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Migration patterns and trends

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Interactive map by @neocartocnrs shows just how deadly the migration routes from Africa to Europe are. In the last 5 years an average of 11 deaths per day were recorded. Source. Twitter. Gridded population change 2012 to 2017 in Europe. Growing regions are blue, shrinking regions red. Bubble area scaled to absolute change in numbers. Source. *****Cricket Onboard: migration / remittances / colonial legacy / shipping / #lifeatsea #marineinsight #sea #ship #seafarer #maritime #seaman #sailor #sailing Video by @@ashishthakurmariner. *****Migration flows: Bubble Network. This section documents API usage specific to this template, so for an introduction we suggest you refer to the generic API documentation instead. template: @cfafrica/bubble-network-cfa version: 1 There are two different formats in which you can supply data to this template.

*****Migration flows: Bubble Network

Which one will be more convenient for you likely depends on the source of your data, as described below. Array of objects with arbitrary keys, and a bindings object This format is most likely useful when you have data from an external source, such as CSV data loaded from d3-dsv. *****In our first blog post of 2020, @KatherineERiley chats with @JacopoOttaviani of @CodeForAfrica about the custom Flourish template his team has recently developed! Xavi Ruiz □□ sur Twitter : "□□ Just a quick reminder to Matteo Salvini: From 1861 to 1985 29,036,000 Italians migrated to other countries. 18,7 M remained abroad. The estimated number of people with italian orgins living abroad is 60-70 M Italians call th.

Animated map shows where Californians move to when they leave the state. Since California is a typical state where people move to temporarily, many will probably just move back home. Source. *****Migration patterns over 50 years (National Geographic dataviz) *****This is what 50 years of human migration looks like. The ebb and flow of people across borders has long shaped our world. Data from the past 50 years of international migration help us understand why people make the choice to leave and where they go. Less than 10 percent of these migrants are forced to flee; most are seeking a better life and move only when they can afford to. Global migrants totaled fewer than 100 million in the 1960s, and although the number has increased substantially since then, it remains a fraction of the world’s 7.6 billion people today.

White indicates more foreign-born residents in a country than people leaving. Black indicates more people leaving a country than foreign- born residents staying. Twitter. Map by the ever creative @jakubmarian shows the common country of origin of foreign-born population across European countries.… New genetic map of Britain shows successive waves of immigration going back 10,000 years. Chart shows the sentiments of the population toward immigration from other EU member nations. Chart source Data comes from the Eurobarometer. Twitter. What groups immigrated to the US at the end of the 19th century? Use our map to better understand historical immigration patterns. *****Great dataviz: Where do refugees to the UK come from? HD version of this chart in my new @commonslibrary Insight on asylum and refugee statistics. African migration 'a trickle' thanks to trafficking ban across the Sahara. The number of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean for Europe has been dropping and that is partly because of tougher measures introduced on the migrant routes, as Mike Thomson reports from Niger.

African migration 'a trickle' thanks to trafficking ban across the Sahara

Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "Before the Great War almost one million people left Europe ervery year (in the period from 1907 to 1912). This map shows where they went. Mostly across the Atlantic... Source. These charts show where the world's refugees came from in 2017 - and where they're heading #migration. *****Migration interfaces: Mapping Europe's war on immigration , by Philippe Rekacewicz (Le Monde diplomatique - English edition, October 2013) The forbidden world It is a strange thing, this paranoid fear of invasion, this determination to protect themselves at all costs from these human beings who every year exile themselves from their homelands to head for an imagined promised land in the rich countries.

*****Migration interfaces: Mapping Europe's war on immigration , by Philippe Rekacewicz (Le Monde diplomatique - English edition, October 2013)

But the rich have decided that these tides of humanity are unwanted. They fortify their frontiers, erect barriers, build the walls higher and higher. A veritable military strategy put into effect to keep out the “invaders.” Nationalgeographic. #Map shows where in #USA early British migrants ended up settling. Source. Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "Now that's some amazing immigration data! US immigration from 1790-2016 by country of origin in the style of tree rings. Beautifully designed. There is even a state by state #map. Truly amazing work! Source. Animated #map shows the largest immigrant group (by country of birth) across the US over time. #History in a nutshell... Source. #Map shows global migration flows by major geographical region. Very clear and well presented overview. Source. #Map shows the origins of #NewYorkCity's immigrants over the past 50 years. Source.

The ranked origins of migrants to the United States, 1820-1985, you might be a little surprised by the order...… Today we've published the Migration Statistics Quarterly Report for the year ending March 2018. The #map speaks for itself: Jewish population in Europe, 1933 vs 2015. Source. Twitter. Migration to Europe in charts. Image copyright Getty Images Migration has once again become one of the most important issues in Europe.

