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Homes and homelessness / Tenure

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#Australia and #UK both try to tackle housing affordability. What are best practice case studies we can learn from? Homeowner equity in #relaestate nearly back to (nominal/not inflation-adjusted) peak. #dataviz. House sales by house road number, 2016. Notice anything about number 13? A must see animated #HousingAffordability #map for #Vancouver. Eurostat research explores share of people living in a house vs an apartment. How high-tech Kasita microhomes could revolutionize homeownership.

America’s affordable housing crisis is squeezing people out of cities, but one Harvard researcher believes he’s developed a beautiful and high-tech solution to the problem.

How high-tech Kasita microhomes could revolutionize homeownership

In 2015, Jeff Wilson—also known as “Professor Dumpster” after his year-long dumpster living experiment—unveiled Kasita, a smart microhousing startup that aims at disrupting the housing market with prefabricated tiny homes that can pop up just about anywhere. After a couple years in development, Wilson just debuted the Kasita microhouse at SXSW this week with the announcement that the tiny stackable homes will be ready for nationwide delivery in June. Stylish, smart, and space-saving, the 352-square-foot (33 square meter) Kasita mobile home offers a beautiful split-level living space that uses transforming furniture, white walls, and ten-foot-high ceilings to make its small footprint feel airy and spacious.

Related: Meet the Texas Professor Who Lives in a Dumpster. Students design beautiful homes for mass-production at just $20,000 each. High-quality design and affordability don’t have to be mutually exclusive—just ask the architecture students at Auburn University’s Rural Studio, a “social justice architecture” program that has been designing sustainable and low-cost homes for the rural poor in an initiative called the 20K Project.

Students design beautiful homes for mass-production at just $20,000 each

Now, after a decade of design/build experience, Rural Studio is hoping to take their affordable designs to mass production, starting with its first two dwellings built out-of-state at the bucolic New Urban village of Serenbe in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. While the partnership between Rural Studio and the high-end Serenbe community may seem odd at first glance, the mutually beneficial collaboration provides a valuable field testing opportunity for the 20K Project and gives students their first chance to work with a commercial contractor and take the project through all stages of construction, including zoning and code compliance. Are we on the verge of a crash in house prices? Only the data will tell. This week, exactly two months after the vote for Brexit, I spent an hour on the property site Zoopla looking at the latest housing sale data available.

Are we on the verge of a crash in house prices? Only the data will tell

Anyone can do this at the click of a button. Unlike the rise in stamp duty in April, which was well anticipated, the vote to leave the EU was not. Inheritances and inequality across and within generations - Institute For Fiscal Studies - IFS. Today’s elderly have much more wealth to bequeath than their predecessors, primarily as the result of rising homeownership rates and rising house prices.

Inheritances and inequality across and within generations - Institute For Fiscal Studies - IFS

At the same time, today’s young adults will find it harder to accumulate wealth of their own than previous generations did, due to the sharp fall in homeownership, the dramatic decline of defined benefit pensions in the private sector and the stagnation in household incomes. Together, these trends mean inherited wealth is likely to play a more important role in determining the lifetime economic resources of younger generations, with important implications for inequality and social mobility.

Looking at current pensioners, we find that those with the highest lifetime incomes are also those who have inherited the most across the course of their lives. The growing importance of inherited wealth. #Onthisday 1957: As Britain entered the 'never had it so good' era, the Ideal Home Exhibition showcased all the finest furnishings. Superb @Shelter video on why we don't build enough attractive, affordable homes, and what to do about it.

#Map shows share of homes that are mobile homes across #USA. South is popular! U.S. homeownership rate 1980-2016 #dataviz. Housing Minister @GavinBarwellMP on whether next week's White Paper is a change of stance for the Tories on home ownership #Peston. Hey residents of Richmond Park, do you need six golf courses within two miles of each other or can we build houses on some of them? Housing Minister @GavinBarwellMP on whether next week's White Paper is a change of stance for the Tories on home ownership #Peston. #Map shows most common age of houses in #Europe. #UK and #Germany mostly directly post #WWII. ‘Anti-homeless’ spikes removed in Manchester after locals kept covering them with cushions. 'Anti-homeless' spikes installed in Manchester city centre, aimed at deterring rough sleepers, have been removed following protests by local people.

