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Ridgecrest 2019

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*****Ollie Stephenson: "This awesome animation from the @latimes illustrates how the ruptures happened, step by step, and just how complicated they were. It's based on the work done by @jiazhe868 (with whom I share an office □) and others here @Ca. *****Our structure class went to visit the offsets from the #RidgecrestEarthquake. Thanks to open sharing of info we were able to find them and use them as an excellent teaching tool!… *****Fascinating to see alteration in river courses caused by #RidgecrestEarthquake displacements (close up of GIF by @SotisValkan, original in next Tweet) @seismo_steve @Profiainstewart @peteloader1 @DaveThroupEA… *****Watch the Ridgecrest earthquake shatter the desert floor in stunning before-and-after images. Millions felt the shaking from the Ridgecrest earthquake.

*****Watch the Ridgecrest earthquake shatter the desert floor in stunning before-and-after images

But new satellite images offer a dramatic and instructive view of the immense power of the magnitude 7.1 quake, showing how California’s biggest earthquake in nearly two decades caused the ground to break. Animated slides show how the quake permanently jolted a huge block of earth northwest while the other side of the fault moved southeast. Some of the clearest images show long scars on the surface of the Mojave Desert, indicating precisely the 30 miles of earthquake fault — oriented in a northwest-southeast direction — that moved within moments on July 5. “I’ve never seen this before,” said Brian Olson, engineering geologist with the California Geological Survey. “It’s really dramatic and a super-good illustrator, even for the advanced scientists, all the way down to the grade-school kids.” *****Alistair Hamill: Aerial photography reveals the Californian desert landscape before and after the Ridgecrest Earthquake Swarm. This included a 6.4 & a 7.1 - I was 100 miles south of the former and 200 miles south of the latter. I felt them -

Here's a map of focal mechanisms for the M 6.4 Searles Valley sequence. Mostly strike-slip and the outliers will probably get cleaned up by analysts in coming days.… Twitter. Stephen Hicks □□ sur Twitter : "Woah □, this a stunning view from space of the recent two earthquakes in Southern California. Each “fringe” of colour = 12cm of ground motion (towards/away from satellite). Many smaller circular patterns show the complex fa. Stephen Hicks □□ sur Twitter : "These gifs of before-and-after optical satellite images showing permanent fault rupture at the surface from an earthquake still massively blow my mind. For me, they kindle far more raw scientific excitement than coloured/co. Dr. Ramazan Demirtaş sur Twitter : "Ridgecrest #depremleri: 4 Temmuz 2019 depremi sol yanal;7 Temmuz 2019 depremi sağ yanal doğrultu atımlı yırtılma oluşturmuştur Ridgecrest #earthquakes: 4th July 2019 earthquake, M 6.4 left lateral; 7 July 2019, M 7.1 ca.

WATCH: Video shows pool in Oxnard, California, during 6.4-magnitude earthquake. Latest (Video from Brian Fukutomi)… From my mom @mom2five1 in Ridgecrest California @ABC7… Incredible video of the magnitude 7.1 #earthquake sloshing water out of a pool in southern #California! #LAearthquake #LAquake □ WATCH: KCAL9's anchors react as 7.1-magnitude earthquake rolls through Southern California. The sounds of clanking metal roared through a Home Depot in Ridgecrest as the 7.1 magnitude earthquake jolted Southern California on Friday. Another footage of a pool side can be watch through this link>>>>

Aerial view of faulted road on the China Lake NWAS base. Total measured right-lateral offset of about 6.5 feet and approx 3 feet vertical. Large offset at bottom of pic is ~5 feet. SO COOL!! #Ridgecrest #earthquake #RidgecrestEarthquake. Check out this fissure near the site of last night's magnitude 7.1 earthquake outside Ridgecrest. Sky5 was overhead late this morning. Full coverage at.