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Monitoring marine plastic

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Global Plastic Navigator. Lego Lost At Sea sur Twitter : "More random beach finds from #StormBrendan, including a plastic spider, a fake moustache, a toy petrol pump (?), a vintage doll's shoe, dolls' hands, a syringe, party poppers, Lego, an Apple earpods holder, golf tees, old S. Leave only footprints.… Lego Lost At Sea sur Twitter : "Washed out of the dunes following heavy rain, this Moffat Maid lemonade pot is thought to date to 1969-70. Some fifty years old. A little crushed but otherwise complete. #PlasticAge #PlasticArchaeology #PlasticHeritage #Ant. Plastic found on Cornish beaches. Includes parachute men, party poppers, Monopoly houses, memorial poppies, Smarties lid, teeth flossers, Pop-it beads & a tiny head. Also Lego seaweed lost at sea in 1997 & a cycle reflector that came free with Kel.

How old is some of the plastic we find on the beach? This Tallon jet car, discovered after winter storms, is from 1962. Some 57 years old. #plasticheritage #oceanplastic #plasticarchaeology… Stopping #oceanplastic starts with cleaning up plastic in rivers that flow to the sea. This project by @MareaVerde_PA has collected 120,000 bags of waste from a river in just a year! It’s a step in the right direction. Our oceans need more innovations lik.

That’s it! The end of plastic waste dumping. @brsmeas @InsideNatGeo #CleanPlanetHealthyPeople #plasticpollution… Lego Lost At Sea sur Twitter : "Could some of the Lego we find be over 60 years old? Many of the pieces we pick up are marked with the text PAT PENDING and were produced we think from 1958-1974. These sea-worn pieces don't float and wash ashore with debri. Lego Lost At Sea sur Twitter : "Happy St George's Day! In 1997, nearly 34,000 Lego dragons swooped into the ocean when a container fell off the cargo vessel Tokio Express. Beachcombers are still finding them today, though they are becoming increasingly ra. Can you spot ocean plastic from space? Media playback is unsupported on your device Scientists are working on a technique to track plastic debris in the ocean from space.

Can you spot ocean plastic from space?

It's extremely challenging, especially since the individual pieces of litter are smaller than the minimum-sized objects that satellites can resolve. But the approach works by looking for plastic's reflected light signature in the water. BBC News - Can you spot ocean plastic from space?