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#OTD 1956 Third class accommodation on British Railways trains was scrapped and redesignated as Second class. Southern Region. Model railways. Hydrogen trains. Post Office rail tunnels. Shinkansen. The modern world in old Ladybird books, part 135. Eating on trains, 1974. ***Britannia Bridge, linking Bangor to Anglesey. Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western Railway by J.M.W Turner exhib. 1844 (@NationalGallery). Maidenhead Railway Bridge, across Thames. #OTD 1989: Railwatch unveiled the train of the future. Train enthusiasts should ensure they are sitting down before watching this. How to be a Ladybird Man, part 29. In essence, this is how life works. Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Transportation that moves close to the speed of sound could be a reality in South Korea before too long.

Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

The country’s government-run Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI) is working on their own super-speedy Hyperloop-esque train that could travel as fast as 1,000 kilometers per hour, or around 621 miles per hour, and they say it will be ready in the “not-too-distant future.” South Korea’s near-supersonic train could rocket travelers between Seoul and Busan, a trip that currently takes about 50 minutes by plane or over five hours on public transportation, in a snappy half hour. Here is the 1st Chinese freight train entering the #ChannelTunnel. #VitalLink #WhatATrip. Costing $42,000 in 1926, this shot from Keaton's The General is often called the most expensive of the silent era. Buster Keaton (The General 1926) I give you both sides of the information boards at Liverpool Street station, London, in the 1950s. Second photo by Edward Miller. The Irritating Gentleman by Berthold Woltze 1874 (Private Collection). In a Railway Carriage (after a Night's Journey) by Adolph von Menzel 1851 (Private Collection).

Green rail? Shipping from China to London. This week, a China Railways freight train left the station in Yiwu, a small near-coastal city in southeast China.

Green rail? Shipping from China to London

Its final destination: Barking, east London. Over two weeks it will cross through Kazakhstan, Russia and across Europe, and is set to arrive in London on 18 January. In recent years, the so-called new Chinese ‘Silk Road’ has seen increased freight traffic across the Eurasian landmass as Chinese manufacturers seek faster and cheaper ways to transport their products to the European market. Cities such as Madrid and Duisburg have already seen multiple trains arrive, stocked full of clothes, shoes and other consumer goods.

London becomes the 15th European city to be connected to this network. Theconversation. The first freight train from China to the UK has started its 12,000 mile journey from the industrial city of Yiwu in the east of China to London.


Part of China’s “One Belt, One Road” project to link east and west, it is all geared toward strengthening its global influence. London is the final stop on a long and complex network of trade routes that China has forged in recent years. Central Asia – along similar lines of the old Silk Road trading route – has been the main focus of infrastructure development.

But China is also intent on developing its trade and investment ties with Europe. With 39 routes linking 16 Chinese cities to 15 European ones, it includes a rail network that cuts across Central Asia to Iran, through Turkey to Russia, Poland and Spain. Liverpool Street Station, London, 1952. 'China freight train' in first trip to Barking. Image copyright Getty Images China has launched a direct rail freight service to London, as part of its drive to develop trade and investment ties with Europe.

'China freight train' in first trip to Barking

China Railway already runs services between China and other European cities, including Madrid and Hamburg. The train will take about two weeks to cover the 12,000 mile journey and is carrying a cargo of clothes, bags and other household items. It has the advantage of being cheaper than air freight and faster than sea. The proliferation of routes linking China and Europe is part of a strategy launched in 2013 aimed at boosting infrastructure links with Europe along the former Silk Road trading routes. London will become the 15th European city to join what the Chinese government calls the New Silk Route.

Excellent map from Ian Warren @election_data highlighting that rail fares very much a SE issue. Most don't live/work in Lonodn. China launches 1st #freight train to London, which departs from Yiwu, a city that has world's largest small commoditity market. Jeremy Hunt hopes Downs Link reopening could relieve pressure on A281. Jeremy Hunt has confirmed talks have begun about reopening the Downs Link railway route.

Jeremy Hunt hopes Downs Link reopening could relieve pressure on A281

Discussions have begun about reopening the line, which has been closed for nearly 50 years, in order to relieve congestion along the A281 to Guildford. The Health Secretary confirmed he has spoken to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling and hopes to have an answer in the New Year. The South West Surrey MP said: "This was really something that was brought to me by an enterprising councillor called Nick Holder who asked if one of the ways to relieve pressure on the A281 between Bramley and Guildford will be to reopen the Downs Link railway. "I thought it sounded like an interesting idea and I asked the Department for Transport into whether it was technically feasible.

Click to playTap to play. Central Station, Glasgow in December 1965. Britain in a day: the longest train route in the country. London's Crossrail needs to rename almost all its stations. Crossrail.

London's Crossrail needs to rename almost all its stations

It’ll be great, right? A massive new railway, ferrying people from one side of London to the other in mere nanoseconds? It's gonna be brilliant, yeah? Well, yeah, it'll be alright, probably. What if THIS was your daily commute? The images -- nameless faces pressed up against windows, their expressions frozen in visible discomfort, the glass around them wet with condensation -- are snapshots of everyday commuter life for many of Tokyo's residents.

What if THIS was your daily commute?

