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Population distribution

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*****Population Dot Density Map / neocarto / Interactive. Customizable Dot Density Map on World Population (based on #D3js, #Turfjs & #Rstats). Code available on my @observablehq notebook.

USA population distribution

*****Land v Population US County Electoral Map - Land Area vs Population - Engaging Data. County-level Election Results from 2020 and 2016 The map has been updated to include preliminary 2020 results This interactive map shows the election results by county and you can display the size of counties based on their land area or population size.

*****Land v Population US County Electoral Map - Land Area vs Population - Engaging Data

A little while ago, I made a map (cartogram) that showed the state by state electoral results from the 2016 Presidential Election by scaling the size of the states based on their electoral votes. The idea for that map was that by portraying a state as Red or Blue, your eye naturally attempts to determine which color has a greater share of the total. On a normal election map of the 2016 Election, Red states dominate, especially because a number of larger, less populated states happen to vote Republican.

That cartogram changed the size of the states so that large states with low population, and thus low electoral votes tended to shrink in size, while smaller states with moderate to larger populations tended to grow in size. Instructions.

World population distribution

Egypt population distribution. Population likes water. □ these new population density maps of New Zealand. You can see how while the density of people per square km is low, it is actually a very 'urban' country. Thanks for responding to my request @undertheraedar. Check out his timeline for other countries. Compared to London. Fens population distribution. Joy Division population. *****The evolution of Irish Population density 1841 to 2002. You can see the devastating impact of the Famine, the gradual thinning of the rural population and the late-20th c. suburban sprawl.

Map shows what rock bands mean when they announce a "World tour". Really clever idea for a map I think! Source. Earth by night. The idea for Day 29 "Experimental. Bacteria....Just kidding. This is us (humans) at the beach. Maybe we are bacteria to Earth..… *CORRECTION* I apparently screwed up my plotting routine, with the result that the earlier circle was drawn somewhat too far South and East. Too much Indonesia, not enough India. Sorry about the confusion. Half of the population of the world lives inside.

Index. Map shows the Population Density of Europe, around the year 1600. This looks much different today I’d say. Source. One degree of population: an animation of world population, by lines of latitude. Reading @diamondgeezer's ever-brilliant blog I was amazed to learn "Scotland has a smaller population than Greater London North of the Thames. *****Overpopulation / Underpopulation: Think the world is overcrowded? These 10 maps show why you’re wrong. Italy Based on data from NASA/SEDAC, this map shows how Italy’s population is distributed – half lives in the densely-packed purple areas (8% of the land), half lives in the sparse grey areas (92% of the land).

*****Overpopulation / Underpopulation: Think the world is overcrowded? These 10 maps show why you’re wrong

Image: metrocosm The map is the latest addition to a long-running string of population maps tweeted out by Conrad Hackett, a Pew Research demographer with a very interesting and very popular Twitter feed. The maps show how and where people are concentrated in different regions of world, including contributions from some great data visualizers as well as a few of my own. It’s no surprise that people are not evenly spread out across the Earth. *****World population by latitude and longitude. Population Mountains.

The orange and the red areas house the same number of people. Source. Indo-Gangetic Plains : The Red Area has a Higher Population Than Europe. The population of the UK – joy division style… Clever way of visualizing data! This animated map builds up the world country by country in order of population density. I love it! Source. Each coloured area is 1/4 of Canada's population. Source.

Animated world map shows global population distribution by latitude and longitude. Source. Every Person in Great Britain Mapped. Interactive version Around 62 million points.… The highest population density in an England and Wales local authority is currently in Islington with 15,818 people per square kilometre according to our latest mid-year estimates #PopStatOfTheDay.

