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Rebranding / Regeneration / Place making

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Really useful for #Edexcel's 'successful places' in the 'Regenerating Places' topic #geographyteacher. 'Yuppies' pour into London's East End – archive, 25 May 1987. There is no school, no shop, no social life and no transport, but the yuppies are paying up to £1 million to live here.

'Yuppies' pour into London's East End – archive, 25 May 1987

This is Docklands in the East End of London, where speculators have retired on their profits and the local housing estates blend effortlessly with their up-market counterparts - Cascades, Clippers, Gun Wharf and Tobacco Dock. ‘It used to be called Wapping-on-Thames,’ says 73-year-old Jim Smith sharing a lunch time pint at the White Swan and Cuckoo. Get harbourside for spectacular views of ‘Lighting of the Sails: Audio Creatures’ at @SydOperaHouse! Share your videos using #vividsydney. *****The death of a great American city: why does anyone still live in Detroit? Khalil Ligon couldn’t tell if the robbers were in her house.

*****The death of a great American city: why does anyone still live in Detroit?

She had just returned home to find her front window smashed and a brick lying among shattered glass on the floor. Ligon, an urban planner who lives alone on Detroit’s east side, stepped out and called the police. It wasn’t the first time Ligon’s home had been broken into, she told me. And when Detroit police officers finally arrived the next day, surveying an area marred by abandoned structures and overgrown vegetation, they asked Ligon a question she often ponders herself: why is she still in Detroit?

Ligon understands the city’s root problems better than most. *****Un-regeneration: The Helicoide, the Venezuelan Icon That Became a Prison - CityLab. The Helicoide was going to be the world’s first drive-through mall.

*****Un-regeneration: The Helicoide, the Venezuelan Icon That Became a Prison - CityLab

Now it is a prison that former inmates describe as hellish. This article also appears in Spanish on our sister site, CityLab Latino. Take a San Francisco Gentrification Quiz from 1985 - CityLab. Signs that your neighborhood has become upscale: computer stores, needlepoint boutiques... exotic-bird shops?

Take a San Francisco Gentrification Quiz from 1985 - CityLab

What's the worst thing about gentrifiers? Maybe it's the way they're always accompanied by new hardware stores, newsstands, needlepoint boutiques, and pet stores specializing in exotic Central American birds. At least that was the public perception in 1985, when the San Francisco Chronicle ran a tongue-in-cheek quiz allowing readers to see if their neighborhood had turned "upscale. " The 22-item checklist, published on September 19 of that year, proves a couple of things: one, that even three decades ago, Bay Area residents were ripping out hair follicles over gentrification; and two, boy has the price of coffee gone up! Five dollars for a pound of beans? "A score of 125 or more means your neighborhood has been gentrified." #citylabarchive. Today's the day! @eaTinside opens to the public. A splendid Grade II lido, here it is in 1953. *****The Consecration of the New Coventry Cathedral, 25 May 1962 by Charles Ernest Cundall 1964 (@The_Herbert)./ Regeneration / Re-imaging / Rebranding /

*****My circular walk is taking me through #Barcelona's connective tissue, occasionally touching on tourist hot-spots. #MyBarcelona @ebookers. *****Impacts of #regeneration #reimaging #rebranding with #sport #tourism #Barcelona92 #ButlerModel #stakeholder #conflict #Doxeys #Irridex. We need to rethink the way that we design cities. Here's why. Jones the planner. Sheffield: This is Hardcore - Bank Street Arts. *****We need to talk about urban regeneration. Any attempt to change the urban landscape is a messy, complex process.

*****We need to talk about urban regeneration

Deliberate efforts to revitalise districts in decline or disrepair have often been met with suspicion, cynicism, and in some cases even outright hostility. But if regeneration has become a loaded, contested term, the transformation of towns and cities remains an endlessly compelling idea. Big renewal projects hold out the promise of making rundown neighbourhoods attractive and vibrant again, and offer up the chance to find new purposes for underused or neglected spaces.

