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Urban sprawl incl Lon, Green Belt, new towns

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The Chinese city of Chongqing experienced a population growth of 10 million people between 1985 and 2015 via: @wef. Outskirts by John Grindrod review – in praise of Britain’s in-between bits. At a time when political parties seem to be eyeing up the green belt as a potential site for housing, John Grindrod’s salutary memoir-cum-meditation is a reminder that not everything can be viewed in simple black and white – or green and brown – terms.

Outskirts by John Grindrod review – in praise of Britain’s in-between bits

Grindrod grew up on “the last road in London”, the New Addington housing estate in Croydon, and retains a great, although not uncritical, affection for the 13% of England that is neither town nor country, but something else entirely. #Shanghai grew massively over the last three decades. Looking at satellite imagery shows just how massive this growth actually was! *****10 great books about the green belt (warning, may contain 11)

*****Where do the suburbs start? London / Calling @Grindrod. *****Fascinating #infographic of size of ring roads. Shows size and degree of urban sprawl across the world. *****English Greenbelt (Interactive map) *****Is an answer to the housing crisis near New Addington? The last road in London is the inspiration and the theme of much of Outskirts, the latest book from John Grindrod, who grew up in New Addington.

*****Is an answer to the housing crisis near New Addington?

*****'A lucid, evocative book, suffused with sadness and anger' - Lynsey Hanley has reviewed Outskirts in the FT. *****When Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier Had a Public Argument in The New York Times. When Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier Had a Public Argument in The New York Times Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier are both architects who were known for their grand and innovative ideas—as well as for their high esteem for their own opinions.

*****When Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier Had a Public Argument in The New York Times

The two did not, however, see eye to eye in their visions for the future of American cities and civilization. Both architects had utopian, all-encompassing plans for their ideal American city, combining social as well as architectural ideas. *****Just like starting over: when Britain (briefly) fell in love with New Towns - The Long and Short. Our weekly newsletter features updates on all the latest articles from The Long + Short, and a roundup of the best stories of innovation from around the web, too.

*****Just like starting over: when Britain (briefly) fell in love with New Towns - The Long and Short

Sign up below. See our archive of previous newsletters. View our privacy policy. *****New Towns / Planned settlements /1967: Princess Margaret was in Cumbernauld to open the new town centre. What better time to take a look back at the 'Town for Tomorrow'? *****1947 East Kilbride was designated as Scotland's first New Town. Here's a quick look at what some call "Polo Mint City" (planned settlements / ageing populations) As far as planned cities go #LaPlata in #Argentina might be my favorite. Similar pattern in □□: @BernardSalt calls it the Bleeding Bush. Population growth in urban centers while rural areas decline. China plans to build new city nearly three times the size of New York. A hitherto anonymous region near China’s smog-choked capital has been overrun by house buyers after Beijing unveiled “historic” plans to build a new city there in a bid to slash pollution and congestion.

China plans to build new city nearly three times the size of New York

Plans for the Xiongan New Area, a special economic zone that authorities say will eventually cover an area nearly three times that of New York, were announced by the Communist party’s top leaders on Saturday with a flurry of government propaganda. In a joint statement two of China’s most powerful political bodies, the central committee and state council, described the new city, which will straddle three counties about 100km southwest of Beijing, as “a strategy crucial for a millennium to come”. “[This is a] major historic and strategic choice made by the Chinese Communist party’s central committee with comrade Xi Jinping as the core,” the joint notice added using the latest political title to be bestowed upon China’s paramount leader. ***** How Shanghai's "nose" grew between 1984 and 2016 / Coastal management - Advancing the line / #NASA #China #Shanghai.

***** Tokyo compared to London. *****Just like starting over: when Britain (briefly) fell in love with New Towns - The Long and Short. Northampton - The story behind the song. China goes west: a ghost city in the sand comes to life. It was a scheme as bold and eccentric as any to emerge from China’s 21st-century sprint towards urbanisation: to build and populate a dazzling metropolis of one million inhabitants deep in the country’s barren western hinterlands.

