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*****Children's map. *****What lies beneath #Irelands ocean? Story Maps #WorldOceansDay. The story so far. Been on an awesome trip? Story map it with Story Map Cascade #DigitalStorytelling #Geography #TravelTuesday. Portstewart, Northern Ireland, 'Made for Golf' Dubai Duty Free Irish Open 2017. To view driving directions application click here The Causeway Coast and Glens can be easily accessed by air with 3 airports within a 90 minute drive, Belfast International, George Best Belfast City Airport and City of Derry with direct flights from a number of international destinations (see map below enlarged).

Portstewart, Northern Ireland, 'Made for Golf' Dubai Duty Free Irish Open 2017

The region can also be reached via international connections in Great Britain. Buses & Railways Translink is the main provider of public transport in Northern Ireland. Train stations can be found in both Portrush and Coleraine offering a convenient way to travel, while local and special bus services offer a range of good value everyday deals. Park and Ride facilities will be available throughout the course of the event. By Sea. Hip-Hop Map. For the Love of the Rock. Abandoned Islands. Like many islands on this list, Clipperton Island has a lurid history.

Abandoned Islands

Prized for its rich guano deposits, Clipperton drew the attention of American, French, British, and Mexican prospectors throughout the 19th century. In 1897, Mexico deployed a warship to annex the island and establish a colony, and by 1914, at least 100 inhabitants—men, women, and children—lived on the island. But when the Mexican Revolution erupted a few years later, their regular food shipments were halted, and one by one, the inhabitants perished of starvation and scurvy. Soon, there was just one man left on the island—a reclusive lighthouse keeper named Victoriano Alvarez—and a handful of women and children. At this point, Alvarez, declared himself king, and set about enslaving, abusing, and executing the remaining colonists.

View satellite imagery. ANDERS OSBORNE. The Creation of OSi Historic Mapping. Even if you’re not a mathematician, you’ll know what a triangle looks like.

The Creation of OSi Historic Mapping

If you measure the three angles of any triangle, you’ll get 180 degrees. Also, if you know the triangle's angles, you can calculate the length of the triangle’s three sides. Using trigonometry for the survey was a wise move, because if anything was measured incorrectly, it would show up in the calculations. Surveying began in Derry and Antrim and progressed south through the country. GUNS AND ROSES CONCERT - SLANE 2017. On Saturday 27th of May 2017 Guns and Roses will headline an open air music concert at Slane Castle, Co.


Meath. A major Garda policing plan will be put in place to cater for the large influx of people into Slane and to ensure the smooth running of this event. The Operation will commence on Friday evening 26th May and will run until Sunday morning, 28th May. The Simpsons - StoryMap. Founded in 1796 by Jebediah Springfield, a.k.a.

The Simpsons - StoryMap

Hans Sprungfeld, and a band of fiercely determined pioneers out of Maryland who set off after misinterpreting a passage in The Bible, Springfield seems to be a small city rather than a megalopolis. Its features include one nuclear power plant; at least 5 elementary schools; a minor league all-star baseball stadium; an airport; a harbor; a downtown district; a large tire yard (burning since 1966); a ghetto; a Russian District; its own Little Italy; several specialised shopping districts, Moe's Tavern, Barney's Bowl-A-Rama and a Chinatown.

Springfield's nearest neighbouring town is Shelbyville. LIGHTS OUT. What if we could isolate that flickering, and directly compare the changing location and amount of our night lights over time?


Would patterns of expansion and contraction arise? Would it tell us something about ourselves? Here is a map that directly compares Earth at Night imagery from 2012 and 2016. CAFB Hunger Heat Map. Dimensions of globalisation. Economic Globalisation Economic globalisation is best thought of as flows of goods and money - often called capital.

Dimensions of globalisation

There are rules to manage the flow of goods, and these operate at different levels: Global The World Trade Organisation (WTO) *****Charging Up: Lifecycle of a Battery (Story Map) Once Panasonic, Samsung SDI, LG Chem, ATL, and other companies have manufactured lithium-ion batteries, they ship them to electronics assembly plants where they are inserted into consumer products.

*****Charging Up: Lifecycle of a Battery (Story Map)

Some of the major companies producing lithium-ion-powered products include Apple, LG, Samsung, Microsoft, Lenovo, Huawei, and Sony. The finished goods are dispersed to retail outlets globally, and eventually land in the hands of consumers. Ideally a battery’s lifecycle ends in a recycling facility. However, not all batteries make it. According to Planet Green Recycle, only around 14 to 17 percent of cell phones are recycled each year. Recycling facilities disassemble cell phones into their plastic and metal components. The River Tees: from source to mouth. Grade 1 - Excellent Quality agricultural land.

The River Tees: from source to mouth

There is no land of this quality in the Tees basin. Grade 2 - Very Good Quality agricultural land Land with minor limitations which affect crop yield, cultivation or harvesting. A wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops can usually be grown. Grade 3 - Good Quality agricultural land. WWII: One Man's War.

We flew over Holland, and just as we were approaching the German border, we went through a heavy barrage.