Manchester, for example, boasts a city centre almost unrecognisable from its drab incarnation of the early 1980s – a renaissance made possible by rejuvenating old industrial buildings, as well as attracting the investment to create new commercial and cultural landmarks. *****1973: BBC Archive thinks that the Skinningrove tourist board could use a little bit of help. #OTD 1972: There were plans to redevelop Piccadilly Circus. Members of the public were asked totally unbiased questions on their opinions. *****Heygate regeneration 100% sold to foreigners. (Top photo: An artist's impression of the development replacing the Heygate Estate) When Elephant and Castle's Heygate Estate was eventually torn down in 2014, many tenants were forcibly evicted from their homes, given compensation at less than 40 percent of the market value.

*****Heygate regeneration 100% sold to foreigners

In its place, Londoners were promised a shiny new development that would provide affordable, accessible homes for key workers desperate to get on the property ladder. As the first properties hit the market, a report claims that 100 percent of those sold so far have gone to offshore foreign investors. Heygate, while a home for 3,000 Londoners, also had a bad reputation. Hooray for Hastings! It’s our Pier Of The Year 2017 – National Piers Society. The newly reopened HASTINGS pier has been voted Pier Of The Year 2017 by members of the National Piers Society.

Hooray for Hastings! It’s our Pier Of The Year 2017 – National Piers Society

It narrowly beat WORTHING, which for the third year running came second, while LLANDUDNO again took third place in this, the 21st year of the competition. Hastings was one of 14 piers built by the master pier engineer Eugenius Birch (1818-84) and opened on 5 August 1872. It was the first true pleasure pier, devoted to entertainment, and 24,000 visitors paid 2d each to stroll along it that first week. At its head was a 2,000 seat Oriental style Pavilion, where a pier orchestra played and leading music hall stars such as Marie Lloyd and Harry Lauder appeared.

In addition there were animated pictures, open air dancing, joy riding and a shooting range, while self-styled “Professor” Davenport rode a bicycle into the sea! Confessions of a reluctant gentrifier. Shortly after we married, my husband and I moved to a part of Chicago that was once known as No Man’s Land.

Confessions of a reluctant gentrifier

At the turn of the century, this was the sparsely populated place between the cities of Chicago and Evanston, a place where the streets were unpaved and unlit. This neighbourhood is now called Rogers Park, and the city blocks of Chicago, all paved and lit, run directly into the city blocks of Evanston, with only a cemetery to mark the boundary between the two municipalities. *****Brand awareness v coolness: The coolest brands according to teens 1. Youtube 2. Netflix 3. Google Least cool 121. Whatsapp 122. Vice 123. WSJ. Yep, @BellBelltoons sums up our feelings on Theresa May in Saudi. We do the Steve Bell mugs.

The river London forgot: how the Lea is being reborn. A bright yellow beacon pokes up above a road bridge in east London, festooned with strange nautical markers like the mast of a fishing trawler run aground.

The river London forgot: how the Lea is being reborn

The property billboards that reveal the truth about Britain’s luxury housing market. ‘We don’t do ordinary,” declares the billboard at the entrance to the Battersea power station building site in London, where cranes are busy conjuring up a new world of 3,500 homes, 150 shops and 15,000 jobs from the mud.

The property billboards that reveal the truth about Britain’s luxury housing market

After standing derelict for decades, Giles Gilbert Scott’s majestic temple to electricity will soon be surrounded by a forest of luxury apartment blocks, some in the shape of thrashing metallic flowers by Frank Gehry, another like a writhing glass snake by Norman Foster, all clustered around a plunging piazza by Bjarke Ingels. It is a heady cocktail of competing forms and egos that will make the gargantuan brick cathedral seem almost humble in comparison.