China goes west: a ghost city in the sand comes to life

In their bid to make this Fitzcarraldo-esque dream a reality there is little Chinese authorities have not tried. Hundreds of mountains and village after village have been bulldozed since construction of Gansu province’s Lanzhou New Area began in 2012. A free trade zone has been created, an artificial lake carved into the arid soil, and more than 400 miles of road and scores of high-rise towers built. English-language billboards sing the praises of one of China’s newest cities in a chorus of giant multi-coloured adjectives: “Outstanding! Bustling! But the Communist party’s urban planners have not stopped there. Density comparison of six american metropolises. The #greenbelt is no frippery: it discourages urban sprawl + raises urban density, making cities more functional and services more efficient. *****Swipe imagery of Melbourne, 1945 v now. How Big Is Your City, Really? When our sense of a place distorts its actual size.

How Big Is Your City, Really?

In almost every way in which we humans view the world, scale and context are crucially important. When we build a skyscraper, it’s impressive because it’s so much taller than what’s around it, or what’s come before it. When we learn of a new chameleon, it’s wonderful because it’s so much smaller than anything else we’ve ever seen before. But every now and then, we stumble across a fact that changes our sense of context, connecting two parts of the world with an understanding of scale that we normally lack. Population Change in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2011 - 2016) #Canada #Interactivemaps #Population. 90th anniversary of the Northern Line extension - Happy 70th birthday, Hemel Hempstead! Take a look around the old 'new town' with its amazing magic roundabout.

#OTD 1973: One man was on a mission to clean up Crawley. *****GIS interactive: Megaregions of the US. Proportion of Urban land-cover in km2 0.2% Africa 0.5% S America 0.5% World 0.7% N America 1.2% Asia 2.2% W Europe. Whenever I research a region or city I have a quick look at Google Earth's time lapse. Rural army masses behind ‘hero’ farmer in homes battle. Robert Worsley would normally spend a winter’s afternoon cutting and riveting in his farm workshop, but on Friday he found himself facing 11 of Britain’s biggest developers.

Rural army masses behind ‘hero’ farmer in homes battle

Worsley, 50, became a folk hero for supporters of rural life in 2015 when he revealed to The Sunday Times that he had turned down the offer of £275m for his 550-acre farm in Twineham, in the district of Mid Sussex, from one of the developers that wanted to build a town of 10,000 homes on it. Last week he was again centre stage at a hearing before the government’s planning inspector, where he explained why he opposed the plans by Mayfield Market Towns. At stake was whether the local authority’s plans provide for enough new housing or,… Invisible Borders Trump the Real Ones. The economic clustering of cities often ignores the lines drawn on maps.

Invisible Borders Trump the Real Ones

Throughout this week, CityLab is running a series on borders—both real and imagined—and what draws so many of us to places on the edge. As Donald Trump continues to insist that Mexico will “reimburse” the U.S. for his wall, his reality-show antics accidentally reveal an important point: What we perceive as authentic borders—like the one between the U.S. and Mexico—can function as artificial constructs, while the imaginary borders that separate rich and poor neighborhoods in the same city can be all too real. “True” borders are imposed, often arbitrarily, by political entities.

More vintage video from CPRE Leicestershire, singing the praises of town planning. #OTD 1950: The cold weather held no fear for the spider men of the construction industry. Health and Safety is for wimps! Fourteen garden villages to be built in England totalling 48,000 homes On Green Belt? Some eco-villages. What is now the fully developed Las Vegas strip, 1955. Fourteen garden villages to be built in England totalling 48,000 homes. Fourteen garden villages are to be built across England on sites including a former airfield and green belt land, ministers have said.

Fourteen garden villages to be built in England totalling 48,000 homes

The villages, totalling 48,000 homes, will not be extensions of existing small towns or villages, but “distinct new places with their own community facilities”, the government said. Sites from Cornwall to Cumbria have been identified in the first round of approved locations, making them eligible for a share of a £6m government technical and financial support fund. After completion, the villages may vary in size from 1,500 homes up to 10,000. The housing minister, Gavin Barwell, said the development of the villages would be locally led by communities rather than central government. “New communities not only deliver homes, they also bring new jobs and facilities and a big boost to local economies,” he said. Will Garden Villages solve the housing crisis? Lord Matthew Taylor.

