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Hurricane Maria Sep 2017

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MissB sur Twitter : "Thank you to all who have shared resources! This Graphic Novel on Hurricane Maria may be useful for home working/future planning. I used it in Extreme Weather lessons for Ss to consider primary and secondary impacts. #geography #geogr. I’ll let you work on “tone” when you’ve lived without running water or power for 3 months without much FCO concern. And for the people of Anguilla it was worse. Much. M… Hurricane Maria killed 4,600 people in Puerto Rico, 70 times the official toll - Harvard study.

Hurricane season starts in ~2 months. There are still 70 schools without power in just one region of Puerto Rico. AMERICAN CITIZENS.… Puerto Rico, Day 101: —About 1.5 million people still w/o power —Hundreds of thousands still w/o clean water —Still a humanitarian emergency… Hurricane Maria’s Aftermath in Puerto Rico. On Wednesday, September 20, the eye of Hurricane Maria cut a slash directly across the island of Puerto Rico, from the southeast to the northwest.

Hurricane Maria’s Aftermath in Puerto Rico

It arrived shortly after six in the morning, near the harbor at Yabucoa. Wind gusts peaked at 155 miles an hour, bending palm trees like straws and snapping others off near the roots. The storm’s center was 50 to 60 miles across — more than half the length of the island. It rolled at the leisurely pace of about ten miles an hour and hovered above the island’s mountainous center well into the morning. The wind tore hundreds of electrical-transmission towers from the ground and carried some of them through the air. During those first hours at Centro Médico, Puerto Rico’s largest, most sophisticated hospital, Maria tore off part of the roof and flooded the neonatal-intensive-care unit, forcing the evacuation of newborns to another floor. Post-María, A Key Ecosystem In Puerto Rico Faces Slow Recovery.

Ecologist Grizelle González says because of concerns about the safety of visitors, El Yunque remains closed until further notice.

Post-María, A Key Ecosystem In Puerto Rico Faces Slow Recovery

Greg Allen/NPR hide caption toggle caption Greg Allen/NPR Grizelle González is an ecologist who's worked at El Yunque National Forest for 25 years — first as a student and then as a researcher with the U.S. *****Tornado inside hurricane? Super-freaky video of #Hurricane #MARIA in Yabucoa (close to landfall point) showing *bizarre* changes in wind direction. Seems like mesovor… Puerto Rico, Day 50: Island-wide power generation has plunged due to the failure of a transmission line “repaired” by Whitefish Energy. —82%… Most people in Puerto Rico have gone without electricity for over 6 weeks- the longest blackout in US history. At this point, people are no longer being killed "by the hurricane." They are being killed by federal government neglect. Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico exactly three weeks ago. 21 days later: 36% lack water 84% lack electricity.

Remember, Puerto Rico has a bigger population than 21 states. This is like Iowa or Utah having a complete power-grid failure. The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico. I barely have words for this. We have no @POTUS. [Ahora]Río Puerto Nuevo se salió de su cauce e inunda Reparto Metropolitano, cerca del Centro Médico, y Villa Nevárez. Early morning view of Hurricane #Nate with 500-m resolution 1 minute imagery from @NOAA's #GOES16 satellite. Sustained winds are at 85 MPH. #Nate should be on shore in about 15 hoursish. Currently Cat 1 with 85mph winds. Google gets go-ahead to restore cell phone service in Puerto Rico with its balloons. Hurricane Maria: the slow road to rebuilding stricken Dominica – in pictures. Hurricane Maria: USGS landslide impact maps from Puerto Rico reveal the extent of the devastation.

Hurricane Maria: USGS landslide impact maps from Puerto Rico reveal the extent of the devastation From across the Atlantic, the response of the White House to the Hurricane Maria disaster in Puerto Rico looks astonishing.

Hurricane Maria: USGS landslide impact maps from Puerto Rico reveal the extent of the devastation

With little fanfare, the USGS has now started to release maps of the impacts of landslides triggered by the hurricane, created through the analysis of satellite imagery. USGS staff are past masters at this sort of mapping, which is both challenging and time-consuming. They have released the first tranche of data, for a part of northwest Puerto Rico:- It is important to note that this not a landslide map, it is a map of the impacts of landslides – i.e. the locations in which a landslide has affected a road, a building or another element of infrastructure.

