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United Ireland. 'Southern Ireland' Irish air defence. Saint Patrick ( courtesy of the ⁦@britishmuseum⁩ ) There’s a joke in Ireland that although he was born a Welsh man he was lucky enough to have learned to swim! Old maps of Ireland. Blasket Islands. Irish diaspora. Mary McAleese. *****The evolution of Irish Population density 1841 to 2002. You can see the devastating impact of the Famine, the gradual thinning of the rural population and the late-20th c. suburban sprawl. Here's the evolution of Irish Population density 1841->2002 on a DED level. You can see the devastating impact of the Famine, the gradual thinning of the rural population and the late-20th c. suburban sprawl #history #ireland #rstats… This WW2 map of Ireland was produced to deter potential invaders... I guess it worked! This is my patriotism. This is IRELAND.

Is there a geography to climate change concern in Ireland? While obviously not the same thing, the Green Party support map at May's local elections #LE19 might offer some hints - support higher in more urban areas, esp middle class areas #ClimateChangeWee. Fine Gael support map for Wicklow Dáil constituency (2007GE) shows how parties use tally figures to shape future election plans With a clear "gap. A new map of Ireland : civil and ecclesiastical. Meanwhile, Ireland has just re-elected a president who speaks like this. #Map shows pubs per county in #Ireland. Please let me know if you’ve ever seen a more Irish map! Source.

Hardiman's Galway sur Twitter : "Map of #Ireland indicating population distribution, mid 1930s. Cartography by Thomas Walter Freeman (1908-88): pioneer of Irish geographical studies, lecturer at @tcddublin & former president of the Geographical Society of. St Patrick’s Day quiz: 100 questions to test your Irishness. Do you know your Eurovision winners from your 1916 Rising leaders?

St Patrick’s Day quiz: 100 questions to test your Irishness

What’s in a traditional Irish brekkie, or which county hosts the Puck Fair? Irish Times Abroad has a bumper 100-question quiz to test your Irishness this St Patrick’s Day, covering a wide range of Irish-related topics from history to sport, general knowledge and the Irish diaspora, put together by Eoin Butler. Answer these 100 questions and you could win a hamper full of Irish treats delivered anywhere in the world, including Tayto crisps, Cadbury’s chocolates, Jacob’s buscuits, and to wash it all down, a box of Barry’s Tea. Luck o’ the Irish to ye! If you are reading this in The Irish Times app, click here to access the quiz.

Terms & Conditions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 6 ways to divide Ireland #MappingStereotypes #Ireland… If you ever doubted Sinn Fein's sincerity with regards to respect this should settle it: on the anniversary of the Kingsmill Massacre, Sinn… The nearest places in a straight line from @ireland. #mapporn #ireland. Ireland, 1650. Deprivation Indices. Ireland's staggering hypocrisy on climate change. On the face of it, Ireland appears to be acting on climate change.

Ireland's staggering hypocrisy on climate change

Last year it appointed its first ever “climate action minister”, and in June it outlawed onshore fracking. What’s more, the telegenic new taoiseach Leo Varadkar dedicated much of the first day of his Cabinet retreat to discussing climate change. Last week Varadkar introduced Ireland’s first national mitigation plan (NMP) in more than a decade, and said that addressing climate change would “require fundamental societal transformation and, more immediately, allocation of resources and sustained policy change.” If success could be measured simply by repetition – the word “sustainable” appears no fewer than 110 times in the NMP – Ireland would undoubtedly be among the world’s leading countries. But looks can be deceiving. Naughten’s discomfort in media interviews was obvious.

Ireland’s claim to be a “food island” was further undermined by UN data for 2011, which found it to be a net importer of food calories since 2000. Ireland to become aviation hotspot #OnThisDay 100 years ago via Read more. *****% Homes heated with peat in Ireland. Stereotypical map of the Ireland's counties. Source: UK counties:AntrimArmaghDerryDownFermanaghTyrone Ireland's counties:Carlow -Cavan - Miles awayClare - RocksCork - People's republicDonegal - Daniel O'DonnellDublin - IkeaGalway - Arty festivalsKerry - KillarneyKildare - Silver JewelleryKilkenny - HurlersLaois - M7Leitrim - Edge of the worldLimerick - Thomond ParkLongford - Trees?

Stereotypical map of the Ireland's counties

Louth - Go homeMayo - FootballersMeath - New GrangeMonaghan - Offaly - ObamaRoscommon - CountrysideSligo - Far awayTipperary - M8Waterford - SeasideWestmeath - BoglandWexford - FerryWicklow - Lakes, and mountains Related post: - Irish counties by their literal meaning “Maps are like campfires – everyone gathers around them, because they allow people to understand complex issues at a glance, and find agreement about how to help the land.”