And here's what it looks like by longitude… A little bit of map fun. Population of the world, one degree of latitude at a time. #Map reminds us Westerners just how big #Bangladesh is. Source #geography #geographyteacher… Populating the world from the least populated to most populated areas #Datavisualization #GIS #Mapping #population… #Map compares the population of countries in North America with those in Europe. Always good fun these kind of maps. Source. 50% of the worlds population live in the red areas, only 1% live in the blue… Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "Beautiful population density map of Canada. Considering how cold Canada's north gets it is no wonder that the majority of the population clings to the US border in the south. Source. This #map compares US States to cities with similar population. Source. Visualising the World’s Population in 3D #gtav18 #geographyteacher. Terribly cute idea. Pretty well delivered too. World #map attributes one square for every 1,000,000 residents. #Canada and #Russia look the funniest. Source.

Australia's Urban Footprint. Source. Nobody Lives Here : #map shows the parts of France where nobody lives within 1km. Source. *****Human Terrain: World population distribution GIS. Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "Interesting way of visualizing population distribution across #Germany. Despite being home to 82 million people the country only has 4 cities with over 1 million residents. Source. Apparently all humans in the world could fit into a 50km diameter circle. Source. Very cute idea: #Map shows European countries with a population smaller than #London. Gridded population change 2012 to 2017 in Europe. Growing regions are blue, shrinking regions red. Bubble area scaled to absolute change in numbers. Source.

#Map shows countries with less population than Utttar Padesh. Source. Great original use of a data source I played with many times: Map shows decade in which each country reaches peak population. Clever piece of work. Source. Random weekend graphic: 60km radius from central London. More than 14 million people live in the red area. Try New York, Tokyo, anywhere on earth here. If Bangladesh had the same population, but with the population density of Mongolia, it would be approximately the size of Africa, Asia, and Europe combined. Source. More People live in the blue than in the red. Animated world population #treemap… #Map imagines #Europe divided into 28 states of equal population. A fun thought experiment but the Swabians that are transformed into Bavarians will be furious. Source.

MapScaping sur Twitter : "Each Section Contains 10% of World's Population Made by: JamesGeo #map #GIS #cartography #population #geography #earth #people #planet #history #economy #london #nyc #paris #istanbul #dubai #moscow #losangeles #barcelona #asia #e. The Heihe-Tengchong line is an imaginary line dividing #China into two. To the east of the line is 43 per cent of the country's land and 94 per cent of the total population. To the west, 57 per cent of the land but only 6 per cent of the people. Source. Clever and simple #dataviz compares countries by area and population size. #India and #Russia are worth a look. via. Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "#Map shows all known FM radio transmitters in the world. A proxy for population distribution that overemphasizes regional and remote outposts I’d say. I somehow really like this map. Source http.

Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "This #map shows what the world would look like if the largest countries had the largest population. For example #Australia would move to #Spain and #Pakistan to Australia. Fun #cartography exercise. Source. Michael Tidd sur Twitter : "My occasional reminder that London is very different to everywhere else. On the left, the catchment of one 13-18 secondary school in Northumberland On the right, the equivalent area around London, containing over 350 secondary. Cool animated #map shows a smooth transition between chloropleth and cartogram of the population in #Africa. Source.

Raj Bhagat Palanichamy sur Twitter : "Animated #Map showing population growth in urban centres of the Southern Six #TamilNadu #AndhraPradesh #Karnataka #Telangana #Kerala #Puducherry between 1901 and 2011. @ChennaiRains @BngWeather @simongerman600 @thewir. A little mapping divertimento, how populated are different timezones? #GIS #Mapping… EU Population 2011 by 1km grid v3. Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "Very nice visualization (you might have to click on it to see the full view) shows share of population by latitude for #USA #Canada and #Europe. This #infographic tells more stories about settlement patterns than I first. Finnish population cartogram. Shows pretty well how unevenly the country is populated.… #Map shows global population growth by country from July 2016 to July 2017. Decline in #Japan #Portugal Eastern Europe. Source.