Wolf, who lives in Hong Kong, often uses photography to critique the harsh living conditions of large cosmopolitan cities. Chicago, Paris and Hong Kong have all fallen under his lens, which often dips below dazzling urban skylines to explore the real city beneath. His most recent project, "Informal Solutions," looks at how discarded materials are creatively repurposed in the the back alleys of Hong Kong, and pays tribute to simple ingenuity that exists here.

Looking over the rooftops of South Queensferry. Picture: Mat Fascione. Yesterday I found a train in Banff National Park at Morant’s Curve. It was awesome. Here’s a photo. #explorealberta. NYMR superb pic for a bit more impact! IMHO! Railway Men by Stephen Bone 1942 (@RugbyGallery). Waterloo Station – Peace by Helen McKie 1948 (@railwaymuseum). Waterloo Station – War by Helen McKie 1948 (@railwaymuseum). Glasgow Subway is 120 years old, there's even been a song written about it! @GlasgowSubway #glasgowhistory @BBCArchive. In April, Japan & Panama signed an agreement to construct the 1st monorail project in Central America! Read more. Simon Calder: My five-point plan to fix the railways. Hats off to the media team at the Department for Transport for getting so much positive coverage for an announcement.

Simon Calder: My five-point plan to fix the railways

“Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has put the passenger at the heart of delivery across the railway by announcing plans to bring track and train operations closer together.” In reality, the statement is confirmation of the enduring refusal of governments to tackle the terrifying tangle of problems that shackle the nation’s railway. Rail travel has never been more popular, as shown by the 5 per cent increase in station use announced by the Office of Rail and Road. Next Monday, Chiltern Railways opens a new inter-city link between London Marylebone and Oxford. Our @EuropeByRail Ed confirms that Malaga is furthest you can go in one day by train from London. 17hr trip. So now you know!

@peteloader1 @bobdigby. The modern world in old Ladybird Books, part 117. Travelling Third Class (circa 1930) Car delivery by train in the 70's. **Germany has unveiled a new eco-friendly emissions-free train. Today in Ladybird 18 Nov 1883 US & Canadian railroads begin using continental time zones to end confusion of 1000s of local times. The modern world in old Ladybirds, part 116. Speeding towards an exciting future for rail transport (1972). #JohnBerry. Then and now, part 7. WH Smith's at the station (1955 and today) #WCWatson. VR used to plan new Liverpool train station. Victoria Station postcard, from 1904. London Bridge station in 1972, photo by David Flett. Then and now, part 5. Euston station, off-peak - 1972 and today #johnberry.

How trains turn. @sovietvisuals original poster in my office referring to improvements in Soviet rail infrastructure. An ode to the night train. The strange & now sadly abandoned Soviet Jet Train from the 1970s. The modern world in old Ladybirds, part 113. "Carriages get very dirty inside from all the tobacco ash" (1972) #JohnBerry. Tube Heartbeat. People made 1.35 billion journeys on London's iconic tube network last year.

Tube Heartbeat

Every weekday, London sees 2 million people commuting in on the tube... and 2 million commuting back. This is London's pulse. Is This London's Loneliest Train? Video: China's #highspeed rail line has exceeded 20,000 km in total length, but it is still growing. Global High-Speed Train Ranking. The ranking shows that countries in Asia are the runaway leaders when it comes to high-speed trains.

Global High-Speed Train Ranking

Japan, with its incredible top speed record and high placing for population coverage and operating speed dominates the competition. Fascinatingly, in comparison only 1.62% of tracks in South Korea are considered High-Speed, but between them they cover more than 44% of the country’s population. It is also noteworthy that China, with more than 66,298 km of railways have covered 29.22% of them with high speed tracks; however, these lines only serve 10.7% of their population.

A London Loading Platform by Grace Lydia Golden 1948 (@postalheritage). Euston Station: Loading the Travelling Post Office by Grace Lydia Golden 1948 (@postalheritage). Picasso himself drew this clever new way of visualising the London Underground. Shown is Piccadilly Circus. Changes to the French train network from 1910 to 2014 - Time does not always bring progress... #OnThisDay 1976: British Rail were about to introduce their new high speed train, the #intercity125. #OTD 1996: With British Rail's APT a fading memory, was it time to reintroduce tilting trains to Britain? Signal Box working at Kent and East Sussex Railway September 2016. Germany unveils world’s first zero-emissions hydrogen-powered passenger train. French company Alstom unveiled the first-ever passenger train powered completely by hydrogen at this week’s Berlin InnoTrans trade show. The hydrogen train or “hydrail” will be put into service on Germany’s Buxtehude-Bremervörde-Bremerhaven-Cuxhaven line in Lower Saxony by December 2017.

After two years in development, the “Coradia iLint” train offers a zero-emissions alternative to Germany’s existing fleet of diesel trains, thanks to a roof-mounted tank of hydrogen fuel. The hydrail is an electric train operating with a hydrogen fuel tank on its roof that powers a fuel cell to generate electricity. This train, and others like it to come in the future, are part of a big push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

#OTD 1976 The InterCity 125 entered service. Passengers, trainspotters and makers of Italian foodstuffs rejoiced #trains #britishrail. New York Central "Mercury" train in 1936. Snow (1963) Victoria Station London 1950. Heard about my plan to rent a Dreamliner to view the aurora australis? #comingsoontoanairportnearyou.