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#Map shows areas of #Berlin without residential population. The city is greener than you might think... By @hnshck Give him a follow :) *****Energy saving due to natural ventilation in housing blocks in Madrid (incl wind rose diagrams) Being in Zurich is a daily reminder that high quality public transit works. This street in Amsterdam = width of any street in Brooklyn. Look what's possible when you don't prioritize storage for cars. cc #bikenyc. *****Retrofit suburbs: For some developers, smart suburbs are the new smart cities. Forget smart cities — smart suburbs could possibly be the next great frontier of urban design with better planning and retrofitting.

*****Retrofit suburbs: For some developers, smart suburbs are the new smart cities

While some claim the end is near for suburbs, others are taking cues from cities and redeveloping suburbs to become a more appealing places for people to live. "Virtually every American city has the same story," said Robert Alan Ping, executive director of the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute. From New York City to St. Louis, cities started with a compact downtown that eventually was surrounded by sprawl and suburbs that many now want to see retrofitted to look and feel more like those downtowns. These retrofits cover everything from making a city more walkable, increased mixed-use planning, improving public transit, and sometimes creating an urban center that combines all three.

*****Cities going 100% #renewableenergy Many already are #sustainability. Solar house generates enough energy to share with its neighbors #housing #Renewables Net Positive. Sonnenschiff Solar City Produces 4X the Energy it Consumes #renewableenergy net positive! CDRC Maps. Green canopy by Garis Architects spans a community centre. Trailing plants cascade over the edge of this elevated walkway, which was designed by Garis Architects to shelter a community events space in western Malaysia (+ slideshow).

Green canopy by Garis Architects spans a community centre

Named The Arc after its bridge-like form, the project was designed by local studio Garis Architects in a park in Selangor, a state on Malaysia's western coast. A covered corridor beneath the canopy links a football pitch, clubhouse and carpark, which are distributed within the park's watery landscaping. The sheltered area is also used to host community festivals, food stalls and shops. "At the most fundamental level, it provides shelter for community activities – the place for regular living amenity, social and recreational activities, communal and sports events," said the architects.

"Simultaneously, it needs to respond to the environment, particularly in addressing the sunlight, heat, humidity and rain of the tropical climate. " *****Sedum moss on a small roof: My own modest contribution towards @LondonNPC #NationalParkCity, a whole 5m2 of sedum #greenroof #SuDS @Sudsulike @theCCCuk. Car Sick – George Monbiot. A short, simple factsheet on the impacts of traffic pollution on children’s health By George Monbiot, published on, 5th March 2017 I wrote this short factsheet for a local school suffering high levels of air pollution, that are caused in part by the parents, sometimes driving their children just 100 metres up the road.

Car Sick – George Monbiot

Part of the problem is that many people are unaware of the link between pollution and health issues. Clint Eastwood. What America looked like before the EPA stepped in - Houston Chronicle. By Fernando Ramirez, / Houston Chronicle Updated 7:51 am, Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Original caption: A train on the Southern Pacific Railroad passes a five-acre pond, which was used as a dump site by area commercial firms, near Ogden, Utah, in April of 1974.

What America looked like before the EPA stepped in - Houston Chronicle

The acid water, oil, acid clay sludge, dead animals, junked cars and other dump debris were cleaned up by several governmental groups under the supervision of the EPA. Some 1,200,000 gallons of liquid were pumped from the site, neutralized and taken to a disposal site. Date: April, 1974. The boy with the backpack pollution monitor: Logan Eddy, aged 14, makes discoveries about air quality. A brilliant illustration of how much public space we've surrendered to cars. Solar-Powered Water Wheel Removes 350 Tons of Trash From Baltimore Harbor @MrTrashWheel. *****California city on its way to becoming the first Zero Net Energy city in the U.S. Safer Cities & Urban Development. Urban heat islands: cooling things down with trees, green roads and fewer cars. When it comes to coping with heatwaves, our own cities are conspiring against us.

Urban heat islands: cooling things down with trees, green roads and fewer cars

Road surfaces, pavements and buildings all contribute to keeping urbanised environments three to four degrees hotter than surrounding non-urbanised areas. With heatwaves like the ones that have just baked half of Australia to a crisp forecast to increase in frequency and intensity, city councils are taking the urban heat island effect very seriously.

“Some of the modelling studies have shown that we can often have an urban heat island magnitude – so that’s the difference between the temperature in the city versus the temperature in the non-urbanised surroundings – that can be greater than the types of temperature increases that we’re looking at with global warming,” says Dr Melissa Hart, graduate director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science at the University of New South Wales. One of the simplest solutions to reducing the urban heat island effect is to provide more shade, with trees. Junction design in the Netherlands. Junction design for bikes in the Netherlands #cycling #planning #safety #bike. A Startup Is First to Map Cape Town's Informal Bus Network.