#Hurricane #Maria: USGS landslide impact maps from Puerto Rico reveal the extent of the devastation. "You have thrown our budget a little out of whack, because we've spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico and that's fine," Pres. Trump says. *****GIS #Irma & #Maria tracks and associated info for styling, filtering, labelling and pop-up creation on @ArcGISOnline at. *****The Devastation in Puerto Rico, as Seen From Above - The New York Times. There speaks a man without a history degree. Maps and data for #PuertoRico hurricane damage are available here #HurricaneMaria @EsriDRP. One Day in the Life of Battered Puerto Rico - The New York Times. *****The man on the left is attacking the woman on the right for lacking leadership. Youtube. About half of Americans don't know Puerto Rico is part of the US. And here's why it matters.

Get Trump a front row seat at my #TLT17 session Importance of Literacy: "This is an island. Surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water." The part of San Juan, Puerto Rico where the video for "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi was made before and after Maria. Report: Luis Fonsi IG. Quise compartir estas imágenes tan impresionantes después de #huracanmaria. Ex #HurricaneMaria heading towards UK as a post-tropical storm. Data from @NHC_Atlantic. Theweatherjunkies. *****An enormous atmospheric strimmer: Amazing time-lapse of Hurricane Irma grinding up trees and roofs on the British Virgin Islands. Terrifying.

Long gas lines in Puerto Rico as seen by @NOAA imagery. This line is a kilometer long outside of Ponce. Okay so why is this important? In the 1st 6 months of 2017, solar had become Puerto Rico's top producer of renewable energy. Now, rebuild ne… @AESpuertorico Some good news: This 26MW solar field built by @Canadian_Solar was specifically designed to withstand hurricanes. It succeeded. When the leader of a country fears for his own life, imagine what the population suffers. The devastation on Dominica. With @SkerritR. Puerto Rican Solar Farms Heavily Damaged By Maria. Imagery & context >>> US Navy evacuates residents from #HurricaneMaria devastated Dominica; dozens still missing #switch2sendai #IDDR2017. The Distance Between Donald Trump and Puerto Rico. How far away is Puerto Rico, from President Donald Trump’s perspective?

The Distance Between Donald Trump and Puerto Rico

“This is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean. And it’s a big ocean, it’s a very big ocean,” he said, on Tuesday morning, before a meeting with House members. Puerto Rico is, indeed, an island, but it is also an American island, inhabited by three and a half million United States citizens who are in immediate danger, owing to the havoc wrought by Hurricane Maria. The storm made landfall on the commonwealth more than a week ago as a Category 4 hurricane and swept it from end to end, destroying fields of crops and ripping the façades off of apartment buildings. Relief workers have still not been able to reach some towns in the interior. “We have been really treated very, very nicely by the governor and by everybody else,” Trump said later, during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon with Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister of Spain. Trump, at various instances, failed to correct that misapprehension.

A particularly eye-popping before/after Maria on Vieques, PR southern coast. Trees leaves = gone. Road = sand. Remnants of Hurricane Maria will be delivered by jetstream this w/e - Met Office on what that means for our weather. This @Carolyn_Cole photo of the damage in Puerto Rico has stuck with me. Across miles of Puerto Rico, all of the leaves in this once-verdant landscape have been striped from the trees.

#Maria is a hurricane that just doesn't want to go away! It has just strengthened again to a cat 1 while #HurricaneLee now up to a cat 3. Remnants of Hurricanes #Maria & #Lee will track towards Europe this weekend, creating a deep low pressure system over the UK. @weatherpro. “Hysteria is starting to spread”: Puerto Rico is devastated in the wake of Hurricane Maria - Vox. Aftermath of Maria shows roof damage and flooding in Cantera, Puerto Rico. Before & after Maria in Puerto Rico showing huge vegetation loss. Puerto Rico residents gather round one of the few working mobile phone masts last Friday.