Migration to Europe in charts

Italy's decision in June not to accept the rescue vessel Aquarius with more than 600 migrants on board attracted widespread criticism, and the issue of border controls for migrants threatened to break up the German coalition government. So, how many people are arriving now, where are they from and what is happening to those who have arrived in the EU in previous years? Number of arrivals has been greatly reduced The highest number of arrivals - 1,015,078 - was recorded in 2015. Since 2015, the number of refugees and migrants arriving in Greece has fallen dramatically, after the EU and Turkey signed an agreement to send back to Turkey migrants who do not apply for asylum or whose claim was rejected.

Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "The @UNHCRUK prepares some of the most reliable data on migration in Europe. This #map shows total and relative number of refugees and asylum seekers across Europe. Source. Refugee Migration. *****Migration / Fires / Rising sea levels / Light Pollution: Maps reveal hidden truths of the world's cities. The Guardian today has printed in their newspaper a list of 34,361 refugees who are known to have died trying to make it to Europe.… Outflow of Refugees from Syria to Other Countries in 2016. 5.5 million refugees. That the equivalent of all of Finland. Massive issue to deal with! Source. *****Migration interfaces through the Mediterranean: Mapping the EU response. *****Migrations Map: Where are migrants coming from? Where have migrants left? Here's the evolution of Irish Population density 1841->2002 on a DED level. You can see the devastating impact of the Famine, the gradual thinning of the rural population and the late-20th c. suburban sprawl #history #ireland #rstats…

Me too! Unfortunately I dont have the data to reproduce such maps for the earlier period. In my PhD thesis I drew a much more rudimentary map which depicts the key migration flows around 1650. Not as fancy, but it shows the key international migratory con. Augustus Frederick Sherman worked as a clerk at Ellis Island in the years 1892-1925. A Romanian piper A Ruthenian woman An Algerian man A woman from Lapland… Mapping Migration in the United States.

Ancient Taíno Indigenous Group Still Present in Caribbean, DNA Finds. Because its the reality. Much of the British Isles was ice-covered, in places to depths of hundreds of metres. The remaining land would've been uninhabitable - too cold in winter, no real soils. Only dwellers - roaming bands of hunters. No nations or bord. Scandinavian Americans by State. *****World Migration. The GLOBAL MIGRATION FLOWS interactive app tracks migrants around the world.

*****World Migration

This application is now being hosted by It is endlessly fascinating to explore where we're from. The underlying data for the map was published by the UN DESA in 2015. Using the app: Choose whether you want to access information about migrants leaving a country (Outward) or migrants entering a country (Inward). Yr13 migration @LSAGeography. Goodbye, on the Mersey by James Tissot c. 1881 (Private Collection). A family at sunrise on a tender or ferry waves to friends or relatives… Coming South by Tom Roberts 1886 (@NGVMelbourne). Migrants coming to Australia from Europe aboard the steamship SS Lusitania. Share of population that are migrants: 2000 vs 2015. Today we got more international marriages and a globalized workforce. It's a challenge… Boats full of dead people from North Korea keep showing up in Japan — here's why. A wooden boat which drifted ashore with eight partially skeletal bodies at Oga, Japan in late November.

Boats full of dead people from North Korea keep showing up in Japan — here's why

Kyodo via Reuters Dozens of ships containing dead bodies have washed up in Japan recently. All the evidence indicates that the "ghost ships" are coming from North Korea. It isn't a new phenomenon, but is happening more and more often. One expert told BI it could be because of food scarcity in North Korea. Dozens of dead bodies have mysteriously washed up on Japan's shores over the past few weeks — and all the evidence points to North Korea. At least 40 corpses from around 15 boats have washed up along Japan's west coast since November, according to figures from Japanese authorities and calculated by Business Insider.

The most recent discovery was made on Thursday, when authorities found two skeletons near an upturned boat near the western city of Oga, according to the Washington Post. Not a new phenomenon North Korean vessels have been showing up in Japan for years. Great #map for my friends in #Ireland shows share of #Irish population across the #USA in 1880. Huge diaspora! #Map shows total population change across Europe (2010-2017). Data from @EU_Eurostat. Source. Life in camps: Health experts say overcrowding, poor sanitation and limited health care in the Rohingya camp areas of Bangladesh is a “recip… Index.html?WT.mc_id=27a9913c941edee94511fe38ab038b3a&WT.sn_type=TWITTER&hoot.message=Our interactive timeline provides historical trends from 1964 for long-term international migration to and from the UK: [LINK]&hoot.send_date=2017-11-30 12:40:00&hoot.use. Brexit: What's happening to migration? Image copyright Getty Images Is something rather profound starting to happen to migration to and from the UK?

Brexit: What's happening to migration?

Are we now seeing a Brexit effect in who wants to come, stay, or leave the country? First off, the headline. Net migration is estimated to have fallen by nearly a third to 230,000 in the year to June. #Map shows 2nd largest nationality living in each European country. Source. An extraordinary #map by Charles Minard from 1858 showing the movements of immigration around the globe. Read more here:… Diasporas of #India and #China. Where residents move to when they leave their country. Fascinating map! Eastern Mediterranean is dancing a merry dance @UNAVCO. *****5 charts that show how migration is changing the world’s cities. In 2015, over a billion people migrated: 244 million went abroad and 763 million moved within their home country.

