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River features and processes

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*****Meanders. #SpacePicArchives 24May2016: tempestuous #Iguazu Falls, NE #Argentina, by @roscosmos' A Ovchinin. Hi-res & info map. Clouds, water, sand. A poetic picture of Oman / La langue de sable vient coiffer les rochers au poteau pour se jeter dans la mer (Oman) *****#Bedload in all its glory. Processes of transportation: Creeping, rolling and saltating with @MITgeomorph for #FlumeFriday. #slomo #science with my #iphone.

Sexy abandoned meanders (from Geomorphological Features on Facebook). Ooooft. *****Colourful River Basin Maps. Maps as art: The veins of Africa, Australia, Europe, South America, China, India, Mexico the United States, and California.

*****Colourful River Basin Maps

Rivers and river basins visualized by Hungarian geographer Robert Szucs. “Rivers are amazing. I worked a lot with spatial data during my studies in geography and GIS, and you just see what nature can draw is incredible. Still, all the river maps you see look the same, boring, unspectacular. All lines blue, all the same width. Like this: Like Loading... *****High Force waterfall: How was this landform made? #findthegeography #geographyteacher.

Niagara Falls frozen in 1911. Go home river. You're drunk. Meandering #Outback river □ *****Solution: Raccoons will wash their food before eating it. What happens when you give it some cotton candy? *****Braiding: A #FridayIsland in N #Brazil on the Branco River near #Caracarai. @NASA 14Mar2017 1150-mm pic downloadable from map. *****Watersheds. *****Waterfalls Story Map Tour. A story map.

*****Waterfalls Story Map Tour

Ghost meanders and spectral silt traces: Harold Fisk's maps of the Mississippi's former curving courses (made 1941-44) are works of wonder. An oldie but a goodie -pop up drainage basins. Idea originally from radical geography I think! #geographyteacher. Some crazy meandering river channels near the Batagaika permafrost crater! #channels #batagaika #river @seis_matters @BasinsIC. The start of the Danube, which flows 1,700 miles, through 10 countries, to the Black Sea, can be found in...a basin. A waterfall in Scotland appeared to defy the laws of gravity recently by flowing backwards. New Zealand: Where River and Winds Weave #NASA. Making Models of a river meander with year 9. Good use of tin foil I think. #geographyteacher. The jaws of Borrowdale. A wonderful winters sunset from Shepherds Crag. Read more in my bi…

#FunFactFriday - Each year London’s trees remove 2.4 million tonnes of air pollution #itree #TreeCharter. Earth - The highest waterfall on Earth. ***Satellite view of a river changing course. *** Island switches sovereignty every 6 months: Pheasant Island – France / Spain. On the western border between France and Spain, wedged between the two countries, there lies a two-acre island with no sign of human interference, save an inscribed white monument in the middle.

*** Island switches sovereignty every 6 months: Pheasant Island – France / Spain

It may look like nothing special, but this little splotch of land is actually home to centuries of history, and one of the most unique border irregularities in the world. Pheasant Island, situated in the center of the Bidasoa River, is known as a “condominium,” a territory belonging to two separate nations at the same time. Every six months, representatives from France and Spain meet on Pheasant Island to exchange official papers, handing sovereignty of the island from one country to the other. Not only is Pheasant Island the world’s longest-lasting condominium, it is also the only one to alternate sovereignty between the two countries throughout the year, as opposed to condominiums like Antarctica, where countries share sovereignty over the land simultaneously.

Today in Ladybird 17 Nov 1855 David Livingstone gets his 1st sight of Victoria Falls, Mosi-oa-Tunya, 'the smoke that thunders' *Revise w drone trip along R Towy as we follow it downstream e.g. write a commentary. Fab waterfall cake in today :) #geographyteacher. Along the Hudson (Interacive maps) Rivers basins of the United States in rainbow colours. River basins of South America in rainbow colours. Rivers of the Mississippi watershed (animation) Short URL to share this page: Data Used: Terra and Aqua/MODIS/Blue Marble: Next Generation HYDRO1K Keywords: DLESE >> Hydrology GCMD >> Earth Science >> Hydrosphere >> Surface Water >> Rivers/Streams GCMD >> Earth Science >> Hydrosphere >> Surface Water >> Watershed Characteristics SVS >> Hyperwall GCMD keywords can be found on the Internet with the following citation: Olsen, L.M., G.

Rivers of the Mississippi watershed (animation)

Major, K. Shein, J. Meanders (animated GIF) River patterns in eastern Angola. For downloadable hiRes (taken 400 km up) see map-pin. States & Rivers with the Same Name. International River Basins of Africa. Meander madness - ancient courses of the Mississippi River and such beautiful maps! #geomorphology. River Severn: Source to Mouth.

The River Severn From Source to Mouth. Rivers through time, as seen in Landsat images « Hindered Settling. Thanks to the Landsat program and Google Earth Engine, it is possible now to explore how the surface of the Earth has been changing through the last thirty years or so.

Rivers through time, as seen in Landsat images « Hindered Settling

Besides the obvious issues of interest, like changes in vegetation, the spread of cities, and the melting of glaciers, it is also possible to look at how rivers change their courses through time. You have probably already seen the images of the migrating Ucayali River in Peru, for example here. This river is changing its course with an impressive speed; many – probably most – other rivers don’t show much obvious change during the same 30-year period. What determines the meander migration rate of rivers is an interesting question in fluvial geomorphology. The data that underlies Google Earth Engine is not accessible to everybody, but the Landsat data is available to anyone who creates a free account with Earth Explorer.