WWII: One Man's War

As we crossed we could feel the flak bursting around us. *****Highest and Lowest: Peaks and Valleys (Elevation / Relief) *****USA: A Network Derailed. America’s vast transportation infrastructure is one of the nation's most impressive modern achievements. This sprawling network of roads, bridges, railways, ports, waterways, and airports stretches from sea to sea, enabling the rapid distribution of people, goods, services, and even ideas throughout the country and beyond. It is the connective tissue that physically unites the nation, and it's critical for the prosperity of the American economy. *****Fast Food Nation: Mapping the Top Ten Chains.

Urbanisation: moving to and living in the city. The Sustainable Development Goals. The 2016 Pictometry Calendar. Strengthening the Grid. Forecasting energy needs 10 years out can be a daunting challenge, and it’s one that can only be accomplished through active collaboration, coordination and analysis. Southwest Power Pool worked with its Strategic Planning Committee and key stakeholder groups to arrive at potential scenarios to be analyzed.

For the 2017 ITP10, five critical factors were identified as the most accurate predictors of future needs: • State and regional reduction of carbon emissions • Wind resources, gaining ground as a competitive market player • Solar development, also experiencing substantial growth. The Oscars: Best Picture 2017. Index. Enclaves & Exclaves. There are loads of exclave-enclaves nested municipalities scattered throughout the world. Most are tiny. Speaking of tiny... In July of 2015, 173 small enclaves (as well as the 27 counter-enclaves within them) known as "chitmahals" near the border of India and Bangladesh reverted to their engulfing counterparts. Residents of the now-popped enclaves are allowed to relocate to the mainland of their parent country. Fast Food Nation: Mapping the Top Ten Chains.

What Can Beetles Tell Us About Past Climates? I tried this method on a second fossil site at Ziegler Reservoir, which is located near Snowmass Village, a ski resort in Colorado. In 2010, work began to widen the reservoir, but the remains of a mammoth were uncovered, leading to a paleontological expedition. Enclaves & Exclaves. The Jungle Book: Meet the Cast. Index. A story map. Tweets about protests spurred by Trump immigration order mapped on a Story Map Shortlist #DigitalStorytelling. A GIS Story. A GIS Story. Hacking a DEM Sunrise. Story Maps Collection. Index. How Many North Poles Does Earth Have? Index. Mapped: President Barack Obama's 156 visits abroad - and half a million million miles flown in Air Force One. View all of the excellent student maps in the global content challenge, here! #esri #gis #maps. Steeplechase. StoryMapJS: Leonard Cohen. Sinds 1988 heeft Leonard Cohen elk concert geopend met dit nummer. Hiking the Grand Canyon: 800 Miles of Magic and Misery.

Alaska's Shrinking Glaciers. Nearly all of North America's glaciers are in retreat. Story Maps Collection. Anarchy in the USA: The Sex Pistols U.S. Tour (1978) Santas Around the World. A story map. Travel time to closest primary airport in the US. Lamplighters Map. WiSAR and GIS Blog: Resources from #SARGIS8 now available! Radio Garden. Do you work in transportation? See story maps made with our tools by people in your industry #masstransit #planning. Index. The Making of the British Landscape. Draining the wetlands became part of a bigger project to extend river navigation by constructing artificial ‘cuts’ - canals - to provide freight links for the Industrial Revolution. Index. Wealth Divides. Switched On or Switched Off? Mapping connectivity. Peter Gibbs' journey to Antarctica 2016. Cracks in the ice. 1966 and all that...geography. Journey of a Product: A loaf of bread. Shakespeare's London Theatres (Story Map Tour) UK Census 2011. Coastal views from the United Kingdom.

The Queen's Official Overseas Visits Since 1952. Map Off event. Geography, class, and fate: Passengers on the Titanic. *Musical Map. Showcase. An Infamous Day. My Favourite Place. BIG HOLES. Significant UK Hydrocarbon Discoveries and Fields. Anarchy in the USA: The Sex Pistols U.S. Tour (1978) Great Places in America. Trunk Road Gritter Tracker. Living Atlas of the World.

The Lost Legacy of Jai Alai. ASU + Downtown Tempe – Walk Through History Tour. Supermoon Nov 2016 via Maps for Office. Scene Viewer. Portland Traffic Fatalities & Serious Injuries, 2005-2014. National Geographic - There’s Never Been A Better Time To Make Your Cities Wild #neverbetter #wildcities. Night & Day Over London. The linked burdens of obesity and diabetes. Nice #GIS #Storymap of the #microadventure to bring us our morning coffee @FSCJuniperHall. HT @Al_Humphreys @DanRavenEllison. Mahika's Story Map. Good to see @WellyTeamGeo AS & IB Rivers Fieldwork appearing in Autumn Teaching Geography 'Using ArcGIS Online story maps' That's Entertainment! Welsh Chapels. Eurovision Song Contest Winners. GAME OF THRONES COLLABORATIVE MAP. Final Resting Places: Great Graveyards Around the World. Maps Articles : Crowdsourcing, story maps, and location privacy. Complete Flood Management with ArcGIS. A journey through Star Wars Filming Locations.

Bike Corridors in Olympia.