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Marine pollution incl plastic oceans, noise pollution, oil pollution

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Rebecca Herbert sur Twitter : "Plastic debris in the ocean can entangle sea creatures and be ingested by them unknowingly. But on land, it can act as both a barrier and a trap to countless populations. #Tiredearth #ClimateChange #C.

Ship cargo spills

A Japanese research institute says the results of its surveys on ocean pollution may show that plastic waste which has accumulated deep in the ocean does not decompose easily. Soluble plastic. Fishing gear. Teaching marine plastic. Torrey Canyon. Plastic grass and trees. *****The moment plastic enters food chain (video) *****Seahorse and cotton bud: The story behind that haunting image. Via @BBCEarth. They call it 'strawkling'. □ Learn more about plastic waste in the ocean. Marine noise pollution (acoustic pollution) Management of plastic waste. Plastic sources. *****Mariana Trench: Deepest-ever sub dive finds plastic bag. Image copyright Tamara Stubbs An American explorer has found plastic waste on the seafloor while breaking the record for the deepest ever dive.

*****Mariana Trench: Deepest-ever sub dive finds plastic bag

Victor Vescovo descended nearly 11km (seven miles) to the deepest place in the ocean - the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench. He spent four hours exploring the bottom of the trench in his submersible, built to withstand the immense pressure of the deep. He found sea creatures, but also found a plastic bag and sweet wrappers. It is the third time humans have reached the ocean's extreme depths. Image copyright Atlantic Productions for Discovery Channel The first dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench took place in 1960 by US Navy lieutenant Don Walsh and Swiss engineer Jacques Piccard in a vessel called the bathyscaphe Trieste. Movie director James Cameron then made a solo plunge half a century later in 2012 in his bright green sub. Image copyright Reeve Jolliffe Media playback is unsupported on your device Atlantic Productions for Discovery Channel. Plastic pollution: Vomiting skeleton displayed in Aberystwyth.

Monitoring marine plastic

Beneath British Waters sur Twitter : "As an underwater filmmaker, plastics and garbage are something I come across regular, Will leave this short video with you - The River Calder in Yorkshire. @BBCLookNorth @lillyspickup @PaulRTempoFM #PlasticPollution # These are the plastic rivers of Indonesia..□□ #EndPlasticPollution… Interesting to look at the bits of debris on the beach. This would have been the last few years before the appearance of marine plastic.… The yearly amount of plastic waste in the ocean is set to double by 2030. □ Learn more about ocean plastics #plastic #environment… Rupert Wingfield - H sur Twitter : "Can Japan end its addiction to plastic? In a word - no. Not without a major cultural shift. I am almost always the only person in the supermarket with reusable shopping bags. And shopping bags are only a tiny part of Ja.

Arkansas(German Shepherds)__ sur Twitter : "I am a German Shepherd and I was bred to be fearless and brave so I can protect my family from all forms of danger. Balloons included..... balloons are scary. How did I do? Watch until the end to see who won thi. Marine Biologist Catherine Jordan □□□… German chart shows companies that produce the most plastic rubbish. Don't read this chart as "evil @CocaCola pollutes the planet". That's not goal oriented. Read it as "fixing @CocaCola will change the world for the better". So much leverage! Source.

*****Just trying to surf here guys...Never before have I actually witnessed so much plastic in the ocean. □ With every stroke I took, plastic plastic plastic. PLEASE SHARE OCEAN FRIENDS! #plasticproblem #plasticpollu. Lasting consequences of single use… □□Slimy solution @wyssinstitute called BIND would put biofilms to work cleaning up polluted rivers - featured podcast #science #environment… I often hear the argument, sure what difference will it make, the whole world needs to change to make a difference. This information poster would suggest otherwise…

Everything that is wrong with the way we are treating our precious planet in one simple product from @Poundland… Julia Bradbury sur Twitter : "I've been to the top of mountains hiked the countryside,trekked up volcanos & I've found rubbish everywhere.I don't understand why people get to beautiful places to admire them & be rejuvenated by their beauty, only to pollut. Marine destruction. Out of sight, out of mind, the world's oceans are nevertheless full of pollution, which is devastating for marine ecosystems The world’s oceans may at times appear like vast undiscovered spaces.

