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River features and processes

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Springs (river source)

Tidal bore. Long profile. Influences. Confluences. Flood plains. Hillslope processes. River processes. River course. Drainage basin. Mississippi drainage basin. Drainage patterns (incl fractals) Watershed. Source. Interlocking spurs. Waterfalls, gorges, rapids. Meanders. Oxbow lakes. Braiding / Eyots. Delta. Lakes. #map/#lidar comparison with Fisk's seminal 1944 #MississippiRiver maps: Meanders and ox bow lakes: Looking forward to tinkering some more soon... #geomorphology #oxbowlake #qgis Lidar image link.

Some features of a river and its basin, such as branches and valleys, occur several times in its course. As it approaches its mouth, the river becomes wider and tends to flow more slowly #geography. Mathew Wells sur Twitter : "The curvature of river channels means that centrifugal forces push the velocity max to the outside of channel bends. This means rivers tend to become more sinuous with time as erosion occurs on outside of bends. This was pretty.

Every country (in red) that doesn't have a river flowing within its borders. Abandoned… A mysterious water hole in Portugal. BBC Two - How Earth Made Us, Water, The Monsoon rains of India. New Zealand: Where River and Winds Weave #NASA. ***Satellite view of a river changing course. Sunday morning, river inspired interpretive dance with @nicklapthorn and @Mr_De_Costa !□ @FSCNettlecombe @The_GA #GeographyTeacher…