How a startup mapped 657 routes, nearly 1,500m and 5,500 miles in three weeks.

A Startup Is First to Map Cape Town's Informal Bus Network

It’s easy to miss Nyanga, one of Cape Town’s oldest black neighborhoods, on a map of the South African city. Nyanga doesn’t show up on the city’s official MyCiTi Bus Rapid Transit routes; it’s easily overlooked on tourism maps, too. Lightbulb moment: UK streetlights get innovative green makeover. Streetlights connected to electricity networks in Kensington and Chelsea will now act as charge points for electric vehicles (EVs), while a Lanarkshire-based IT specialist has agreed to fund development of wind-harvesting lampposts in the UK.

Lightbulb moment: UK streetlights get innovative green makeover

Trials for the charging lamps are underway, while wind-harvesting technology has been backed by a new partnership UK Power Networks, the biggest electricity distributor in the country, has partnered with charging specialists Ubitricity to trial three EV-charing streetlights to be used by local residents in Onslow Gardens, in a first for Central London. The trials, which started in November, allow vehicles to charge from street lights near domestic buildings, before being billed via a smartphone or computer. From London to Tokyo, 6 futuristic visions of our cities in 2121. Read more. ***** Pollution Gtr London maps. Woodberry Wetlands: London’s new wildlife oasis. Sir David Attenborough has opened a new nature reserve in London, a functioning reservoir, which has been hidden from the public for nearly 200 years As of 1 May, local residents of Woodberry Down – and, indeed, the entire general public – are able to freely visit and explore Woodberry Wetlands, London’s newest nature reserve.

Woodberry Wetlands: London’s new wildlife oasis

This 11-hectare reservoir in Hackney has been closed to the public since it was built in 1833, but thanks to an intervention by the London Wildlife Trust, it’s now making an assortment of wildlife accessible to Londoners. Smog Free Tower creates clean air, and air that you wear. Smog affects many major cities around the world and can cause health problems for those breathing it in.

Smog Free Tower creates clean air, and air that you wear

To highlight this issue, Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde is building what he calls the world's largest air purifier. The Smog Free Tower is designed to allow people to breathe clean air in a city ... plus it also turns the smog into jewelry. The Smog Free Tower is the latest project of Roosegaarde's that deals with urban improvement. Previous projects have included glow-in-the-dark bike lanes and glow-in-the-dark road markings, along with smart highways that show different markings at different temperatures, that only use lighting when vehicles are detected, and that generate electricity. The aim of this latest project, Roosegaarde says, is to "make smog more tangible to people.

" The Smog Free Tower is basically a giant air ionizer. This smog-fighting music academy will have an air purifier as effective as 33,000 trees. The Polish city of Krakow has some of the worst air pollution in the world.

This smog-fighting music academy will have an air purifier as effective as 33,000 trees

In hopes of improving the city’s air quality, FAAB Architektura proposed a smog-fighting music academy fitted with a German air purification system that they say works effectively as 33,000 city trees. The music academy was designed as part of a larger “Krakow Music City” masterplan that envisions a largely car-free and environmentally friendly development atop a former military base. Located between Krakow and the Vistula River, the proposed masterplan is designed to blend into the natural landscape with its vernacular wooden lap panel cladding and use of energy-efficient technologies. Around 1,300 square meters of a Green City Solutions-developed air purification product would be embedded in the music academy’s moss-covered rooftops. The special moss culture converts air pollutants into biomass.

New Report Names The Continent That Contributes The Most E-Waste : Goats and Soda. Workers sort batteries in an e-waste recycling factory in Jingmen, Hubei province, China. Jie Zhao/Corbis via Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Jie Zhao/Corbis via Getty Images Workers sort batteries in an e-waste recycling factory in Jingmen, Hubei province, China. London's dirty air: How bad is it? Image copyright Getty Images The cold, calm weather of the past few days has seen London and the South East experience very high levels of air pollution. Emissions from cars and wood burning stoves have seen levels of particulate matter soar to their highest concentrations since 2011. We look at how scientists assess the scale of dirty air across the UK and the long term trends. And just how dangerous is the air that we breathe? Project aims to grow a 'city of trees' Image copyright City of Trees A project aims to plant three million trees - one for every man, woman and child - in Greater Manchester over the next 25 years.

Those behind City of Trees hopes the effort will not only green the region but improve our understanding of the benefits trees provide to society. These include reducing stress, improve air quality and the amount of time shoppers spend in retail areas. The project is also testing how trees can reduce flooding in built-up areas. City of Trees director Tony Hothersall explained that the scheme had three main objectives. World’s first Nordic Eco-labelled apartments completed in Copenhagen. The world’s first Nordic Eco-labelled project just wrapped up construction in one of Copenhagen’s most desirable areas.