Marine destruction

More than 70 per cent of the planet’s surface is covered with 1.332 billion cubic kilometres of oceanic water. Oceans are crucial to our survival, not only being a critical component of the water cycle, but also because of their role in regulating the global climate and their plentiful resources that are ever more exploited by humanity. Human impact on the world’s oceans has, in recent decades, increased considerably and threatens the ecological stability and biodiversity that exists in them.

Zack Labe sur Twitter : "What happens if you release evenly-distributed particles in the ocean? This sea ice and ocean model simulates the global circulation. You'll notice the particles tend to move toward the large ocean gyres (i.e., Pacific Garbage Pat. *****Plastics: 2/3 of your plastic “footprint” comes from 1 week holiday on an island (or in mountains) & only 1/3 from 51 weeks at home, says @IUCN’s Joao Sousa at #MountainsMatter @GENetwork event @sjoscl @wto @drcarolinadler #

Plastics In The Oceans. This whale washed ashore in Indonesia with over 1,000 pieces of plastic waste swallowed - and two flip-flops.… One shark you wouldn't mind swimming towards you. Learn more #gfc18… St Mary’s living rosary balloon release. All children let their peace balloons up into the sky after saying the living rosary.… Twitter. UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum sur Twitter : "Food for thought in new paper assessing presence of plastic around @British_OTs Ascension St Helena Tristan da Cunha& Falklands: plastic on beaches largely washed up from elsewhere has increased x1.

Another vintage plastic toy found during a beach clean. These were given away free in packets of #SugarPuffs in 1957. Over 60 years old and still going strong.… Footage shows hundreds of tents abandoned by people after #LeedsFestival… *****Plastic Swan, made with plastic collected along the Thames Estuary in one afternoon #DrowningInPlastic… Plastic is everywhere. Are you surprised? #PlasticsWatch… Plastic tsunami in Lebanon after heavy rain. What are we doing?!… Ugh!… We won’t save the Earth with a better kind of disposable coffee cup. Do you believe in miracles?

We won’t save the Earth with a better kind of disposable coffee cup

If so, please form an orderly queue. Plenty of people imagine we can carry on as we are, as long as we substitute one material for another. Last month, a request to Starbucks and Costa to replace their plastic coffee cups with cups made from corn starch was retweeted 60,000 times, before it was deleted. Those who supported this call failed to ask themselves where the corn starch would come from, how much land would be needed to grow it, or how much food production it would displace. They overlooked the damage this cultivation would inflict: growing corn (maize) is notorious for causing soil erosion, and often requires heavy doses of pesticides and fertilisers. The problem is not just plastic: it is mass disposability. Don’t get me wrong. The right question is, “How should we live?” Full marks to @DiscoverBudgens for changing to paper bags in the fruit and veg section… Just 10 streams carry 95% of all river-borne plastic into the ocean. Source.

Map reveals 'scourge' of Scotland's coastal litter problem. Image copyright ScRAPBook/UKCAP A map identifying litter hotspots along Scotland's coastline has been launched.

Map reveals 'scourge' of Scotland's coastal litter problem

Aerial photographs of plastics and rubbish washed up and blown up on to beaches has been posted online. The aim is to help organisations and volunteers involved in clean-up work better target their efforts - particularly in remote areas where litter often remains "hidden". Wow - all this #plastic waste collected from just one square metre on the Thames marshes.…

