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Kamchatka. Siberia. Twitter. Just a normal day in Russia.… Bill Browder sur Twitter : "Putin has taken advantage of the adage “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. While we are all focussed on the Corona virus pandemic, he’s quietly changed the constitution to make himself president for life. In any other time, Moscow mayor’s office says almost 700 vehicles taking part in this year’s not weird Parade of City Services Vehicles.… Great photo to illustrate the multinational nature of the USSR - Khrushchev's party congress members of 1956 all wearing headphones… Just found out gorbachev did a commercial for pizza hut… Twitter. *****Grim reaper meets Lenin: @sovietvisuals @pudlashuk фото Ильича. igor stokoz. Bill Browder sur Twitter : "This is shocking: 25% of Russians don't have an indoor toilet, yet Putin and his cronies have stolen $1 trillion over 19 years of power from the Russian people and squirreled it away in London banks, French villas and Miami con.

#Map fits the entire Russian economy (as measured in GDP) into Western Europe. Whatever economic data I look at I’m surprised by how weak #Russia appears. Source. *****Russia v EU unity 1. Will the UK be able to divide Europe into giving them a good trade deal? I think we can answer that question with a thread about Russia. "Ural" general utility off-road 6x6 trucks, USSR, 1970s… As the world tunes into #Russia for the latest ⚽️ results, discover the fascinating geography of the host nation #WorldCup. Animated #history #map by @TheEconomist shows the land controlled by #Russia / #USSR in Europe from 1938 until today. Putin said in 2005: Russia, its geography and the issues today. In fact here’s a receipt from there on my last day living in Russia as a student in 1992. This was for 6 of us, and there were around 200 Roubles to the £ at that point @sovietvisuals…

#Map shows short-lived states of the Russian Civil War. Very interesting. I hadn’t heard of most of them I have to admit. Source. Maps in the news - causing controversy! And it's not even a pretty looking map! #maps #news #geographyteacher. Putin just won the election in #Russia by an impressive margin. Not so impressive is the demographic setup of the supposed superpower in the East. A shrinking and aging population makes it hard to grow the economy and increase the living standards of all. Anton Barbashin sur Twitter : "Russia 2000 vs. Russia Today Number of schools: 2000: 68 100 Today: 41 100 Hospitals: 2000: 10 700 Today: 5 400 Hazardous housing: 2000: 9.5 mln. m2 Today: 22.7 mln. m2 Bureaucrats: 2000: 1 161 500 Today: 2 146 300 Billionai. Russian ex-spy's poisoning in UK believed from nerve agent in car vents: Sources.

The Russian ex-spy who along with his daughter was poisoned by a nerve agent in the U.K. may have been exposed to the neurotoxin through his car's ventilation system, sources told ABC News.

Russian ex-spy's poisoning in UK believed from nerve agent in car vents: Sources

Former Russian spy Sergey Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, were found slumped over, unconscious on a park bench earlier this month in the southern English town of Salisbury. The U.K. has accused Russia of bearing responsibility for the March 4 attack, which British officials say involved a military-grade nerve agent of a type developed secretly by Russia.

U.K. officials now have a clearer picture of just how the attack was conducted, sources said. #BREAKING: Skripal poisoned by “dusty” organophosphate neurotoxin, administered through car vents in form of powder. 38 people sickened: sources to @ABC. "The European Union is the one body that might make Putin sit up and take notice once in a while, which is why he was pro-Brexit, pro-Le Pen, pro the anti-EU populists in Italy. Anything that weakens Europe, he is happy. "Frankly Russia should go away, it should shut up" - UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson asked about Russia's response to its diplomats being expelled. For example, from @CraigMurrayOrg: On Blair: "the crime itself was very plainly already in existence when Blair committed it...Blair is a war criminal." 7/16, On Putin:

So now you're going to lecture me on chemistry? This ought to be interesting. Let me give you some background to all of this. When I heard who the victim was, and that it was a nerve agent, I immediately suspected what the chemical formula was likely to b. The use of a military-grade nerve agent "constitutes the first offensive use.

