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*****#TheSwitch And #Lithium Race: #Electric Boom - Dozens #EV Models Available Through 2020. #Tesla #BYD #GM #BMW #Ford. *****What if Earth treated us the way we treat Earth? (video clip) *****Ecoregions 2017 (Interactive slide layer map) Even with demand at 40GW #renewables still managed to supply over 25% of GB Electricity earlier today!! *****TfL to spend £18m on preparing London for new electric black cabs. Transport for London is spending £18m on upgrading the capital’s power grids to charge the first generation of battery-powered black cabs.

*****TfL to spend £18m on preparing London for new electric black cabs

From 1 January 2018, all new black cabs will have to be battery-powered electric models by law as part of TfL’s effort to reduce toxic pollution from diesel engines. The cash will pay for network reinforcements to enable British Gas owner Centrica and other energy companies to install 300 rapid electric-car charging stations by 2020. The charging point can top up a car’s battery within minutes, rather than the hours it takes for the city’s thousands of conventional electric vehicles. An initial 75 fast chargers are due to be operational by the end of the year. The last few days has seen higher coal use- even during high winds. Carbon emissions peaked around 330gCo2/kWh. *****Infographic: Map of global economies with GDP over one trillion US dollars. *****#Map hints at what #Kurdistan could look like. 32M #Kurdish people are largest group of people without a state.

*****U.S. missile defense assets, mapped (cold war / war / nuclear / defence) *****Worldwide CO₂ emissions by region from 1751 to 2015 (when global emissions reached 36 billion tonnes of CO₂) *****Ecosystem fragmentation and wildlife corridors: Green Corridors for kids - Outdoor Classroom Day UK & Ireland. *****This island in American Samoa now runs on nearly 100% solar energy by @TeslaMotors. *****Mangroves ecosystems: In the land of erosion, erosion becomes an art. Join us for a visual trip to Qeshm Island, a new UNESCO #Geopark □️ Shell’s sale of dirty tar sands assets cleans up debt and spruces image. When Shell sold most of its Canadian tar sands operations last week, the Anglo-Dutch oil company took a modest step towards making good on its promise to be part of the solution on global warming, rather than the problem.

Shell’s sale of dirty tar sands assets cleans up debt and spruces image

Tar sands are reviled by climate change campaigners as one of the dirtiest forms of energy. The sands are a glutinous, bitumen-addled mix when extracted from the ground and a huge amount of energy is need to turn them into synthetic crude oil. Leading scientists have warned that exploiting tar sands would be “game over” for tackling climate change, and Shell has faced shareholder rebellions in the past over the risks it faced from exploiting the carbon-intensive oil. Norway fund could trigger wave of large fossil fuel divestments, say experts. Norway’s decision to dump all coal-focused investments from its $900bn sovereign wealth fund could unleash a wave of divestment from other large funds, according to investment experts.

Norway fund could trigger wave of large fossil fuel divestments, say experts

The fund, the largest in the world, is one of the top 10 investors in the global coal industry. The move, agreed late on Wednesday, is one of the most significant victories to date for a fast-growing and UN-backed fossil-fuel divestment campaign. It will affect $9bn-$10bn (£5.8-£6.5bn) of coal-related investments, according to the Norwegian government. “Investments in coal companies can have both a climate risk and a future financial risk,” said Svein Flaatten of the governing Conservative party, which made a cross-party agreement to implement the selling of coal investments. *****No. of women leaders around the world has grown, but they’re still a small group. #Map shows #WindPower in #Europe #Germany 50GW #Spain 23GW #UK 15GW #France 12GW #Italy 9GW. *****Global Energy Architecture Performance Index 2017. 5 ways to think about the remarkable slowdown in global CO2 emissions.