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Alaska 1958 (Lituya Bay)

Glacier tsunamis. Atlantic tsunami risk. Tsunami videos + animations. Tsunami subsidence / landslides. Indian Ocean tsunami risk. Crete tsunami. 2011 Japan tsunami. Tsunami Krakatoa Dec 2018. Tsunami formation. Tsunami resilience. Tsunami early warning systems. Alaska and BC tsunami warning Jan 2018. Cascadia tsunamis. *****Tsunami resilience: City of Newport Dedicates the Safe Haven Hill Tsunami Evacuation Assembly Project.

The City of Newport and other coastal Oregon communities are well aware that the cities they call home are at risk of a significant Cascadia earthquake that would generate a large tsunami.

*****Tsunami resilience: City of Newport Dedicates the Safe Haven Hill Tsunami Evacuation Assembly Project

This means that everyone in tsunami inundation zones will need to get to high ground within 15 to 20 minutes. Origin of a tsunami. Cascadia: The Earthquake That Will Devastate the Pacific Northwest. When the 2011 earthquake and tsunami struck Tohoku, Japan, Chris Goldfinger was two hundred miles away, in the city of Kashiwa, at an international meeting on seismology.

Cascadia: The Earthquake That Will Devastate the Pacific Northwest

As the shaking started, everyone in the room began to laugh. Earthquakes are common in Japan—that one was the third of the week—and the participants were, after all, at a seismology conference. Then everyone in the room checked the time. Seismologists know that how long an earthquake lasts is a decent proxy for its magnitude. The 1989 earthquake in Loma Prieta, California, which killed sixty-three people and caused six billion dollars’ worth of damage, lasted about fifteen seconds and had a magnitude of 6.9. When Goldfinger looked at his watch, it was quarter to three. It was March. Tsunami simulator recreates devastating waves for first time in a lab. The full and devastating power of tsunamis has been recreated in lab for the first time, revealing valuable secrets about the little-understood waves.

Tsunami simulator recreates devastating waves for first time in a lab

The work will lead to vital improvements to sea defences, coastal buildings and evacuation plans, ultimately saving lives. Scary tsunami visual: black/left shows tsunami height (cms) red/right % is likelihood of death. Japan tsunami triggers rare tidal waves. Videos of the tidal bore have been showing up all over news sites and social media, purporting to be the tsunami itself -- but what is actually causing the slow-moving waves to surge through the rivers, channels, and canals?

Japan tsunami triggers rare tidal waves

According to Andy Newman, an associate professor and geophysicist at Georgia Tech, "a tsunami acts much like a tide (hence the old name 'tidal wave'), which can contain significant tidal bore structures. " Tsunamis used to be referred to as tidal waves, which is incorrect since they are not associated with the actual tides, but rather from earthquakes or other earth movements like landslides. Tidal bores are waves that are formed by the extreme funneling of an incoming ocean tide into a long, narrow inlet or channel. Giant underwater landslide in the Kaikōura Canyon. As well as triggering tens of thousands of landslides on land, the magnitude 7.8 Kaikōura earthquake also caused a massive underwater landslide.

Giant underwater landslide in the Kaikōura Canyon

It moved down the deep canyon system that lies just offshore, generating a turbulent turbidity current of mud, sand and water that was detected more than 300km away, off the coast of Hawke’s Bay. For geologists aboard NIWA’s research vessel Tangaroa, it was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to see the immediate aftermath of a turbidity current as it was still settling on the floor of the ocean. A large turbidity current can be hundreds of metres thick, large enough to burst over the deep channel in which it flows. Several buoys are in #tsunami mode (blinking) following a magnitude-7.8 #earthquake off the coast of eastern Russia. Can Asteroids, Meteorites or Man-Made Explosions Cause Tsunamis? - International Tsunami Information Center. Fortunately, for mankind, it is indeed very rare for a meteorite or an asteroid to reach the earth.

Can Asteroids, Meteorites or Man-Made Explosions Cause Tsunamis? - International Tsunami Information Center

Although no documented tsunami has ever been generated by an asteroid impact, the effects of such an event would be disastrous. Most meteorites burn as they reach the earth's atmosphere. However, large meteorites have hit the earth's surface in the distant past. This is indicated by large craters, which have been found in different parts of the earth. Also, it is possible that an asteroid may have fallen on the earth in prehistoric times - the last one some 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous period.

Massive ancient undersea landslide discovered off the Great Barrier Reef. Evidence of a massive undersea landslide that took place more than 300,000 years ago has been discovered off the Great Barrier Reef.

Massive ancient undersea landslide discovered off the Great Barrier Reef

Scientists discovered remains of the slip off Innisfail on Australia’s north Queensland coast. Large blocks, or knolls, and smaller blocks were found scattered up to a depth of 1,350 metres, more than 30km from the main remnants of the slip known as the Gloria Knolls slide. Scientists unearthed the remnants from the sediment collapse, estimated at 32 cubic kilometres in volume, while conducting 3D multibeam mapping on the deep sea floor. *****NGDC/WDS Global Historical Tsunami Database. The Global Historical Tsunami Database consists of two related files containing information on tsunami events from 2000 B.C. to the present in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans; and the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas.

*****NGDC/WDS Global Historical Tsunami Database

TSUNAMI SOURCE EVENT Search: information on the source of the tsunami. Data include: source location, date, and time, event magnitude, maximum water height, total number of deaths, injuries and damage for the event. NOTE: Some events do not have runup information; other events have many locations where a runup height was recorded Download tsunami event data (tab-delimited); Event Variable Definitions TSUNAMI RUNUP Search: information on locations where tsunami effects occurred.

*****#Map shows areas prone to be hit by #tsunami events. #Australia is largely free of such areas. Safe location. *****Tsunami resilience: School gym tsunami haven (wired) The Pacific Northwest is due for a catastrophic earthquake.

*****Tsunami resilience: School gym tsunami haven (wired)

When it happens, the region will almost certainly face a tsunami for which it is utterly unprepared. Westport, Washington, is among the few places taking steps to prepare for such a disaster, which seismologists give a one-in-three chance of happening in the next 50 years. *****Community 'tsunami literacy' is the lifesaver. Hazard resilience #TsunamiDay2017. *****In pictures: Greenland tsunami aftermath. A rare magnitude-four earthquake hit Greenland's west coast on Sunday, producing a surge of water that swept away homes and led to reports of a number of people missing.

*****In pictures: Greenland tsunami aftermath

Joint Arctic Command, the group tasked with the search and rescue mission, has since published images of the aftermath of the disaster and told the BBC that it continues to monitor the situation, warning that further incidents could take place. Image copyright Palle Lauritsen Homes were submerged and washed away after a tsunami hit the village of Nuugaatsiaq, north-western Greenland. Rescuers used liferafts to sweep the area after four people were reported missing.

A number of injuries were also reported after 39 people were evacuated from Nuugaatsiaq.