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Urban transport (incl sustrans)

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*****How the Chinese urban metro systems have evolved since 1990. *****In India, soon you'll only be able to buy electric cars by @wef. *****World’s Fastest Electric Taxi Fleet Overhaul. ‘Further outlook stormy’ Driving in and around Oxford has long been an inconvenient experience.

‘Further outlook stormy’

Various measures have been introduced over the years; blocking off access to some roads, restricting traffic on others. It is perhaps fortunate that the most ambitious of post-war planning never took place, considering the destruction that would have been caused to some of the prettiest parts of the city. Oxford Replanned was a scheme devised by Thomas Sharp, a planning consultant to the City Council, after the 1939-45 war. Sharp was appointed following work in a number of areas destroyed or damaged during the Blitz. Designed to take traffic away from the High Street by building new roads to the south of Merton College through Christ Church Meadow and then linking up with the Botley Road via a new layout of roads and squares between Queens Street and the Railway Station, the scheme was controversial from the start, something that Sharp himself predicted.

Traffic Jam near the Brandenburg Gate as East Germans move into West Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall. 1989. *****Animated videos show just how much space cars waste in our cities by @FastCoExist. The death of diesel: has the one-time wonder fuel become the new asbestos? A shopper at a supermarket asks for a plastic bag, only to have his head slammed into the checkout counter by the “green police” (“You picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem, plastic boy”).

The death of diesel: has the one-time wonder fuel become the new asbestos?

Another man attracts a spotlight from a green police helicopter for a “compost infraction” as he’s about to bin an orange rind. The green police bust down doors after finding batteries in the trash. They haul people from their homes for installing incandescent lightbulbs. *****Check out @Airbus's new drone-car hybrid. #Onthisday 1965: A London taxi driver shared his top tips for squeezing a few extra bob from stingy passengers. London's protected cycle lanes are insanely popular. Mayors of the world: Take note & build them #StopStalling. *****''How you may live and travel in the city of 1950'' c.1925.. *****Strong, co-ordinated transport policies in all regions will be needed to reach 2°C Scenario goals. A brilliant illustration of how much public space we've surrendered to cars.

*****100% Electric Nissan e-NV200 Returns Iconic Harrods Delivery Fleet In London To Its Early Electric Roots. Cars Published on March 31st, 2017 | by Cynthia Shahan March 31st, 2017 by Cynthia Shahan Do you ever wonder what shape the world might be in if electric cars had not been replaced by gas cars so long ago?

*****100% Electric Nissan e-NV200 Returns Iconic Harrods Delivery Fleet In London To Its Early Electric Roots

It has been over 100 years after the legendary London department store Harrods first added an electric van to its fleet. Harrods is now returning to electric vehicle technology. It’s a nice note to environmental improvement to return the British department store to the list of European businesses adding zero-emission vehicles to their fleets, the Nissan e-NV200 being the #1 choice for such purposes. Back to the history: “In 1919, the store used solid-tired American Walker electric vans, later building its own fleet of 60 electric vehicles to deliver goods to local London customers.

*****Why cargo bike deliveries are taking over the UK's cities. Ben Cartwright is amid a ritual familiar to thousands of delivery workers across the country, carefully loading up dozens of packages before starting off on his city-wide route.

*****Why cargo bike deliveries are taking over the UK's cities

There’s one difference: rather than a van, the 29-year-old is filling a large box on a cargo bike. “It’s really easy to ride,” he says of the two-wheeled, tandem-length machine, with the lidded container positioned between the saddle and the rear wheel. *****Cargo bikes: Cycle freight: why the bike is good for moving more than people. The plastic bike basket I bought online was billed as “large”, but even so I was amazed when it arrived.

*****Cargo bikes: Cycle freight: why the bike is good for moving more than people

This was a behemoth – a cavernous, black box into which you could as easily fit a decent-sized dog as a bag of shopping. Fitted to my new commuter bike, the initial effect was comical. But such worries were soon forgotten given how astonishingly useful it proved. *****Cargo Bikes Now In UK Department Stores. Air Quality Published on January 12th, 2015 | by Cynthia Shahan January 12th, 2015 by Cynthia Shahan The Danish and the Dutch are at the forefront of serious bicyclists — mom, pop, grandma, grandpa, grandchildren, and the whole family bikes.

*****Cargo Bikes Now In UK Department Stores

*****Noise pollution from road and air traffic: National Transportation Noise Map. Austin’s New Bike-Share System Solves An Old Dilemma. In theory, bike-sharing is a great idea.

