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Impacts of migration

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Music and migration

Migration and language. UK migration response. Naeem Sarfraz sur Twitter : "My Abu ji (dad) retires today after 40 years of service as a bus driver. Proud to have joined him, as a family, on one of his last trips. I share this bcos #ImmigrationMatters. This son-of-a-village-teacher had 5 kids: 1 Softw. Fundamentalism and migration. Gorgeous #dataviz visualizes 200 years of immigration into the #USA as tree rings. Source. Chart shows that national soccer (football) leagues across Europe became increasingly international over the last decades. In most leagues a…

*****RTÉ Archives | Society | Emigration From Skibbereen. A look at the effects of emigration on the West Cork town of Skibbereen. A social survey by John A Jackson to investigate the motives behind emigration has been carried out in the small town of Skibbereen in County Cork, with the findings published in 1967. Skibbereen was chosen for the survey because in the ten years up to 1961, it had a high rate of emigration.

Emigration is endemic in Skibbereen, and the decline in the population has had a knock on effect in the retail trade, with many shops going out of business. However for those prepared to move with the times, there are retail opportunities to be found. One quarter of teenagers expect to stay in Skibbereen, another quarter expect to emigrate to Britain. I wouldn’t like to go to Dublin because I don’t like city life, but I would like to get it anywhere in County Cork. Mary has her Leaving Certificate and is doing a course in commerce. A new industry in Skibbereen is the vegetable processing plant.


Remittances. #Map shows most common job for immigrants in US. Low skilled job most common. *****Migration stories: Child Migrant Stories - Voices Past and Present. The Jewish population in Europe in 1933 and 2015.