Designed by Danish architects Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects and COBE, the award-winning Krøyers Plads development infuses a historic site in the center of the Copenhagen harbor with contemporary, eco-friendly construction. The five-story housing project meets stringent levels for sustainability and is nearly 40 percent more energy efficient than the legal requirements. Philippe Starck's New Wind and Solar-Powered Home Produces 50% More Energy Than it Consumes. Philippe Starck is spawning a new era of super green homes. The French designer teamed up with Riko, a European manufacturer of prefab wooden buildings, to build his latest wind and solar-powered home.

The glass and aluminum-clad prototype is part of the collection of residences called PATH (Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes) and produces up to 50 percent more energy than it consumes. The two-story house is one of the four different types of homes designed to consume much less energy than traditional dwellings. Designing Regenerative Cultures. We can recycle everything we use, including cigarette butts and toothbrushes. So why don’t we? Within the broad range of sustainability concepts and activities, recycling is without doubt the most easily understood and accessible: individuals and groups, old and young, communities and institutions can participate.

Second Major Design Award For Zinc House : News : University of Dundee. Published On Thu 16 Jun 2016 by Grant Hill. BBC Radio 4 - Thinking Allowed, Super Rich: the 1% of the 1% #Recycling rate across the globe #Germany 65% #Austria 58% #Australia 41% #USA 35% #Japan 19% #NewZealand 0% London breaks annual air pollution limit in five days - Energydesk. London has broken legal air pollution limits for 2017 within five days, according to King’s College London.

Inside Glanrhyd, the first solar 'eco hamlet' in Wales. The Vertical Farm. A crash course in vertical farming and how it works. < Back to Urban Vine Co Blog Homepage. How green is your city? UK's top 10 mapped and ranked. Designing Regenerative Cultures. What a high-speed train looks like after traveling from Shanghai to Beijing through airpocalypse □□□ From coal city to European Green Capital - Essen′s extreme makeover. Stepping on to the platform at Essen's central station on a clear winter's morning, the first thing to catch my eye is a giant billboard proclaiming this "the shopping city. " ***Why houses in Bermuda have white stepped roofs. Image copyright Alamy. France to pave 1000km of roads with solar panels. Over the next five years, France will install some 621 miles (1,000km) of solar roadway using Colas' Wattway solar pavement. New recycled plastic sidewalk harvests energy from footsteps and the sun.

World's first solar panel road opens in Normandy village. Utopia: Six visions of our cities in the future, from Tokyo to Accra. New design guide will help solar panels shine. Global Development Professionals Network. David Harvey: Cities are Rotting Because of Capitalism. ***Low Impact Housing for Cities (e.g. BedZED) Czech buildings to be given financial support to implement green roofs. Bringing butterflies on green roofs right to the heart of Scotland. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. *Green Roofs Take Root Around the World. The Evolution of Urban Planning in 10 Diagrams. Does anyone know of any play area signs that list the benefits of different kinds of play? #play #lotc #playoutdoors @outdoorpeeps.

Chicago’s Farr Associates Continues to Define Sustainable Urbanism. Life in a passive house. New York’s $20bn plan to survive rising seas. .@sightation I took this photo flying into a city recently - was impressed by the #greenroofs Anyone recognise it? Green roofs: Passive cooling for buildings. Alpine meadows extend onto the roof of the renovated Lanserhof Lans health center. Tree Church is a living, breathing chapel made of real trees in New Zealand. Street swings: 21 BALANÇOIRES - Un exercice de coopération musicale. Twitter. Made in Australia: The Future of Australian Cities. Fastcodesign. Spectacular East Whins at Duneland is a zero-carbon wind-powered eco-village in Scotland. *First solar village in Wales (+ trekkasaw) Low Impact Housing for Cities. Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars. China’s Coal Capital Is Spending Millions to Go Green.

Transition Tooting. Paris Will Soon Be Filled With Urban Gardens. France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels. Expand the frontiers of urban sustainability. Four Ways Cities Are Greening Our Buildings. The eight principles of the sidewalk: building more active cities. Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Can a City Become a National Park? Earth - Beyond the city, Hong Kong is recreating its lost woodlands. Life as a Bird – biodiversity management in New York City. Future - Why we need to bring nature back into cities. Greater London National Park City Map. San Francisco may be first US city to require green roofs on new buildings. MT @nickwright1 Illustrated Guide to Participatory City: essential reading for builders of communities! Living Geography: Daniel Raven Ellison...

Daniel Raven-Ellison (Independent): 10,000 people died as a result of air pollution in London last year, but there's something we can do about it. 50 for the Future - Create a circular economy - Scottish Wildlife Trust. Circular economy inspires young people to change the world. What if London was a National Park City? What if London was a National Park City? Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. Nature based approach to green roofs - green roof beauty contest.