Austin’s New Bike-Share System Solves An Old Dilemma

It’s a great way to cut down on pollution, get some exercise and reach your destination without worrying about traffic. The trouble with many bike-sharing systems, however, is in the restriction of bike stations to specific locations, which are far from your actual destination. Spin, recently launched on March 10 in Austin, Texas, has finally solved this dilemma: Stash your shared bike anywhere you like. Experts at Spin spent a year studying the Bay Area Bike Share system and found that the number of uses was startlingly slow, at an average of 1.7 times per bike, on a typical day. *****Uber for bikes: how 'dockless' cycles flooded China – and are heading overseas. On a 30ft-wide screen in Hangzhou’s public bike share office, the counter ticks up relentlessly: 278,812 … 278,847 … 278,883 … Another 40 cycle rentals every couple of seconds.

*****Uber for bikes: how 'dockless' cycles flooded China – and are heading overseas

Cities. Rio de Janeir­o’s Neut­ral Car­bon Rio Strategy is im­prov­ing the city’s out­look for its wa­ter and en­ergy sup­ply while lead­ing the way in car­bon-neut­ral plan­ning in the global south.


Oak­land es­tab­lished a solid found­a­tion for cli­mate policy-mak­ing by de­term­in­ing where the ma­jor­ity of the city’s emis­sions come from via a con­sump­tion-based green­house gas emis­sions in­vent­ory. Guang­zhou is plan­ning for an in­creas­ing pop­u­la­tion and rising de­mand for en­ergy with the a multi-sec­tor, low-car­bon plan for green growth, tar­get­ing in­dustry, in­fra­struc­ture, and build­ings. *****Cars v sustrans (like poster) Osaka monorail □

*****Walking to work: "If someone shifts from a long commute to a walk, their happiness increases as much as if they'd fallen in love." London Traffic Counts Map. Hairdryers used to strike blow against speeders in Hopeman. A brilliant illustration of how much public space we've surrendered to cars. *****World air pollution mapped by country.

Superblocks: Barcelona's war on cars. London's air pollution has been hitting levels worse than Beijing. London has been breathing air so toxic that it’s been comparable to Beijing in recent days.

London's air pollution has been hitting levels worse than Beijing

Readings at 3pm on Monday show that the air at locations in London was consistently worse than those in Beijing over the previous 48 hours. But the readings are not an average. While London hit a maximum of 197 on the Air Quality Index (AQI) for the particulate PM2.5, Beijing recorded a maximum of 190 over the same period – although Beijing’s levels were worse at the time of writing. Beijing’s minimum was 63, slightly higher than London at 61. London’s air has not been worse than it is in Beijing during its pollution episodes, when levels are much higher. The comparison was first noted on Sunday by Simon Birkett, who runs the Clean Air London campaign.

Experts at King’s College London have said the PM2.5 levels in London recorded on Sunday night were the worst recorded since 2011. So today = "anti-pollution" day in Paris: a travel ticket for all zones for unlimited journeys is just €3.8. Mapping How People Commute to Manhattan. Manhattan’s hordes of workers pour in by bus, subway, train, unicycle, and helicopter. So many commuters pour into Manhattan from other boroughs and elsewhere that it doubles the island’s daily population from 1.6 million to 3.1 million, as per a 2013 Census estimate.

Paris vehicle pollution sticker scheme comes into force. Drivers in Paris must display an anti-pollution sticker in their vehicles or face fines in the latest attempt by the French authorities to improve air quality. The sticker scheme, which became mandatory on Monday, includes cars, lorries, motorcycles and scooters, and bans some vehicles from the city during weekdays. It follows numerous spikes in pollution in which smog has descended over the French capital, forcing traffic reduction measures and the introduction of free public transport on the worst days. The six different coloured Crit’Air (air criteria) stickers indicate the age and cleanliness of a vehicle. Certain vehicles – including petrol and diesel cars registered before 1996; vans registered before 1997; pre-2000 scooters and motorbikes; and lorries, trucks and buses from before 2001 – are banned from the city between 8am and 8pm.

Foreign-registered vehicles have been given until March to obtain their stickers, which cost €4.18 each, payable online. Think your morning commute is long? It could be worse. Read more // Source: Waze. People living near major Ontario roads were up to 12% more likely to develop dementia than those living further away.

#OTD 1971: Rome was experimenting with free bus travel in a bid to relieve traffic congestion. *Map showing num of steps to walk between Tube stations. Driverless buses arrive in Australia: smart and green but what now for drivers? Clunking, dreary and seemingly always late – the humble bus struggles to catch hold of the imagination in the way of the charming trundle of trams or the power and rhythm of the train, butthe latest smart technologies promise to rejuvenate this long-maligned form of transport. Gone will be the days of waiting an eternity at stops only for three buses to arrive at once, languishing in traffic as more agile cars cut out in front, and blaming overly-relaxed bus drivers for a late arrival to work.

