. This woman started a street revolution □⚽□□ Via BBC World Hacks.

From "Microadventures" by @Al_Humphreys. He's sadly spot-on about commuter trains, but at least they afford time to think of better things. Aerial footage shows traffic gridlock in Los Angeles as the Thanksgiving travel rush begins. The Thanksgiving getaway is quite a sight from the skies □□✈️ Los Angeles thanksgiving traffic. Rush hour journey duration into London, 1968. Amazing how little has changed in past 50 years (taken from 1968 "Atlas of London")…

Inefficient way of getting kids 2 school If city was planned for□□‍♀️ kids could get fit &independent RT @yann_rouen. *****"The car kills our cities. If you plant roads, you will harvest traffic" - Lord Mayor of Munich, 1972. Turning down traffic. Read more. A smart street crossing in London, with LED lights under the road surface to let pedestrians know when to cross.

#Traffic planning can be counter-intuitive. Road with 1 car lane can accommodate 2.5x traffic than a 3 car lane street. HT @VisionZeroCA. How long a line, had every cyclist been driving their own car? ~100 cars x ~5 metres? vid@BoxbikeLondon. *****Ride ‘em and leave ‘em anywhere. Beijing yellow bikes work by scanning barcode on bike. #beijing.

*****Electric bikes, mopeds & scooters are the norm. Beijing way ahead of UK #markgoodier. The fundamental law of road #congestion , also known as the "Black Hole Theory of Highway Investment" *****Swimming to work: Now that's an idea to transform commuting 'I swim to work' □□ *****Manila traffic: so I asked my brother and sister-in-law (who live in Manila) to do a little traffic video for me, and here it is. Where would you guess most people bike every day, if told that green lines represent bike infrastructure? #notculture but #infrastructure. *****Build it and they will come? Why Britain's 1960s cycling revolution flopped. Stevenage, the first of England’s post-war New Towns, was widely proclaimed in the 1960s as a shining example of how the provision of high-quality, joined-up cycle infrastructure would encourage many people to cycle – not just keen cyclists.

*****Build it and they will come? Why Britain's 1960s cycling revolution flopped

The town, 30 miles north of London, had wide, smooth cycleways next to its main roads which were separated from cars and pedestrians. *****Three options revealed for #A27 #ArundelBypass. What do you think (DME) *****1950: Transport came under more observation than usual, as the first road traffic census for 11 years was carried out. *****Unfinished London and the Ring Roads that never were. – Monday, Mar 14, 2011Posted in: Brixton, London, Places Written and presented by the ever-entertaining Jay Foreman, I’ve rather enjoyed this video about the 1970s motorway-crazed London ‘Ringways’ project that – thankfully – never fully came to life.

*****Unfinished London and the Ring Roads that never were

A Westway for SW9 Brixton was going to be particularly blighted by one of these proposed ring road schemes, with an elevated motorway planned to tower above Coldharbour Lane – see the proposed plans here. Although the scheme was eventually abandoned, work on the daunting Barrier Block had already started, which explains why the centre of Brixton ended up with a building that rather looks like a prison. *****Swindon Magic Roundabout: @CVMSsocsci @UrbanDemog @NacionRotonda@simongerman600 I've used my hometown roundabout on a presentation slide and I swear an audience will look at that photo for hours □ *****Get rich people onto public transport: Fabulous quote from @GeographicalMag! #publictransport □

The world's largest city is #Tokyo (38M). Moving its citizens around requires a miraculous #PublicTransport system as this #map shows. *****Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau highway, with up to fifty lanes at some points. *****How the Chinese urban metro systems have evolved since 1990. *****In India, soon you'll only be able to buy electric cars by @wef. *****World’s Fastest Electric Taxi Fleet Overhaul. Taiy­uan, the largest city in North­ern Chin­a’s Shanxi province, is one of the first cit­ies in the world to re­place its en­tire taxi fleet with elec­tric vehicles.

*****World’s Fastest Electric Taxi Fleet Overhaul

Since Janu­ary 2016, Taiy­uan has un­der­taken one of the world’s most ex­tens­ive elec­tric vehicle over­haul pro­jects. In just eight months, the city re­placed all of its 8,292 taxis with elec­tric vehicles, mak­ing it the fast­est city to have re­placed its en­tire taxi fleet with elec­tric vehicles. ‘Further outlook stormy’ Driving in and around Oxford has long been an inconvenient experience.

‘Further outlook stormy’

Various measures have been introduced over the years; blocking off access to some roads, restricting traffic on others. It is perhaps fortunate that the most ambitious of post-war planning never took place, considering the destruction that would have been caused to some of the prettiest parts of the city. Oxford Replanned was a scheme devised by Thomas Sharp, a planning consultant to the City Council, after the 1939-45 war.

Sharp was appointed following work in a number of areas destroyed or damaged during the Blitz. Designed to take traffic away from the High Street by building new roads to the south of Merton College through Christ Church Meadow and then linking up with the Botley Road via a new layout of roads and squares between Queens Street and the Railway Station, the scheme was controversial from the start, something that Sharp himself predicted. Traffic Jam near the Brandenburg Gate as East Germans move into West Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall. 1989. The death of diesel: has the one-time wonder fuel become the new asbestos? A shopper at a supermarket asks for a plastic bag, only to have his head slammed into the checkout counter by the “green police” (“You picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem, plastic boy”).

The death of diesel: has the one-time wonder fuel become the new asbestos?

