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Twitter. What can you make from 1 barrel of oil? starter for Energy/Oil/Resources lessons (from Visual Capitalist). I plan to blank the numbers and ask kids to speculate before revealing. If you would like a copy of that PPT slide with the legwork done, lemme know. Twitter. Guardian: by Friday the UK National Grid had not burned any coal for 35 days. That hasn’t happened since pre-industrial revolution. Portugal’s coal- free run now exceeds 2 months. Sometimes poor predictive accuracy is a good thing. US coal production vs projections.… Robert Rohde sur Twitter : "THREAD) Let's talk a little bit about what a future global energy system might look like. This chart compares the past development of the global energy system with one of the future scenarios considered by the IPCC that would l. Coal: Is this the beginning of the end? Image copyright Getty Images.

Coal: Is this the beginning of the end?

Sun setting on oil industry e.g. stranded assets?

#OnThisDay 1963: "Coalville Council resolved that the whole town should become smokeless. You can imagine how popular that decision is..." Tonight's Chris Brasher reported from Coalville in Leicestershire. A vanished world: from Which University 1975… Carbon Brief sur Twitter : "+++BREAKING+++ Great Britain has been running for a record TWO WEEKS without using coal to generate electricity – the first time this has happened since 1882. The country’s grid has been coal-free for 45% of hours in 2019 so fa. ++Breaking++ Great Britain has just gone a whole week without using coal to generate electricity. Alexander Verbeek □ sur Twitter : "□□ Some good news from this EU member state: for the first time ever Britain's electricity system has been coal-free for an entire week. (So sorry to remind you here that Britain’s first new deep coal mine in 30 years ha.

*****Animated #map shows how the EU plans to phase out coal. Source. The UK has now gone 90 hours since our power stations burned coal - the longest period without coal since the Industrial Revolution. Renewable capacity has quadrupled since 2010. And we’ve reduced CO2 emissions faster than. Twitter. Great chart shows the big picture history of energy consumption over the last 150 years. Source.


Dr Natasha Dowey sur Twitter : "At a recent conference a PhD student said they find it hard to openly admit that their geology research is funded by the oil & gas industry because of fear of online abuse □ I don’t think anyone should be abused for being a. Great chart shows the big picture #history of #energy consumption over the last 150 years. Simon Evans sur Twitter : "Great insights in today's @IEA report on global energy investment in 2017: * Coal power $ down 13% * RE $ down 7% * Nuclear $ down 45% * CN coal power $ down 55% * IN renewable $ > fossil power THREAD with charts… …@jloistf arti. UK passes 1,000 hours without coal as energy shift accelerates. *****'Carbon bubble' could spark global financial crisis, study warns (stranded assets) Plunging prices for renewable energy and rapidly increasing investment in low-carbon technologies could leave fossil fuel companies with trillions in stranded assets and spark a global financial crisis, a new study has found.

*****'Carbon bubble' could spark global financial crisis, study warns (stranded assets)

A sudden drop in demand for fossil fuels before 2035 is likely, according to the study, given the current global investments and economic advantages in a low-carbon transition. The existence of a “carbon bubble” – assets in fossil fuels that are currently overvalued because, in the medium and long-term, the world will have to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions – has long been proposed by academics, activists and investors.

The new study, published on Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change, shows that a sharp slump in the value of fossil fuels would cause this bubble to burst, and posits that such a slump is likely before 2035 based on current patterns of energy use. Globally we reached peak coal. Coal was a clean alternative to burning wood (less smoke) as far as I understand and has served us well. By now it's an outdated and dirty energy source. Subsidies and tax benefits for coal. The Nanticoke Generating Station used to be the world's largest coal power plant. Now they're turning it into a solar plant. #YEARSproject #WeCanSolveThis…

Norway's Central Bank has recommended oil and gas holdings are removed from its sovereign wealth fund. A North Sea oil rig.