*****5 charts that show how migration is changing the world’s cities

Some boarded planes to start a new job in another country. Some risked their lives in overcrowded boats, fleeing war or famine. And others left the countryside in search of jobs and a better quality of life. What the vast majority have in common is that they ended up moving to a city. This chart shows the actual vs. percieved number of immigrants. *****GIS interactive: Global Migration. COOL MAPS. Population projection: Due to high migration in 2015/16 #Germany is no longer expected to shrink. Uneven growth! *****#Map shows No. of cities/villages in #USA named after German cities. There are 30 Hamburgs in the US! Source. *****Mapping Europe's Demographic Shifts, 2006-2016 - CityLab. Younger people are fleeing rural areas, migrating northward, and having fewer children.

*****Mapping Europe's Demographic Shifts, 2006-2016 - CityLab

Here’s how that’s changing the region. Europe’s population is on the move, and a new report suggests exactly where and why. *****Main ancestry of US population. 4 maps that will change how you see migration in Europe. Did you know that Polish people represent the highest percentage of the foreign-born population in Norway?

4 maps that will change how you see migration in Europe

Or that the largest proportion of immigrants to the Republic of Ireland hail from the UK? These four maps, created by Jakub Marian, a Czech linguist, mathematician and artist, are based on a 2015 study by the United Nations on international migration. They show European migration split into various numbers: 1. 4 maps that will change how you see #migration in Europe.

*****The History of the British Isles: Every Year. 5 facts that show India is a migration superpower. *****Irish diaspora: Percentage of population with Irish ancestry by congressional district - *****How humans spread across the globe, Global international migration flows. *****in - A visualization of migration flows. World Population: 6,853,328,460 Migrants in the world: 215,738,321 Almost 216 million people, or 3.15% of the world population, live outside their countries. Click on a country box to know more about migration flow to/from that country. About peoplemovin. *****Farms hit by labour shortage as migrant workers shun 'racist' UK. Farms have been hit with a shortage of the migrant workers that Britain relies on to bring in the fruit and vegetable harvests, according to a series of new reports. There was a 17% shortfall in May, leaving some farms critically short of pickers, according to a new National Farmers Union (NFU) survey.

The decline is blamed on Brexit, with the vote to depart the EU leaving the UK seen as “xenophobic” and “racist” by overseas workers, according to the director of a major agricultural recruitment company. *****Mapping the Flow of Asylum Seekers Into the Industrialized World - Blueshift. Based on data from the UN Refugee Agency, approximately 4.4 million asylum applications were submitted to 44 industrialized countries between 2013 and 2016.

The map below shows the flow of these asylum seekers from their country of origin to the country in which they applied for asylum. Each point represents 500 asylum seekers. To navigate around the map with a mouse: Pan: left mouse button + dragRotate: right mouse button + dragZoom: both buttons + drag / two-finger touchpad scroll Full screen version / Youtube video Asylum seeker vs refugee An asylum seeker is someone who has requested sanctuary from persecution in their home country. Migration map for refugees - Interactive (lucify) *****Migrations Map: Where are migrants coming from? Where have migrants left? *****Awesome maps of #refugee movements #geographyteacher The Movements Of Every Refugee On Earth Since The Year 2000.

*****30 May 1948. The British Citizenship Act awarded the status of British subject to all Commonwealth citizens > migration from Commonwealth e.g. Caribbean, India, Pakistan. *****World map of Y-DNA Haplogroups with possible migration routes #Ethnicmaps #Humanity. *****Share of population in #Italy with blond hair.

*****US Migration: Instant flow lines. England's immigrants (1330 - 1550) World 2000 BC. 125,000 years of human migration in one minute. New England ancestry by county (2000) The population of every US county, 1790 to 2010. #Sahara #Trafficking #Map - #geo4b #geog4b #conflict #geographyteacher #sahel @SJCR_GEOG. Climatic chart of the world showing the distribution of the human race and the animal & vegetable kingdoms (1893) Top 5 foreign born population groups in #Australia #UK 1.2M #NZ 611k #China 482k #India 433k #Philippines 234.

*****Australians' birthplaces. The flow of asylum seekers into Europe. Where Do New Yorkers Come From? Throughout it’s nearly 400-year history, New York City’s demography has been characterized by an ever-changing series of immigration waves, coming from all corners of the globe. Australia was colonised by one group 50,000 years ago, DNA evidence reveals. Historic hair samples collected from Aboriginal people show that following an initial migration 50,000 years ago, populations spread rapidly around the east and west coasts of Australia. Our research, published in Nature today, also shows that once settled, Aboriginal groups remained in their discrete geographical regions right up until the arrival of Europeans a few hundred years ago.