Another man attracts a spotlight from a green police helicopter for a “compost infraction” as he’s about to bin an orange rind. The green police bust down doors after finding batteries in the trash. They haul people from their homes for installing incandescent lightbulbs. But to the driver who approaches a road checkpoint in his Audi, the green police react very differently. “Clean diesel? *****Check out @Airbus's new drone-car hybrid. #Onthisday 1965: A London taxi driver shared his top tips for squeezing a few extra bob from stingy passengers. London's protected cycle lanes are insanely popular. Mayors of the world: Take note & build them #StopStalling. *****''How you may live and travel in the city of 1950'' c.1925..

*****Strong, co-ordinated transport policies in all regions will be needed to reach 2°C Scenario goals. A brilliant illustration of how much public space we've surrendered to cars. *****100% Electric Nissan e-NV200 Returns Iconic Harrods Delivery Fleet In London To Its Early Electric Roots. Cars Published on March 31st, 2017 | by Cynthia Shahan March 31st, 2017 by Cynthia Shahan Do you ever wonder what shape the world might be in if electric cars had not been replaced by gas cars so long ago?

*****100% Electric Nissan e-NV200 Returns Iconic Harrods Delivery Fleet In London To Its Early Electric Roots

It has been over 100 years after the legendary London department store Harrods first added an electric van to its fleet. Harrods is now returning to electric vehicle technology. It’s a nice note to environmental improvement to return the British department store to the list of European businesses adding zero-emission vehicles to their fleets, the Nissan e-NV200 being the #1 choice for such purposes. Back to the history: “In 1919, the store used solid-tired American Walker electric vans, later building its own fleet of 60 electric vehicles to deliver goods to local London customers.

*****Why cargo bike deliveries are taking over the UK's cities. Ben Cartwright is amid a ritual familiar to thousands of delivery workers across the country, carefully loading up dozens of packages before starting off on his city-wide route.

*****Why cargo bike deliveries are taking over the UK's cities

There’s one difference: rather than a van, the 29-year-old is filling a large box on a cargo bike. “It’s really easy to ride,” he says of the two-wheeled, tandem-length machine, with the lidded container positioned between the saddle and the rear wheel. “You get used to it pretty quickly, and it’s still small enough to filter through traffic.” Cartwright, who recently completed a PhD in archaeology at Cambridge University, has spent the past eight months piloting the unusual contraption through the city for Outspoken Delivery, one of a fast-growing breed of logistics companies eschewing the motor vehicle in favour of pedal power.

*****Cargo bikes: Cycle freight: why the bike is good for moving more than people. The plastic bike basket I bought online was billed as “large”, but even so I was amazed when it arrived. This was a behemoth – a cavernous, black box into which you could as easily fit a decent-sized dog as a bag of shopping. Fitted to my new commuter bike, the initial effect was comical. But such worries were soon forgotten given how astonishingly useful it proved. My sizeable work bag – which used to be jammed in lengthways into the much smaller, now-defunct predecessor – vanished into the dark recesses, leaving space for shopping, coats, school bags, whatever was required. My life was transformed. *****Cargo Bikes Now In UK Department Stores. Air Quality Published on January 12th, 2015 | by Cynthia Shahan January 12th, 2015 by Cynthia Shahan The Danish and the Dutch are at the forefront of serious bicyclists — mom, pop, grandma, grandpa, grandchildren, and the whole family bikes.

*****Noise pollution from road and air traffic: National Transportation Noise Map. Austin’s New Bike-Share System Solves An Old Dilemma. In theory, bike-sharing is a great idea. It’s a great way to cut down on pollution, get some exercise and reach your destination without worrying about traffic. The trouble with many bike-sharing systems, however, is in the restriction of bike stations to specific locations, which are far from your actual destination. Spin, recently launched on March 10 in Austin, Texas, has finally solved this dilemma: Stash your shared bike anywhere you like. Experts at Spin spent a year studying the Bay Area Bike Share system and found that the number of uses was startlingly slow, at an average of 1.7 times per bike, on a typical day. Seattle and Boston had a usage rate that pushed twice a day. *****Uber for bikes: how 'dockless' cycles flooded China – and are heading overseas.

On a 30ft-wide screen in Hangzhou’s public bike share office, the counter ticks up relentlessly: 278,812 … 278,847 … 278,883 … Another 40 cycle rentals every couple of seconds. The system will easily top 350,000 before this bitterly cold winter day is out. On the left of the giant screen, the world’s 15 biggest public bike shares are ranked. Thirteen of them are in China.

(Paris is No 5 with 21,000 bikes, and London No 12, with 16,500). Hangzhou – an hour west of Shanghai by bullet train – is slightly larger than London by population, but its share system is five times the size. In many other large Chinese cities, though, it’s not the sturdy, official public hire bikes that stand out. Cities. *****Cars v sustrans (like poster) Osaka monorail □ *****Walking to work: "If someone shifts from a long commute to a walk, their happiness increases as much as if they'd fallen in love." London Traffic Counts Map. Hairdryers used to strike blow against speeders in Hopeman. A brilliant illustration of how much public space we've surrendered to cars. *****World air pollution mapped by country. Superblocks: Barcelona's war on cars. London's air pollution has been hitting levels worse than Beijing. London has been breathing air so toxic that it’s been comparable to Beijing in recent days.

So today = "anti-pollution" day in Paris: a travel ticket for all zones for unlimited journeys is just €3.8. Mapping How People Commute to Manhattan. Paris vehicle pollution sticker scheme comes into force. Think your morning commute is long? It could be worse. Read more // Source: Waze.