Norway's Central Bank has recommended oil and gas holdings are removed from its sovereign wealth fund

PA Norway's central bank has recommended that the Ministry of Finance remove oil and gas holdings from its $1 trillion (£760 billion) sovereign wealth fund. Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "#Solar and #wind #energy are significantly cheaper to produce than #coal #gas and #nuclear in #USA. Source Levelised cost refers to all expenses in building & operating a power plant over its lif. New York City just declared war on the oil industry. Over the years, the capital of the fight against climate change has been Kyoto, or Paris – that’s where the symbolic political agreements to try and curb the earth’s greenhouse gas emissions have been negotiated and signed.

New York City just declared war on the oil industry

But now, New York City vaulted to leadership in the battle. On Wednesday, its leaders, at a press conference in a neighborhood damaged over five years ago by Hurricane Sandy, announced that the city was divesting its massive pension fund from fossil fuels, and added for good measure that they were suing the five biggest oil companies for damages. @GregoireChambaz @AukeHoekstra. UK coal power is in a death spiral! It's down 84% in 5 years… …and coal will be phased out completely by 2025. *****Peak coal: Coal loses its lustre from Canada to China and all parts inbetween. Deep. The Plastic Fantasy That's Propping Up the Oil Market - Bloomberg Gadfly. *****Coal mining UK Scotland: "Making a boiler suit glamorous", the Queen goes down a mine (and under the Firth of Forth) in 1958.

Good news for planet. Will others follow Britain & ban new diesel & gas cars by 2040? #climatechange #switch2sendai. *****Simple: "clean coal" explained. France is banning all petrol and diesel vehicles. @SunCountryHwy @voyagevixen Stanford study says fossil-fueled cars will vanish in 8 years as ‘big oil’ collapses #EVs Bye Bye ICE? *****UK coal: Fiddlers Ferry & Aberthaw didn't run at all during April. None of UK coal plants ran for more than 20% of hours – @AuroraER_Oxford. *****Frontier hydrocarbons: China makes 'flammable ice' breakthrough in South China Sea - May. 19, 2017. The fuel-hungry country has been pursuing the energy source, located at the bottom of oceans and in polar regions, for nearly two decades.

*****Frontier hydrocarbons: China makes 'flammable ice' breakthrough in South China Sea - May. 19, 2017

China's minister of land and resources, Jiang Daming, said Thursday that the successful collection of the frozen fuel was "a major breakthrough that may lead to a global energy revolution," according to state media. Experts agree that flammable ice could be a game changer for the energy industry, similar to the U.S. shale boom. But they caution that big barriers -- both technological and environmental -- need to be cleared to build an industry around the frozen fuel, which is also known as gas hydrate. Related: OPEC 'no longer in control' of oil prices China, the world's largest energy consumer, isn't the first country to make headway with flammable ice.

*****First coal-free day in Britain since Industrial Revolution. Britain went a full day without using coal to generate electricity for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, the National Grid says.

*****First coal-free day in Britain since Industrial Revolution

The energy provider said Friday's lack of coal usage was a "watershed" moment. Britain's longest continuous energy period without coal until now was 19 hours - first achieved last May, and again on Thursday. The government plans to phase out Britain's last plants by 2025 in order to cut carbon emissions. *****It looks likely that today will be the first ever working day in Britain without #coal since the industrial revolution!

*****Europe's #Coal Power Is Disappearing Quicker Than Anyone Thought. *****We must reach peak carbon emissions by 2020, says former UN climate chief. The ticking clock counting down to disaster is a Hollywood staple.

*****We must reach peak carbon emissions by 2020, says former UN climate chief

James Bond and other movie heroes often take us to within seconds of armageddon before choosing the correct wire to snip or delicately removing the trigger from the latest doomsday device. Now, Christiana Figueres, the former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, is using Hollywood’s technique of narrow escapes for the launch of her latest crusade to save the world from the ravages of uncontrolled climate change. Using #2020DontBeLate, the campaign pinpoints 2020 as the ‘climate turning point’, the last moment at which we can still roll back the clock and reverse the effects human activity has already had on our planet’s climate. Three years to prevent a climate disaster “Everyone has a right to prosper, and if emissions do not begin their rapid decline by 2020, the world’s most vulnerable people will suffer even more from the devastating impacts of climate change.

