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KS3 Geography

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Miss G□ sur Twitter : "☀️ Weather & Climate ⛈️ This took longer than expected.. but it's a beefy topic! If you have any questions about these resources, please feel free to drop me a DM □. Also, please excuse any spelling errors etc.. these are brand new. Mark Enser □ sur Twitter : "They solve problems. Use a map and hydrograph to explain why a river flooded. Which management would be most appropriate to prevent it from happening again? Contrast two country’s routes to development - which is more sustainab. Carla R sur Twitter : "Was dreading this lesson (Geography, especially MAP WORK and BIOMES, isn’t my strong point) but we got loads done. Climate zones using degrees of latitude, reasoning around where we think different biomes may be and some locational.

Structure for all SOW in our department: 1.Overview 2. Student learning and progress 3. Literacy 4. Place knowledge. Any thoughts/ feedback on other aspects that should be included? #geographyteacher… What Should Geography Students Know by the End of KS3? Naturally, in our hearts we all wish every student would take geography further, but for whatever reason many will leave their geographical education experience at the end of KS3.

What Should Geography Students Know by the End of KS3?

We have such a small amount of time available in which to inspire our pupils and get them to love the subject as much as we do, be geographically curious, and to know essential topics, concepts, processes, skills, ‘geocapabilities’, etc. How can we possibly reduce, constrain and curtail such a rich and rewarding discipline? As teachers, it is our responsibility and privilege to make these decisions for our students. Yes, we may have statutory orders, but they are skeletal not prescriptive or restrictive. All curriculum-making involves decisions, which we must justify, and power struggles as to what ‘makes the cut’.

Essential understanding So, what do you feel is essential, integral, vital? I’ve had this conversation many times and had some interesting answers. Hard decisions It’s tough to narrow down. .@KarenHaward from @HarrisFed, looking at curriculum design with the trainee Geographers.… I've noticed a general trend overr the last decade or so for KS3 geography moving from 4 hours a fortnight to just 3. Crazy. Similar for history.… Dr Paula Owens FRGS sur Twitter : "Agree useful to be clear re what geography is. Factual knowledge especially location, matters as does understanding a sense of place - & balancing both. Scale important too. Zooming in and out eg from continent to local. Anthony barlow sur Twitter : "Grace...I was just presuming that everyone already has a copy, right? :-) If you want to know more about mastery, enquiry, what location/place/environment mean and what outdoor learning can offer primary, this book is for you.

Grace Healy sur Twitter : Have you looked at this? It is written by two experienced primary ITE academics & geography educators. There is lots to inform primary geography ITE around subject knowledge & several chapters that I thin. @MissQuiggz Here is our departmental curriculum intent with our (draft!) plan for KS3- each topic is taught through a fertile question that is underpinned by a key concept. I've settled on 8 key concepts to underpin our KS3 after MUCH reading around & Our 7-year curriculum to build knowledge, skills and provide synoptic opportunities over time □ #curriculumdesign #nokeystages #nowastedyears…

This x100000. Stop ignoring KS3. Stop "dumping" it on NQTs and RQTs. Stop under-resourcing it. Stop shrugging your shoulders at year 8 behaviour problems. Stop wasting those years.… GeoBlogs (@GeoBlogs) Geography @ Bedales sur Twitter : "Here’s the @BedalesSchool #geography syllabus for Key Stage 3 & our alternative GCSE qualification (BAC) for Key Stage 5 - in full - including key concepts / enquiry questions / key texts / assessments / satellite activi. Resource – Exploring England Year 7 SoW. It occurred to me this morning that I have so many resources that I put loads of time and effort into but since moving schools in September 2016 I no longer use.

Resource – Exploring England Year 7 SoW

I thought I ought to start sharing a few more of them. Now I can’t promise they are any good but they might be a starting point for you. To start with I’m sharing my Scheme of Work on Exploring England. Whilst the topic is called Exploring England, it looks more at the the United Kingdom as a whole with some exploration of the geography of England. Lesson 1 explores the differences between the British Isles, the UK, and Great Britain. Lesson 2 explored human and physical features of the British Isles. Lesson 3 takes a look at the population distribution of the UK and in particular England. Lesson 4 encourages students to look at migration to the British Isles over time.

Lesson 5 looks at migration in more recent times and the stories of migrants, encouraging students to explore push and pull factors. Feel free to use as you will. Working on our KS3 curriculum this term. What do you think? #geographyteacher… Geographers - would this work as three questions and associated concepts to underpin a KS3 curriculum? Thanks for the suggestions folks.… New Video (Wear Headphones!): The Incredible Sounds of the Falcon Heavy Launch (BINAURAL AUDIO IMMERSION) - Smarter Every Day 189. Resource – Filling the Gaps Ks3 to GCSE – Mrs Humanities. Last year before my former year 9 students were to start their GCSE geography course I felt I should drop the final topic for the summer term and instead focus on filling the gaps.

Resource – Filling the Gaps Ks3 to GCSE – Mrs Humanities

Reoccurring errors or struggles were arising from a number of low and middle ability students, so I collated a list of them. How do you design your curriculum? Towards the end of last term, as we started to review our Expect Excellence action plan, my thoughts shifted towards our next goal.

How do you design your curriculum?

I have become increasingly concerned that over the years our focus has been on how we teach and that we have taken our eye off what we teach – and why we teach it. And it looks as though we are right on trend, with OFSTED talking about focusing on a school’s thinking behind their curriculum design and whether it is fit for purpose. Amazing what can be done in a few hours with collaboration with others and different text books. Year 7 lessons on Weather and Climate PLC. Yr 7 Specification 2016-2017.docx. SoWs: Inspiration from @mrsr - @Edexcel_Geog version of letter to new Year 11 parents. On @Schoology under 'documents'. Looking forward to impact. @JudithRoberts @_jopayne @Jennnnnn_x @Geo_Jo26 @LCreanGeog @ScottPughsley I'll be using little refreshers like this throughout the year. How friggin' awesome is this book blurb for a book entitled "A year in year 7 Geography"?! Was a great activity to get students reflecting.