It is true that the developers of Europe’s largest regeneration project don’t appear to do ordinary. But they don’t seem to do many black people either. Glasgow Today and Tomorrow (1949) Unrealised plans for Glasgow in 1949, when the future looked like The Fountainhead. Moscow edgelands. 'Misery maisonettes' no more: has Hull's Bransholme estate turned a corner? Where does Bransholme start? There’s no “Welcome to … ” sign on any of the approach roads. Sutton Park, the neighbouring private development, kind of blends into it. Then suddenly you’re there, in a land of houses without chimneys, grass verges the size of fields and looping ring-roads that don’t always end where you expect them to. Follow one of these arteries round, and you’ll end up at the heart: the North Point shopping centre. In May, Bransholme, the huge postwar housing development on Hull’s north-eastern edge, turns 50 – and North Point is marking the anniversary with a photo exhibition recounting the journey from boggy building site to town-sized estate that’s now home to 30,000 people.

The display, in a disused shop unit, is a whistle-stop tour, beginning with Bransholme’s prehistory – it was once home to an RAF barrage balloon base – and ending with images of refurbished schools and the first new houses to be built here for 40 years. Gentrification isn't a benign process: it forces people from their homes. Invariably, on leaving King’s Cross station in London every morning, the first person to speak to me is not an editor or colleague, but a complete stranger who explains they’re homeless and would appreciate any change. It’s rare to see the same person twice: many homeless people sit outside the station whatever the weather. The Financial Times columnist Janan Ganesh perhaps sees a different King’s Cross to me, focusing on the joys of private members bars and snooker clubs in this area. As with many places in London, King’s Cross has changed a great deal in the last five years and gentrified considerably.

*****Regeneration, rebranding + Butler Model: Felixstowe Pier time-lapse shows reconstruction of 100-year-old structure. *****Downtown Reborn (Regeneration: Cascade Story Map) Public investment has played a crucial role in the revitalization of downtown. #OTD 1974: Glasgow and Stirling adopted a good cop, bad cop approach to tackling graffiti. Le Corbusier, architect, working on project for French ministry of reconstruction in his Paris atelier– Paris, France 1965. ***Stratford rebranding: International Quarter London the future is heading east.

Extreme #changingplaces ! Theconversation. The race to be crowned the UK City of Culture for 2021 has begun. Perth, Coventry, Paisley, Swansea and Stoke-on-Trent are among those to have registered their interest so far, with final bids due by the end of April, and a shortlist to be revealed in July. The aim of the City of Culture programme is “to use arts and culture as a catalyst for a city’s economic and social regeneration”, and of course to raise the profile of the city’s creative reputation across the country. Though you might expect it to be only big cities putting themselves forward as contenders, that is not the case. One of the more unusual bids for the 2021 title has come from the UK’s smallest city, St Davids, located on the Pembrokeshire coast in south Wales. With just 1,800 residents, St Davids is the country’s smallest city by a fair margin. Though it can bring huge benefits from investment, tourism and legacy events, taking on the City of Culture moniker is no easy task.

Small city, big culture Heritage building. Really useful for #Edexcel's 'successful places' in the 'Regenerating Places' topic #geographyteacher. The most innovative apartment blocks in the world. #Onthisday 1959: Danish design guru Arne Jacobsen discussed plans for bringing his modern style to Oxford's dreaming spires. How Canada got cool. It’s a land of striking beauty and vast wilderness, but Canada has traditionally had a bit of an image problem. Seen by its southern neighbour as quaint but decidedly boring, Canada is perhaps best known around the world for its unusual police uniform, propensity to produce singers and a controversial tar sands industry. *****Urban Lessons from Hong Kong and Tokyo: Fine-grained v super mixed use monoliths. 'Ahead of Hull becoming the UK City of Culture in 2017, the city is undergoing some exciting public realm developments.' #legacy #renewal. Tracey Ullman - The Ten Signs of Gentrification. This is a grotty card but it was the only one in the shop.