The key takeaways re: so-called "Novichok" agents is as follows: At Russia's National Grain Centre, I ask Vladimir Putin: "Is Russia behind the poisoning of Sergei Skripal?"… Life in Vladimir Putin's Russia explained in 10 charts - useful data for @Edexcel_Geog Superpowers topic #geography phyteacher. Churchill nailed it… Gabriel Gatehouse sur Twitter : "Meet Ksenia Sobchak. Her father gave Putin his big break. Then he wound up dead. Now she is challenging him for the presidency. But is she a fake candidate in a fake election? Watch our dark and twisted short film on Our W. Russian economy fitted into Europe #Economics #Russia… Putin's grandfather worked as a personal Chef for Stalin.…

1967 Soviet poster. "The right place for an infant is at the nursery, not in the tundra." This is the best thing you'll watch today. I promise you □□□… Queue at the marriage registration office. USSR, Tallinn, 1973… Operative agent of Leningrad & Leningrad region KGB directorate, lieutenant Vladimir Putin. 1976… European and Asian Russia by size of economy in 2015. The latest @TheEconomist cover features a few hilarious little details. HT @ianbremmer. Putin is using Catalonia as a proof of the failings of the EU. Here's what he did to Grozny when Chechnya wanted independence. #Brexit. *****Percentage of male population dying before the age of 65 in Europe #Demography #Europe. *****Troika cigarettes print ad (for export) *****A #Lenin cake □□□□ @sovietvisuals. *****Difference between today’s Russia & the Soviet Union? About 14 countries. Find out how the USSR came apart. #NinetiesCNN at 9p. *****Russians queuing for the first McDonald's to open in the Soviet Union.

Wondering if I should post my my 50 some octopus political cartoons and by wondering i mean HERE WEE GOOOO Russia is a giant octopus. 'The heart cares, the heart worries The mail packs the cargo My address is not a house or street My address is the Soviet Union' 1970s song. This makes sense. If you prefer #Stalin over #Gorbachev you can easily be happy with #Putin as your leader.

Angela Merkel called out Russia's gross human rights record in front of Vladimir Putin. #Map shows smuggling routes from #Russia into #Europe. A younger Putin, circa 1970s. Soviet TV commercial for Furniture Store N.9. End of the opening ceremony. 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, USSR. A moment from the 1980 Moscow Olympics opening ceremony. Larisa Mondrus performing 'My Dear Dreamer',1966. Dance partners/cameramen are Soviet cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin, Pavel Belyaev & Alexei Leonov.

If Russia became the Soviet Union again it would be the Soviet Reunion. #Map shows #Russia born population in #Estonia. Might be used by #Putin to argue for annexation? 1970s, road tripping through Afghanistan!. "Where does the capitalist have his breakfast?" How Soviet students learnt English in 1959. Moscow, 1986. Programming class in school N.444 taught by Ninel Yuryevna Pakhomova. 1945. Sports Parade. Moscow, USSR. 2017 is the UK-Russia Year of Science & Education @mfa_russia. We want to inspire the next generation of British & Russian scientists #YoSE.

Rock and roll was banned in the USSR in the 1950s so people pressed records onto x-rays and called it bone music. Via QI Elves. Winter in Chernobyl. Duga was a Soviet over-the-horizon radar system used as part of the Soviet ABM early-warning network. Author unknown. 6 things to know about Russia’s economy. Age and years in power of the post-Soviet leaders. Renewed list after #Karimov death and #Moldova elections.

A list of bands banned by Soviet Union circa 1985. And why. With the end of the #SovietUnion #Ukraine started to shrink 1990 52M 2015 45M 2030 41M 2060 33M 2100 27M Common theme in ex Soviet nations. ***Jan 30th, 1990. 1st McDonalds restaurant opened in Moscow,USSR. 1000 people expected to come on day 1. 30,000 came. Population Density map of the Soviet Union (1929) #Oldmaps #USSR. 1991 Happy Xmas (Cold War Is Over). The USSR fell upon the resignation of Mikhail Gorbachev. Espionage chiefs ditch Cambridge spy seminars amid rumours of Russian influence.

Sir Richard Dearlove, who ran the secret service for five years from 1999, stood down from his position as convener of the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar (CIS) alongside Stefan Halper, a former policy adviser at the White House, and historian Peter Martland.

