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Marine incl plastic oceans

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Golf tees plastic pollution. Oldest marine plastic. Goldfinger Bond Aston Martin passenger. Marine pollution Ireland. Kelp forests. Nurdles deposited in a field by the high tide at @NTTrelissick The longer you look, the more you see □ #plasticpollution… Marine fieldwork. Marine ecosystems. Plastic is forever. Inaccessible Island. Water colour scale (Forel-Ule Scale) The Plastic Age. Humans have made 8.3bn tons of plastic since 1950. This is the illustrated story of where it's gone. Airborne microplastics. Beach ecosystems. Blue Planet 2. Cetaceans (whales, dolphins etc) Coral reefs. Fish stocks. Marine biodiversity monitoring. Marine exploration / management.

Marine General

Marine pollution incl plastic oceans, noise pollution, oil pollution. Marine protection. Marine tracking. Plastic pollution on land. Plastic solutions. Pysgodwibliwobli. Rivers carrying plastic. Sea floor mining. Underwater lakes. VME = Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems.

The whale had consumed 115 drinking cups, 25 plastic bags, plastic bottles, two flip-flops and a bag containing more than 1,000 pieces of string #PlanetOrPlastic. Plastic pollution: Bottle washed up after decades. Image copyright Burnham Coastguard A plastic washing-up liquid bottle that is at least 47 years old has been found on a beach in Somerset.

Plastic pollution: Bottle washed up after decades

The Fairy Liquid bottle was washed up on Brean Beach during last week's high tides. Mark Enser □ sur Twitter : "Excellent piece on the problem with single issue environmental campaigns that don't address the larger problems. Worth considering if you are #geographyteacher busy writing a new SoW on plastics and the oceans. Most smokers don’t realise that the cigarette butts they throw away contain plastic - great video here. Lewis Hamilton sur Twitter : "I’m in just one of so many beautiful parts of the world today when we stumbled across this mess. We couldn’t stand by, we had to do something. We all need to act, we must stop supporting companies that are blindly fixated on.

#BluePlanet2 is showing some shocking images of ocean plastic pollution - but how does this plastic get in the ocean in the first place?… *****This incredible animation shows how deep the ocean really by @sai ( 1 feet = 0,305 meters )