The three principal plastic waste contributing rivers of the World. #Infographic teaches us that the #USA play only a tiny mini minor rule is polluting the world's oceans with plastic waste. The main culprits are in #Asia. Source. Doing Things Differently sur Twitter : "'The ocean is my home - and it's being trashed' Citizen Science on board ocean going yachts to measure plastic and noise pollution #citizenscience #plasticpollution #noisepollution Fleet Scie. *****How does plastic move around the oceans? Thermohaline circulation / ocean currents. *****Australia ship loses 83 containers off New South Wales. Want to find out more about #microplastics research in Antarctica? Read this summary published online last month: #WorldOceanDay #ourblueplanet #oceanplastic @griffiths_huw @clairewaluda @cathwaller @NERCscience @UniOfHull. Brilliant Teen's Invention To Remove All Plastic From Ocean Is Finally Becoming A Reality - Goodfullness.

When Boyan Slat was 16 years old, he found himself coming across more plastic than fish while diving in Greece.

Brilliant Teen's Invention To Remove All Plastic From Ocean Is Finally Becoming A Reality - Goodfullness

It was then that he decided to dedicate a high school project to investigating ocean plastic pollution and how he could make a difference. At 18 years old, he told a TEDx talk audience that he was going to develop a passive system to clean up oceans using ocean currents. Then, in 2013, he founded the non-profit entity, the Ocean Cleanup, whose mission is to develop advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. “Once plastic enters the marine food web, there is a possibility that it will contaminate the human food chain as well. Efforts to clean and eradicate ocean plastic have also caused significant financial burdens,” The Ocean Cleanup website explains. The Ocean Cleanup system contains a U-shaped screen and floaters made from high-density polyethylene. Congratulations to India. Come on U.K. We should be leading not following @michaelgove @RichardHammond @10DowningStreet…

Pollution in Spain: The plastic polluting a piece of paradise in the Canaries. At Ámbar beach, the fight is only against the larger pieces of plastic.

Pollution in Spain: The plastic polluting a piece of paradise in the Canaries

The battle against microplastics – bits of debris less than five millimeters in length – was lost long ago on this spot in the northeastern end of La Graciosa island, in the Canary archipelago. At the rate the plastic washes in, it is as much as the volunteer beachcombers can do to pick up the more sizeable eyesores. “Now we’re focusing on the big pieces before they decompose in the sun,” says Alex Rivera, a biologist with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Each season, volunteers pick up between 4,500kg and 6,000 kg of waste in the parkAlex Rivera, WWF biologist Like Sisyphus damned to push a rock uphill for all eternity, Rivera’s job is never done. A week later, it is as though Rivera and the volunteers had never been here; plastic again is strewn along the shoreline as every day the sea spews more waste into this pocket of paradise. Eerie silence falls on Shetland cliffs that once echoed to seabirds’ cries. Sumburgh Head lies at the southern tip of mainland Shetland.

Eerie silence falls on Shetland cliffs that once echoed to seabirds’ cries

This dramatic 100-metre-high rocky spur, crowned with a lighthouse built by Robert Louis Stevenson’s grandfather, has a reputation for being one of the biggest and most accessible seabird colonies in Britain. Thousands of puffins, guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes and fulmars gather there every spring to breed, covering almost every square inch of rock or grass with teeming, screeching birds and their young. Or at least they used to – for this year Sumburgh Head is a quiet and largely deserted place. Where seabirds once swooped and cried in their thousands, only a handful of birds wheel round the cliffs. The silence is uncanny – the result of a crash in seabird numbers that has been in progress for several years but which has now reached an unprecedented, catastrophic low. Another horrible example of #plastic pollution: a whale dies after eating 80 plastic bags. This is another example of best practice journalism by @natgeo: "What Happens to the Plastic We Throw Out?

Point Nemo. Ashley Hall sur Twitter : "Dear @IndyCar, Please stop the balloon release at the Indianapolis 500 this year. We can save thousands of lives and keep plastics from entering our rivers, lakes, streams, and us. We eat the fish that eat microplastics like lat. What Happens to the Plastic We Throw Out. A plastic bag was found at the deepest point on Earth, and we should all be ashamed. This is how Brighton Beach was left after the Bank holiday... Shocking how people would they like it if this rubbish was dumped on their front garden...… The shocking state of Barry Island after the Bank Holiday weekend. Wet wipe pollution 'changing the shape of British riverbeds' Wet wipes are changing the shape of British riverbeds, campaigners said after finding more than 5,000 of them alongside the Thames in an area the size of half a tennis court.