Espionage chiefs ditch Cambridge spy seminars amid rumours of Russian influence

A new digital publishing house, Veruscript, has been set up to help cover some of the CIS’ costs. It is here that concerns over Russian funding have arisen. The seminars, which are held at Corpus Christi college, debate central issues in modern espionage and are often led by senior figures in the security industry. Sources told the Daily Telegraph there were concerns of undue influence over debates on national security. A senior Whitehall official said the claims about Russian meddling were "the kind of thing that we are aware of being of concern". The resignations come at a time of heightened concern over Russia’s international influence.

Under Vladimir Putin, Russia Plays a Smart Round of Global Martial Arts. Rise & fall of the Russian Empire: Every year. Ben Flanagan. 6 things to know about Russia’s economy. Low oil prices and sanctions over Ukraine have been taking their toll in the Russian economy.

6 things to know about Russia’s economy

In his annual state-of-the-nation address to parliament and the nation, President Vladimir Putin struck a conciliatory tone towards Western nations and turned the spotlight on domestic economic and social issues. His message was that the Russian economy, which fell into recession in 2015, was now on the road to recovery. Here's a look at some of the challenges that lie ahead. The Russian economy shrank by 3.7% in 2015, while real disposable income fell by 10%.

"Once again The last elektrichka (train) ran away from me And I was walking down the tracks, Down the tracks on my way home." V.Makarov. The Soviet Union collapsed overnight. Don’t assume western democracy will last for ever. Below the medieval citadel in Kazan, two vast frozen rivers turn the landscape white.

The Soviet Union collapsed overnight. Don’t assume western democracy will last for ever

On a Saturday afternoon there are a few hardy locals shuffling through the icy sludge to take selfies against the mosque, the Christmas lights and the Soviet-era statues. It’s 25 years since I was last in Russia, trying and failing to revive the left during the chaotic first days of Boris Yeltsin’s economic reforms. Half a lifetime later I am here to address a room full of people who want to talk about replacing capitalism with something better – and suddenly we have something in common: now we both know what it’s like to see a system that once looked permanent collapsing.

Since I’ve been here, almost everyone who has chosen to come and hear me is involved in either contemporary arts or philosophy. The journalists who want to interview me – a public critic of Putin’s policy in Syria and Ukraine – mainly write for cultural magazines. The parallels are obvious. "History of American civilization" "From a human in animal skin, to an animal in human skin." Soviet anti-American poster. "In America..." In this restaurant, only one person gets served: 'War' Other tables: 'Healthcare', 'Schools', 'Libraries', 'Arts' Students! #Soviet Life, February 1969. The Soviet/Russian Embassy in Cuba. @BrutalHouse @BrutalismOnline @sovietvisuals ©Manuel Castro. Was the #Brexit referendum influenced by #Putin? Like the US election. Russia withdraws signature from international criminal court statute. Russian America (1860) #Oldmaps #Russia #USA. Population in #Russia shrinks and ages: productivity losses will weaken power position in future. Likely to act on strength now.

То чувство, когда ни один советский плакат не лгал. No context required. 1956 Soviet print ad for processed cheeses. "A trip around the world can be done for 50 kopecks if you buy the Aviakhim lottery ticket! 8002 prizes." Soviet poster. This is a Russian aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, & its pic was captured on Oct. 27, 2016 by @DigitalGlobe #GeoEye1. I have that blanket! Outdoor discos to kitsch schnitzel ads: Twitter account relives the Soviet era. 'Increasingly aggressive' Russia a growing threat to UK, says MI5 head. Russia poses an increasing threat to the stability of the UK and is using all the sophisticated tools at its disposal to achieve its aims, the director general of MI5 has told the Guardian.

'Increasingly aggressive' Russia a growing threat to UK, says MI5 head

In the first newspaper interview given by an incumbent MI5 chief in the service’s 107-year history, Andrew Parker said that at a time when much of the focus was on Islamic extremism, covert action from other countries was a growing danger. Most prominent was Russia. “It is using its whole range of state organs and powers to push its foreign policy abroad in increasingly aggressive ways – involving propaganda, espionage, subversion and cyber-attacks. Russia in one photo. "Alcohol leads to family breakup, hooliganism, accidents, crime, delirium tremens."