Satellite night images of #PuertoRico. #HurricaneMaria knocked out power grid, millions without electricity. More @ With power still out across Puerto Rico, 94° high at San Juan yesterday tied a record. Highs in the low 90s forecast all week. #MariaPR. Puerto Rico’s Agriculture and Farmers Decimated by Maria. Ooooof! This is a touristic area in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where 3 days after Maria, still no electricity, no gas, no way to get cash. #TellTrump. “All the infrastructure has collapsed. Everything we had before the hurricane is beyond reach.” The @USAFReserve Hurricane Hunters continue to collect data on #HurricaneMaria. Here's a look inside courtesy Maj. John Gharbi. The Caribbean is left with massive flooding and devastation after hurricane #Maria. A look at the damage from 4 islands.

Gfs taking #Maria knocking on the Door of the East coast of the US. Yesterday the UK military worked together with local agencies to clear roads and support the effort to restore communications in Montserrat. *****Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico reels, Turks and Caicos hit (incl wind turbine blades off) A gradual weakening of Maria is forecast over the next two days, but the Category 3 hurricane still socked the Turks and Caicos, a British overseas territory of more than 52,000 people.

*****Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico reels, Turks and Caicos hit (incl wind turbine blades off)

Maria's core left the Turks and Caicos in a north-northwestward direction and was gradually moving away from the Bahamas, the center said in its 8 p.m. advisory. A dangerous storm surge and large waves will raise water levels by as much as 9 to 12 feet above normal tide in the Turks and Caicos and southeastern Bahamas, the center said. More rain and flash flooding in Puerto Rico The giant storm's death toll continues to mount. At least 15 people are confirmed dead on Dominica, and dozens more remain missing. At least six people were killed in Puerto Rico, said Héctor M. Earlier, Puerto Rico's governor told CNN's "New Day" that 13 people had died in the storm. The rain could spur "life-threatening flash floods and mudslides.

" Heavy rainfall is expected through Saturday. Death, destruction. UN News - ‘To deny climate change is to deny a truth we have just lived’ says Prime Minister of storm-hit Dominica. A great visual example of seepage through dams... and its consequences. Guajataca Dam Failure Puerto Rico - 9/22/2017. *****Hurricane Maria Leaves Puerto Rico Facing Months Without Power - NBC News. Millions of people across Puerto Rico woke up Thursday to a grim new reality.

*****Hurricane Maria Leaves Puerto Rico Facing Months Without Power - NBC News

Hurricane Maria, the most powerful storm to hit the U.S. territory in almost a century, ravaged the island, demolishing homes and knocking out all electricity. It could take half a year to restore power to the nearly 3.5 million people who live there. The eye of the storm moved offshore overnight, but the danger remained Thursday: Intense flooding was reported, particularly in San Juan, where many residential streets looked like rushing rivers. The storm has been blamed for the deaths of 18 people, including two in Puerto Rico, but many fear that toll could climb as authorities were beginning to assess the extent of the damage and search for survivors. San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz said the devastation in the capital city was unlike any she had ever seen. "The San Juan that we knew yesterday is no longer there," Cruz told MSNBC.

Water rationing begins tomorrow in San Juan. Pipes run two hours per day from 5 to 7 pm. Curfew also still in place from 6pm to 6am. #PR. In Puerto Rico, "power is out, roads are blocked, cell phone towers are down, streets flooded, and now a dam may be failing." *****'Green and blue turned to muddy brown' Dominica knocked to its knees by Hurricane Maria's might. At least 15 people are dead after the hurricane barreled through the island, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said.

*****'Green and blue turned to muddy brown' Dominica knocked to its knees by Hurricane Maria's might

"The damage is extensive," Skerrit told CNN Thursday. "It is really devastating in many communities. Our agriculture sector is 100% destroyed. Our tourism is, I would say, about 95% destroyed. " A CNN team in the capital, Roseau, saw widespread destruction: many buildings damaged, cars and boats overturned, bridges clogged with huge tree trucks and many roads impassable. #Maria is still a category 3 #hurricane but is now moving away from the Bahamas - take a look at some stats from this record breaking storm. Interesting tidbit in the 8pm @NHC_Atlantic update on #Maria - they launched an unmanned aerial vehicle into the eyewall. Puerto Rico evacuates 70,000 after dam fails in Hurricane Maria's wake.

Guajataca Dam fails in Puerto Rico, prompting "extremely dangerous" situation - CBS News. Last Updated Sep 22, 2017 6:26 PM EDT SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- The National Weather Service in San Juan said Friday that the northwestern municipalities of Isabela and Quebradillas, home to some 70,000 people, were being evacuated with buses because the nearby Guajataca Dam was failing after Hurricane Maria hit the U.S. territory.