For the Intellibus in Western Australia, there isn’t a bus driver to blame. At the start of December, the RAC completed a three-month trial of the self-driving vehicle in south Perth. West Australian passengers put their lives in the hands of a fully autonomous bus that drives itself using Lidar (light detection and ranging) ultraviolet light to detect and avoid objects, measure distance and build a map of the environment, aided by external cameras to detect traffic lights. What if THIS was your daily commute? The images -- nameless faces pressed up against windows, their expressions frozen in visible discomfort, the glass around them wet with condensation -- are snapshots of everyday commuter life for many of Tokyo's residents. Wolf, who lives in Hong Kong, often uses photography to critique the harsh living conditions of large cosmopolitan cities.

Chicago, Paris and Hong Kong have all fallen under his lens, which often dips below dazzling urban skylines to explore the real city beneath. 220 metro systems tiny maps. Paris to trial 'flying' river taxis in the Seine next year, as London misses the boat. This Tube map shows the cost of renting a one-bedroom flat at every stop on the Underground. A new version of the London Underground map has revealed the average rent at every Tube stop in London. The map, produced by website Thrillist, shows the median cost of a one-bedroom flat within a kilometre of each station. It allows Londoners to find out the average prices in their neighbourhood and provides a clear picture of the disparity between rents in different parts of London, highlighting the huge premium paid for property in the more central areas.

A full-size version of the map can be explored here. "This small train travels in a tunnel under London. It carries mail for the Post Office. The train runs without a driver." (Ladybird, 1974) You're not stuck in traffic. You ARE traffic. The Dutch Have Built an Elevated Roundabout Just for Bikes - WeLoveCycling magazine. Walking. 2 hours to 30 minutes. This is what our radical technology could do to your commute. Imagine it’s noon and there’s a work emergency in the London office and you’re stuck in Manchester 260 miles away. It’s four-hour drive or a two-hour trip on National Rail. Great day walking across #GuatemalaCity today with the wonderful @IGAedu. These mass street closures on Sundays are wonderful. #wildcities. Electric vehicle market poised to expand at "breakneck speed" - 30 Dec 2015.

Brighton company aims to convert city's biodiesel buses to run on solar power. Brighton transportation company The Big Lemon has announced plans to make their green buses even greener. Although their bright yellow biodiesel buses are already fairly low impact given that they are powered by recycled cooking oil, the company is teaming up with renewable energy enterprise Brighton Energy Cooperative to develop new zero-emissions vehicles powered by the sun.

The Big Lemon, a Community Interest Company (CIC), is planning to make the switch to electric vehicles. Boom! First Ever EV Shuttle Bus Fleet Knocks Out Diesel. Dutch unveil giant outside vacuum cleaner to filter dirty air. Commuting times in diff cities: 2015 Traffic Scorecard - INRIX. UK Electric Car Sales Skyrocketing! Cars Published on June 13th, 2015 | by James Ayre June 13th, 2015 by James Ayre Originally published on EV Obsession. Electric vehicle (EV) registrations in the UK between January and May of 2015 are already roughly equal to total EV registrations in 2014, based on the most recent figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). 1920s London in Color. India loses billions of rupees to traffic jams. Is ride-sharing the solution? Altzheimer's: UK gov isn't monitoring toxic air pollution found in human brains. Toxic nanoparticles from air pollution discovered in human brains are not being monitored by government authorities, Energydesk has learned.

The Tallinn experiment: what happens when a city makes public transport free? In London a monthly travel card for the whole city costs almost £200. German states look to ban sale of gas & diesel powered cars by 2030. Wow! From the inventors of internal combustion! Plans for an electric car charging point in every new home in Europe. Another useful London transport tip from “Alternative London” 1971. Five new river crossings to ease jams. How you could get home in the days before Uber, according to "Alternative London" (1971). Mapping EV Range with GIS Software & Ordnance Survey. Tube chat: The new badge encouraging commuters to talk to each other - BBC Newsbeat. ‘It’s hard to justify a bridge by the number of people swimming across a river’ @BrentToderian on ped crossings & bike lanes HT @cowanrob. Electric bike hire installation @UniofExeter Streatham. Tad expensive at £1.50 per 30 mins but cheaper than a cab! Germany v USA: Car-Reliance compared in one chart.

Porsche's First Car Found After 112 Years - it's electric HT @DrDCWahl. Susturb transport: Tiny cars. Uber claims it opens cities up – but really closes them down. #OTD 1964: Undeterred by the flop of the Panda Crossing, Ernest Marples unveiled a new, simpler pedestrian crossing. Tube Heartbeat. England & Wales Commute Map.

Third Bosphorus Bridge progress / 08 / 2016 / Images / ESA Multimedia / ESA Online Videos. Nation-wide electric car-sharing programme to begin mid-2017. Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Tube Heartbeat. Impressive bike sharing visualisation for New York, Berlin and London. #OTD 1954 London traffic problems for motorists trying to drive and/or park around the capital. TfL has unveiled London’s new “Night Tube Map” and it is beautiful.