Wet wipe pollution 'changing the shape of British riverbeds'

Thames 21, a London environmental organisation that cleans up rivers and canals, retrieved 5,453 wet wipes during an operation last month in 116 sq m of the Thames embankment near Hammersmith. The haul was an increase of nearly a thousand over last year’s total (which took place on a larger riverbank area). “You need to go at low tide to see the mounds forming,” said Thames 21’s Kirsten Downer. “The Thames riverbed is changing. Wet wipes are accumulating on the riverbed and affecting the shape of the riverbed. Wet wipes are now a booming industry with their own conference and even a “moist towelette” online museum. But there is growing concern about the environmental impact. “We want people to realise that this is not just happening on the Thames, but on rivers and canals all round the country,” said Downer. Another #plasticpollution shocker: 12,000 plastic particles found in each litre of #Arctic sea ice - @hbriggs reports.

I loved #LondonMarathon18 & am so inspired that I’m thinking of signing up next year. BUT. Single use plastic has to stop. I cycled past this in Charlton minutes after the race, which represents a tiny stretch of the 26 mile track. We have to change. #end. Living without #plastic: great read by my colleague @chrisjeavans who tried ten years ago and again just now, inspired she says by my 2008 reports from the plastic horror story of Midway Atoll. World's first ocean plastic-cleaning machine set to tackle Great Pacific Garbage Patch #geographyteacher.

Microplastics sampling around St Helena's coast. The net is running beautifully, what will it tell us about the state of wilderness mid-Atlantic ocean?… Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "Seeing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on a #map made me realize how insanely big it is (1.6 million sqkm which is larger than #Mongolia or #Iran). Look how it dwarfs #Hawaii. As humans we have to manage our consumption.

The plastics crisis is more urgent than you know. Recycling bottles won’t fix it. West Wales, last weekend.

The plastics crisis is more urgent than you know. Recycling bottles won’t fix it

The old foam mattress lying waterlogged on an otherwise clean beach might have been at sea for months before it was washed up on the tide. A large bit of it had broken off, and the rest was crumbling. It was a clear threat to wildlife, so we heaved what was left of it above the wave line and promised to come back to dispose of it properly when it was dry. Mr Butcher Geography sur Twitter : "Having taught my year 8s about the plastic problem, they have gone one step further and sent a letter to our local MP to ask for help to tackle the problem in our school! #proud #plasticpollution…

Some 3 billion plastic bottles are not recycled in the UK every year - now a deposit scheme is on the cards #plastic @RHarrabin. Crab fishermen to test ropeless fishing to help save endangered whales - New Brunswick. New Brunswick snow crab fishermen will test two ropeless trap methods this spring to reduce the use of the fishing rope blamed in the deaths of two North Atlantic right whales last year.

Crab fishermen to test ropeless fishing to help save endangered whales - New Brunswick

The two whales were among seven found tangled up in ropes and buoys in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during an especially dangerous year for the whales. "Ropeless fishing will solve this problem," U.S. marine biologist Mark Baumgartner said Friday after crab fishermen announced plans to try an approach already in use in Australia. 'Ropeless [fishing] was seen as kind of a crazy idea before.

But now it looks like the only actual solution to the problem. - Mark Baumgartner, marine biologist Robert Haché, director general of the Acadian Crabbers Association, said the fishermen want to do all they can to prevent entanglements. And researchers think technology has advanced to the point where ropes and buoys floating in the ocean column for days and weeks are no longer necessary. Plastic particles found in bottled water. Media playback is unsupported on your device.