Guajataca Dam fails in Puerto Rico, prompting "extremely dangerous" situation - CBS News

Maria poured more than 15 inches of rain on the mountains surrounding the dam, swelling the reservoir behind it. Details remained slim about the evacuation with communications hampered after the storm, but operators of the dam reported that the failure was causing flash-flooding downstream. The 345-yard dam holds back a man-made lake covering about 2 square miles and was built decades ago, U.S. government records show. "Move to higher ground now," the weather service said in a statement.

"Act quickly to protect your life," it added. The government called the situation "extremely dangerous. " Puerto Rico's Guajataca dam fails and causes "extremely dangerous" flooding in wake of Hurricane Maria. #HurricaneMaria's torrential rainfall measured from space. The eye wall of #hurricaneMaria seems to be strengthening again as it moves over warm waters... #severeweather #MARIA. Dominica after #Maria...terrible flooding there as well. More devastation video coming out of Dominica. Zoomed-in view of Maria. As always, insane imagery from GOES-16.

Hurricane #Maria maintaining intensity and will pass close to the Turks and Caicos Islands (highlighted on image) tomorrow. Hurricanes Expose Resilience Gap On Small Islands. Severe and catastrophic flooding in puerto rico as #HurricaneMaria tears across the island... #PuertRico. This is what @iCyclone faced yesterday as #HurricaneMARIA made its way across Puerto Rico... #MariaPR. Hurricane #Maria passing the NE coast of the Dominican Republic. Expected to move near the Turks & Caicos Islands tomorrow morning (UK time) Hurricane Maria: Dominica 'in daze' after storm leaves island cut off from world.

Dominica – the first island hit by the full category-five force of Hurricane Maria – is “in a daze”, officials have said, cut off from its Caribbean neighbours in the wake of a storm that destroyed properties, silenced communications and cut power and running water.

Hurricane Maria: Dominica 'in daze' after storm leaves island cut off from world

Seven people have so far been confirmed dead in Dominica but that toll is expected to rise as rescue teams make their way to inaccessible parts of the island. Hartley Henry, an adviser to the prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, said there had been a “tremendous loss of housing and public buildings”. There was no electricity and virtually no means of communicating with the outside world, he said. Henry said he had spoken to Skerrit – who had to be rescued from his flooded residence during the hurricane – via satellite phone.

“He and family are fine: Dominica is not,” he said. “The main general hospital took a beating. Some districts were reporting “total destruction” of homes, roads and crops, Henry said. Wow, the eye of #HurricaineMaria has grown considerably during past hours. We’re back to a Category 3 hurricane... #MARIA #DominicanRepublic. I penetrated #MARIA's inner eyewall & looks like I might have grazed eye. Wind uneven then—need to review video. Min p: 929.4 mb at 5:47 am. One rain gauge in Puerto Rico has recorded 47" (1194mm) of rain in the last 24hrs from #HurricaneMaria. About same as UK annual average. HURRICANE MARIA. Coastal Watches/Warnings and Forecast Cone for Storm Center <span style="color:red;"><br />JavaScript/Active Scripting must be enabled to view other versions of this maps.


</span> * If the storm is forecast to dissipate within 3 days, the "Full Forecast" and "3 day" graphic will be identical. NEW: Authorities say it could be four to six months before electricity is returned to Puerto Rico. Inside #HurricaneMaria 65 knot winds cause streaking across the ocean's surface. @USAFReserve Hurricane Hunters continue to collect data. Latest from @NHC_Atlantic has #Maria a Cat 3 with sustained winds of 115 MPH. Loop shows 24 hours of #GOES16 longwave IR imagery. W/ this of #Maria, & others, wondering if something about strong hurr structure that leads to eerie satellite faces. Inner eyewall of #HurricaneMaria as it went from circular and steady to elongated and gyrating wildly. The last ~20 hours of #Maria via #GOES16 1-min IR. The latest high res image of #HurricaneMaria shows the eye centre has filled as it exits Puerto Rico. Sustained winds of 115 mph now a Cat 3. Wind 56kts gusting 79kts ..... in fog! Hurricane #Maria hitting San Juan in Puerto Rico. Tropical storm #Jose tracking the east coast.