Garden villages: Locations of first 14 announced. Image copyright Getty Images England's first garden villages will be built at 14 sites spread across the country from Devon to Cumbria, the government has announced. ***New garden towns and villages to provide 200,000 homes to ease housing shortage. Walton On Thames dev opened by Honor Blackman (1965) Germany Archives - Views of the World. Innovative maps that illustrate the most recent socio-demographic urban changes in the major city urban agglomerations in Germany have very recently been produced in a joint project of the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford and the Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development Dortmund (Germany).

The Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development (Institut für Landes und Stadtentwicklungsforschung, ILS) investigates new social processes, especially those involving urbanisation in Germany and Europe. This includes economic, social and structural processes that are compared and monitored over time to gain a better understanding of the underlying developments.

Tom Scott: California City: The Largest City Never Built. The curse of urban sprawl: how cities grow, and why this has to change. I have just spent two days in Barcelona, one of the most densely populated urban settlements in the world. There are 103 road intersections per sq km – high compared to Brasilia’s 41 or Shanghai’s Pudong area, which has only 17. Yet despite these high densities, residents of Barcelona will tell you how profoundly liveable their city is. Visitors are charmed by the pedestrianised streets that thread their way through a maze of buildings constructed over the centuries – between four and seven storeys high, on narrow streets leading to piazzas where people sit at cafe tables or under shady trees. Many residents walk or cycle to work, and public transport functions very well. For the first time in human history, most of us live in urban settlements – from megacities of 10-20 million, of which there were 28 in 2014, to medium-sized cities of 1-5 million (417 in 2014), and smaller settlements (525 of between 500,000 and one million people in 2014).

City growth in Australia. Since settlement, Australian cities have been shaped and reshaped by history, infrastructure, natural landscapes and – importantly – policy. So, have our cities changed much in the last 30 years? Homes boom puts end to village life in ‘Ambridge’ ***Dunsfold 'new town': 1,800 homes approved by council. After a four hour debate, councillors approved plans for 1,800 new homes at Dunsfold Aerodrome - by just two votes. After being greeted at The Burys, in Godalming, by angry protesters on Wednesday (December 14), councillors discussed concerns about the application, including its sustainability, the impact on infrastructure and whether the decision is "premature" in light of the recently submitted local plan. How Many U.S. Cities Can You Fit Inside Tokyo? According to a 2014 report by the U.N., “Tokyo is the world’s largest city with an agglomeration of 38 million inhabitants.”

Great #map puts massive size of #Tokyo #Japan in perspective by comparing to #USA cities. The Evolution of Urban Planning in 10 Diagrams. A new exhibit from the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association showcases the simple visualizations of complex ideas that have changed how we live. Hasan: “Dormitory villages” are emerging on urban peripheries. They light up at night, but are emptied by commuters by day. #LSEKarachi.

Beautiful #map overlays:#Melbourne on #SanFrancisco#Sydney on #TokyoArticle on ambitions of Aussie cities. Stevenage: The town that aimed for Utopia. Stats, Maps n Pix: City Footprints. Comparing Metropolitan Form, Density & Transit Systems. Wembley Stadium under construction, 1922. #oldlondon. 1955 Family move to suburbs of London NB empty streets. Urban Studies. Poundbury placemaking: Prince Charles unveils statue in tribute to the late Queen Mother in his Poundbury estate. T. Poundbury: A royal revolution: is Prince Charles's model village having the last laugh? How to plan urban sprawl that is environmentally-friendly and doesn't marginalize the poor — Quartz. 1951: People of Stevenage! Beware! By 1975 your town may be overrun with teenagers!

Ebbsfleet Garden City: Vision for the next 15 years revealed. Image copyright Ebbsfleet Development Corporation Seven parks, 15,000 homes, a major new commercial centre and improved public transport are among plans being set out for Britain's newest garden city. The vision for Ebbsfleet, Kent, will be developed around the international railway station over the next 15 years.