Notorious yellow car vandalised in Bibury. Image copyright @DanRavenEllison basically push against this outcome. Is all to often repeated site after site. #NationalParkCityForum. I like this by @PPS_Placemaking. Could be adapted for @LondonNPC. #nationalparkcityforum. #OTD 1977: Nationwide investigated the latest craze: skateboarding. Guy, we get it, your board is better than Ben's. London 2012: Legacy. Such is life. GALLERIES – Homes of Football. One more time: There is no global warming "hiatus" #climatechange. From coal city to European Green Capital - Essen′s extreme makeover.

Normal people to commandeer the nice bits of hipsters' lifestyles. Walton Birds Eye HQ set for demolition as developers launch consultation on grade-II listed site - Get Surrey. The grade-II listed former Birds Eye HQ building in Walton will be pulled down as part of plans to develop around 350 residential units at the site. ***These are the most creative areas of Cardiff. Cardiff has a strong creative scene but it risks falling behind according to a Cardiff University study. This old phone box is now a micro museum on local history. Anyone know of natural heritage equivalents? #wildcities #Nottingham. "BROWNFIELD FIRST!!!" "OK well this disused gasworks could..." "SAVE OUR GASOMETERS!!!"

Alternate realities in the high street – a small psychogeography of gentrification in E17. Los hipsters invaden el pesebre (The hipsters invade the crib) Festive gentrification scene? Some nice definitions of some tricky terms and how they have subtly changed #geographyteacher #urbanrenewal #urban. UK house prices: Zoopla reveals 'hipster hotspots' Californians' definition of 'hipsterfication'. I think they nailed it. #LondonSummit. In pictures: Transforming a scarred landscape. Image copyright Freya Najade. Containeregeneration - Guildford Pop-Up Village: See map of town's newest shopping destination. Map Shows Every Country's Tourism Slogan. Uncool Camden: will redevelopment ruin London's legendary market? Coal mines to turbines: how energy shapes the Welsh landscape – in pictures. The Great British High Street Awards 2016: Finalists Category: Best Town Centre. Placemaking Symposium Streets Beyond Beyond Streets : Cechr. Successes and failures of urban regeneration.

Twitter. First plans for 99 new homes in Bensham go before borough planning committee. Newcastle new eco terraces: Bensham redevelopment: Are flattened lands eyesore or loved green space? Let's get our gentrification story straight. Does #Alanpartridge give Norfolk a bad name? A county councillor certainly thought so. We trust he wont be reading his new book, #Nomad then. Unsuccessful Places: Why the poorest county in West Virginia has faith in Trump – video.

American car industry at peak 1965 (Detroit before the fall). Mad Men incarnate. Street furniture ideas: 33 Of The Most Creative Benches And Seats Ever. Battersea Power Station: Interactive graphic. Battersea Power Station: desperate times or still desirable? Anti-gentrification: Cereal Killer cafe: what will Birmingham make of its new hipster hangout? The eight principles of the sidewalk: building more active cities. Congratulations to NewcastleGateshead - it's just been announced that the area will host the 2018 Great Exhibition of the North. Lambs Conduit Street (Timeout) The People's Supermarket. Urban Gentrification (lesson) Regenerative Art: the aesthetics of #RenewableEnergy in public spaces HT @artdotearth. ‘We are building our way to hell’: tales of gentrification around the world. 'Regeneration should be for all': will change in Johannesburg benefit its poorest residents? Jobs, wealth and gentrification? What New Chinatown could do for Liverpool.

The bubble that turned into a tide: how London got hooked on gentrification. What has Hull ever done for us? Here's a quick look as it launches its 2017 UK City of Culture programme #Hull2017. What has Hull ever done for us? Here's a quick look as it launches its 2017 UK City of Culture programme #Hull2017. Battersea Power Sta 1981: Save Britain's Heritage​ had ambitious plans to transform Battersea Power Station into a gargantuan entertainment complex. Surprise Johannesburg mayor sets out to transform the city in his image. Tim Leunig: The regeneration game is up. Geodemographics of Housing in Great Britain. What if London was a National Park City?