Share. *****We must reach peak carbon emissions by 2020, says former UN #climate chief @CFigueres #2020DontBeLate. *****Have Chinese CO2 emissions really peaked? Peak coal? In the 2002 Outlook, the IEA wrote that in 2030 “Chinese emissions remain well below those of the United States”.

*****Have Chinese CO2 emissions really peaked? Peak coal?

In the 2006 Outlook, the IEA wrote that China will likely emit more than the US before 2010, and then a year later in the 2007 Outlook acknowledged that China had already passed the US. Being fair to the IEA, no one else predicted the growth in Chinese emissions during the 2000s. One of the biggest uncertainties in climate policy is our ability to predict the future. This is China’s strongest statement yet on climate action Given this, be cautious of statements that Chinese emissions have peaked. *****Projections show coal phase out by 2022, decline in gas, massive increase in nuclear& renewables. Imports peaking in mid-20s. *****Stranded assets: Saudi Arabia wants $2 trillion for its state oil company. But can we burn 70 years' worth of Saudi oil?

February 2017 in review – MyGridGB. In this blog, I compare the electricity generation in February 2017 to the same period last year.

February 2017 in review – MyGridGB

For readers concerned about carbon emissions, there is good news. Electricity was less carbon intensive and there was lower demand in February 2017 than there was for the same month in 2016. Overall there was 11% less greenhouse gas from British power stations in February 2017 than in February 2016. This is shown on the chart below. There are two big reasons for the fall in carbon emissions. Peak gasoline predicted by 2021. Have we hit peak oil yet? China has decided not to build more than 100 coal-based power plants. Read more. The tale of how Transition Network began. Contains photos of us all looking an awful lot younger. Gas Prices, 1939. Fossil fuel firms are still bankrolling climate denial lobby groups. The oil giant BP has announced that they will no longer fund the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec), a lobbying group that routinely misrepresents climate science to US state legislators.

Fossil fuel firms are still bankrolling climate denial lobby groups

It is the latest sign that some of the world’s largest fossil fuel companies appear to be warming to the overwhelming evidence that the unabated use of their products poses severe risks of disrupting the climate. Last month, BP and Royal Dutch Shell announced their support for shareholder resolutions calling on them to commit to reduce heat-trapping emissions, invest in renewable energy, and show how their current business model would hold up against the strict limits on future emissions needed to limit the risk of major climate disruption. Shell chief executive Ben van Buerden recently stated that “climate change is real and a threat we want to act upon. We are not aligning with sceptics.” But appearances can be deceiving. More stranded assets. "Peak oil" discussion moves to "peak demand" realization.

***Norway fund could trigger wave of large fossil fuel divestments, say experts. Norway’s decision to dump all coal-focused investments from its $900bn sovereign wealth fund could unleash a wave of divestment from other large funds, according to investment experts. The fund, the largest in the world, is one of the top 10 investors in the global coal industry. The move, agreed late on Wednesday, is one of the most significant victories to date for a fast-growing and UN-backed fossil-fuel divestment campaign.

It will affect $9bn-$10bn (£5.8-£6.5bn) of coal-related investments, according to the Norwegian government. “Investments in coal companies can have both a climate risk and a future financial risk,” said Svein Flaatten of the governing Conservative party, which made a cross-party agreement to implement the selling of coal investments. Ireland passes law to become world's first country to fully divest from fossil fuels. Ireland has voted to be the world’s first country to fully divest public money from fossil fuels. The Irish Parliament passed the historic legislation in a 90 to 53 vote in favour of dropping coal, oil and gas investments from the €8bn (£6.8bn) Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, part of the Republic’s National Treasury Management Agency.