Charlie's Quest to Save our Oceans sur Twitter : "THIS IS NOT OK! 198 !! fishermen's gloves Charlie found at Tyrella beach today in 1 hour! Please RETWEET as THIS IS NOT OK! □□□□ @KeepNIBeautiful @mcsuk @isupportlhlh @2minbeachclean @Seasaver @KidsVplasti. CECHR sur Twitter : "Crisp packet from 1970s found washed up on Devon beach It's a Golden Wonder how it got there... @DevonLiveNews #plasticfree #plasticpollution Picked up in a Beach Clean - shows how long plastic lasts…

One of the most surreal things I've seen for a while - a patch of pebble-patterned floor vinyl (with seaweed attached) washed up on the shingle of #southsea beach the other day… I've watched hours of footage of plastic in the ocean - and filmed some myself -but this clip by Rich Horner in Bali is one of the most graphic #plastic. Plant-based Lego should be on sale by the end of the year. Plastic-free supermarket aisles see anti-waste go mainstream #PlasticFree #PlasticFreeAisle #plasticpollution…

More alarming #plasticpollution along the, otherwise stunning, coast of the Rhins, Dumfries and Galloway, #scotland #uk… Ruth Nederveen sur Twitter : "Found on our beach @NoordwijkZH This footprint won’t leave our beautiful planet. Plastic stays forever. Think about it. Please. □ #plastic #plasticsoup #2minutebeachclean #pickitup #letspreserve #blueplanet #wethechange #noor. Robert Macfarlane sur Twitter : "Artist Mandy Barker's (@plasticpieces) eerie, unsettling photographs record marine plastic debris: 'Penalty' (footballs collected from seas globally) 'SOUP: turtle' (plastic turtle bath toys); 'Snow Flurry' (white plastic.

These brothers are kayaking down one of the most polluted rivers on Earth to raise a point about our environmental crisis… Dr. Alistair Dove sur Twitter : "Ocean #plastics aren't always big and dramatic. Here's some of the 1,515 tiny pieces of plastic I counted in a 4-inch diameter subsample of beach sand today. This is how our soda bottles, lighters, toothbrushes & lollipop. Plastic 1951: London's first ever packaging exhibition showed how manufactures added "eye appeal" to everything from chicken to sweets. This is strangely compelling viewing...…

Plastic pollution illustrated #plasticpollution #microplastic #microbeads Best #scicomm infographics of 2017… McDonald’s – Official Global Corporate Website. McDonald’s announces goals to improve its packaging and help significantly reduce waste to positively impact the communities the company serves around the world. By 2025, 100 percent of McDonald’s guest packaging will come from renewable, recycled, or certified sources with a preference for Forest Stewardship Council certification.

Also by 2025, the company has set a goal to recycle guest packaging in 100 percent of McDonald’s restaurants. McDonald’s understands that recycling infrastructure, regulations and consumer behaviors vary city to city and country to country around the world, but it plans to be part of the solution and help influence powerful change. This expands upon McDonald’s existing goal that by 2020, 100% of fiber-based packaging will come from recycled or certified sources where no deforestation occurs.

To reach these goals, McDonald’s will work with leading industry experts, local governments and environmental associations, to improve packaging and recycling practices. Robert Macfarlane sur Twitter : "Because they cannot be seen too often, & because the tide may just be beginning to turn in terms of the fight against plastics, here - again - are Chris Jordan's canonical images of albatross chicks on Midway Island, their.

'It's shocking, it's horrendous': Ellen MacArthur's fight against plastic. You can help to protect our ocean from #plasticpollution. Make the #OneLess pledge to use a refillable water bottle! Seven charts that explain the plastic pollution problem. Image copyright Getty Images Marine life is facing "irreparable damage" from the millions of tonnes of plastic waste which ends up in the oceans each year, the United Nations has warned. "This is a planetary crisis... we are ruining the ecosystem of the ocean," UN oceans chief Lisa Svensson told the BBC this week. This is how plastic ends up in our oceans. #OurBluePlanet w/ @AluciaProd.