Very interesting #map shows all countries with a population of over 100 million. #Egypt and #Vietnam only just missed the mark. Source. Mean centers of population by state in #USA in 1910 and 2010. Shows that population growth is not evenly distributed (surprise!). Source. "#SouthAustralia is 1.4x the size of #Texas but only is home to 1.7m people. Greater #Adelaide alone houses 1.3m. The remainder of the state has many very dry, hot and empty places. 80% of residents live in less than 1% o. Half of the population of the UK lives inside this snake…

Where nobody in the UK lives map by @georgia_corr… America’s shifting center of gravity. The map below was one of the more interesting maps produced after the census in 2010.

America’s shifting center of gravity

It shows how the United States’ demographic center of gravity has shifted westward each census since the first in 1790. The center of population is essentially the point on which a flat, firm map of the United States would be perfectly balanced — somewhat like a seesaw — if all its residents had the same weight. What is this map good for? There are a myriad of ways to map a population, but as useful as maps can be they typically contain a large number of data points which can make interpreting them difficult.

The main strength of a center of population map is its simplicity, just the location of America’s center of population can reveal a good deal about the country. State Centers of Population Zoom out and in to see other states Looking across the states, a number of trends are visible. Have been particularly striking. Virginia’s Urban Crescent. #Map shows the "population center of gravity. Fun #geography #trivia #map shows how population in #Canada is spread. Source. And if you're interested in where the most densely populated 1km sq is in each country, take a look here.

We are actually trying to fill that knowledge gap with the ENACT project at @EU_ScienceHub. We will soon release multi-temporal #population grids for the whole of EU28, capturing density differences per month and day/night-time. Check out this preliminary. Half of North Africa lives in the red area. The majority of humanity lives within a relatively small bandwidth of latitude. This #map is one of my all time favourites. It was created b… Countries with a smaller population than Java #Interactivemaps #MappingStereotypes #Population #Canada.

#Map compares population density of #Africa with #USA states of equivalent population density. Please note that density not total population… The United States in Scale of Total Population. Where do we live? Urbanisation (n) An increase in the proportion of people living in urban areas compared to rural areas.

Where do we live?

An urban area is a built-up area such as a town or city. A rural area is an area of countryside. In the UK this movement of people from countryside to towns and cities happened over the 18th and 19th centuries (1700 - 1800s), because of the Industrial Revolution. Old way of hand-making things on a small scale were replaced by mass production using new technologies, often powered by steam.

. - There were fewer jobs in the countryside - New jobs were created getting the raw materials out of the ground for new industries, particularly coal and iron ore. - New jobs were created in factories - New jobs were created in ports, bringing in (importing) raw materials from the rest of the world and sending out (exporting) manufactured goods.

*****Rural-urban migration: #China urbanised rapidly over last 65 years. Population will decline in coming decades. Then cities will need to be made more liveable. Distribution of Roma in Europe. Mean centers of population by US state, 1910 vs. Thread experiment - I'm going to use the new thread feature to compile a bunch of maps showing how populations are concentrated. Okay, one more geogif, just because it's Friday - this time population density across Europe, using 1km grid data #dataviz #geogif (source:… Another population map. This one shows where are the most densely populated areas in the UK. Useless geography fact of the day: If everyone on the planet (~7,56 billion people) would live as densely as the people in Paris (21,498 pe…

Nobody Lives Here : parts of France where nobody lives within 1km #MapPorn #France #Mapping #Cartography… Why does it always rain where you live? Because people live where it rains... (Africa Edition) #Map compares population density of #Africa with #USA states of equivalent population density. Please note that density not total population… #Chile divided in 3 regions of nearly equal population □□ #geography □ MAP - Where people live by longitude and latitude #geographyteacher. Los Angeles county is home to more people than each of these 41 U.S. states #LosAngeles #Population #USA.

Let’s compare topography and population density #map of #Spain side by side. See what I’m getting at? Source. *****What if the largest countries had the largest population? Australia would move to Spain and Pakistan to Australia.