The bill, introduced by Deputy Thomas Pringle, is likely to pass into law in the next few months after it is reviewed by the financial committee. Trump comments on Paris Climate deal. Thomas Edison's brilliant quote about #solar and #coal. He didn't see the revolution in his lifetime, but we will in ours. ***incl cumulative bar - UK wind power overtakes coal for first time. Windfarms across the UK generated more electricity in 2016 than coal power plants over a year for the first time, according to an analyst’s estimates.

Three major coal power stations closed last year, leading coal electricity generation to plummet to 9.2%, down from 22.6% in 2015. Wind power provided 11.5% of generation in 2016, slightly down from 12% in 2015. Coal’s collapse was described as a “milestone” by climate analysts Carbon Brief, and saw coal-fuelled electricity output at its lowest in 80 years. UK wind power overtakes coal for first time. ***Article From 1917: Don't Worry About Coal, They'll Definitely Be Using Something Else By 2017. ***Renewables are taking the lead. The age of fossil fuels is over. Two charts show how UK coal use is collapsing. 22 December 2016 16:01. India to halt building new coal plants in 2022.

Draft government plan finds no need for new coal stations beyond those already under construction, calls for massive renewable energy push. *** 2025: Fracking, in the end, will turn out to have been a relatively minor thing. ***Trump, Putin and the Pipelines to Nowhere – Medium. If you’re an American, you’re likely misinformed about the most dire crisis in our world. American journalists, pundits and media executives have largely convinced themselves that climate change is not a serious political issue, because they think the polls tell them that. A majority of American voters regularly tell pollsters they don’t think climate change is a critically important election issue, so therefore the media decides it must not be an important political issue at all.

Unfortunately, that conventional wisdom blinds us to both to the actual bedrock reality of this era, and — as I see it — the defining aim of the in-coming Trump administration: delaying climate action. Trump has surrounded himself with more oil industry and oil industry connected people than any president in history (even George W. Bush). Finland Set to Become First Country in the World to Ban Coal. Commodities: How To Draw A Diamond. Tech overtakes oil: the world’s 5 most valuable companies in 2006 and 2016. France to shut down all coal-fired power plants by 2023.

Peak oil? Not until 2040 says the International Energy Agency. The International Energy Agency expects global oil consumption to peak no sooner than 2040, leaving its long-term forecasts for supply and demand unchanged despite the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement entering into force. China risks wasting $490bn on new coal plants, say campaigners. China could waste as much as half a trillion dollars on unnecessary new coal-fired power stations, a climate campaign group has said, arguing that the world’s top carbon polluter already has more than enough such facilities.

China to suspend new coal mine approvals amid pollution fight, East Asia News. HONG KONG (BLOOMBERG) - China will stop approving new coal mines for the next three years and will continue to trim production capacity as the world's biggest energy consumer struggles to shift away from the fuel as it grapples with pollution.

China will suspend the approval of new mines starting in 2016 and will cut coal's share of its energy consumption to 62.6 per cent next year, from 64.4 per cent now, Xinhua News Agency reported on Tuesday (Dec 29), citing National Energy Administration (NEA) head Nur Bekri. Beijing to bid farewell to coal mining in four years. Peak oil? Not until 2040 says the International Energy Agency. Peak oil? Not until 2040 says the International Energy Agency. What’s Driving the Decline of Coal in the United States. One Of The Largest Coal Companies In The United States Just Filed For Bankruptcy.

Huge deposit of untapped oil could be largest ever discovered in US. I give up, we’ve reach peak engineering. BBC Radio 4 - Costing the Earth, America's Energy Independence. Farewell oil, hello tech: the world’s 5 most valuable companies in 2006 and 2016. Saudi Arabia To Start Investing Heavily In Solar Power; Is This The End For Big Oil? Subscribe to read. Saudi Arabia approves ambitious plan to move economy beyond oil.