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TV broadcasting roll out

#OnThisDay 1969: Blue Peter showed off some tiny new cameras in a do-it-yourself television kit. #OnThisDay 1994: "It's the television of the future, and it's digital." Tomorrow's World looked at the potential of newfangled digital TV. Ladybird book pictures on request. How It Works: Television (1968) #BHRobinson (Happy Birthday @FearnleyBarry)…

#OTD 1925 The first public demonstration of his television system was held by John Logie Baird at the Selfridges department store, Oxford Street, London. It would be over ten years before the introduction in Britain of televisions with higher definition o. 22 Frith Street, Soho: Then and now @VanishedLondon… #OnThisDay 1951: "His real memorial is in the forest of aerials springing up over the whole country" A plaque was unveiled in honour of television pioneer, John Logie Baird.… On this day in Ladybird history 2nd October 1925 John Logie Baird successfully transmitted the first television picture with a greyscale image: the head of a ventriloquist's dummy nicknamed "Stooky Bill. #OnThisDay 1962: The new Telstar satellite enabled Panorama to broadcast live from New York. Richard Dimbleby indulged in a spot of televisual tourism, while James Mossman reported from a drugstore.…

What's the earliest use of the word television in a work of fiction? The mentions in Max Rittenberg's novel Every Man His Price (1914) must be among the first.