‘Anti-homeless’ spikes removed in Manchester after locals kept covering them with cushions

The spikes were initially installed outside an office block, where the city’s homeless often slept. But locals and council leaders were quick to criticise the spikes, and some even visited to cover them with cushions and food. Manchester council’s city centre spokesperson, Pat Kearney, told the Manchester Evening News that he spoke with the owners of the building. Housing crisis grows – first fall in home movers for five years. House prices in London are falling. Home Ownership in Britain - Views of the World. Housing has always been a decisive and sometimes divisive political issue.

Home Ownership in Britain - Views of the World

Home ownership has of course long been an aspiration for many people, and in the post-war period between 1953 and 1971 the number of households renting and owning reached an equal level, as documented in official census statistics for England and Wales. Ownership then surpassed renting, reaching its peak in 2001 at 69%. In the decade that followed, this number went down to 64%. The following two maps show the ownership rate in the UK in a conventional and an equal population projection: (click for larger version) Animated #map shows just how big the difference between urban and regional / rural house prices is in the #USA. The European Cities With the Most Affordable Housing. Residents may think they know, but a massive new report suggests a far more complex reality.

The European Cities With the Most Affordable Housing

If you want to live in a European city where residents think affordable housing is easy to come by, avoid London and head for Ljubljana. That's one of the possible conclusions to draw from a massive new report on European cities published by the E.U. According to Eurostat's 2015 Urban Europe report [PDF], published this week, most European big city residents feel that decent housing they can afford is increasingly hard to come by.

Comparing house price trends worldwide. Coal miners' houses w no windows. Comparing house price trends worldwide. St Ives moves step closer to restricting second home ownership. A plan to restrict second home ownership in a picture postcard Cornish harbour town has been boosted after a high court judge ruled its proposal did not breach human rights legislation.

St Ives moves step closer to restricting second home ownership

The decision means that St Ives, beloved of art lovers, surfers and beach fans, is a step closer to being able to enforce a planning provision allowing the building of new houses only if they are reserved to people who live in the area full time. It is also likely to trigger similar moves by other communities where local people are forced out by soaring prices driven up by second home owners elsewhere in Cornwall and the UK. St Minver, the parish that includes the north Cornwall holiday hotspots of Rock and Polzeath, already has a similar policy planned and was waiting for the judgment before putting it to its residents. There's an affordable housing crisis in rural areas. But with the right support, rural landowners can help. Landowners can help solve the rural housing crisis. Report suggests ways to help landowners provide affordable housing for local communities A new paper released today by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) argues that rural landowners can play a crucial role in solving England’s rural housing crisis, and sets out ways to better enable them to do so [1].

Landowners can help solve the rural housing crisis

Under current policy, rural landowners can provide sites at below-market prices to build housing for local people in need - but recent legal and financial changes have made this increasingly difficult. On Solid Ground shows how we could make it easier for landowners to offer their land for affordable housing, including through changes to tax legislation and to councils’ waiting list systems for social housing. Cawsand joins St Ives as the new frontline of Cornwall’s war on second homes. Cornwall considers more bans on second homes. More communities in Cornwall could soon enforce bans on second homes, following a successful ruling for St Ives.

Cornwall considers more bans on second homes

Around 25% of properties in the seaside town are thought to be second homes. Earlier this year, residents voted overwhelmingly to ban the construction of new properties unless they were reserved for locals. Crisis, what housing crisis? We just need fresh thinking. Housing is Britain’s top policy issue. It is the “crisis” of our day. London’s mayoral elections, says Labour’s Sadiq Khan, should be a “referendum on the housing crisis”. The migration crisis, the NHS crisis and the poverty crisis all pale before its awesome might. A large house price depreciation can be good for economic growth, research finds.

Rising housing prices are accompanied by higher household consumption and firm investment that boost economic growth. However, excessive house price appreciations may distort capital allocation efficiency, for example by crowding out investments in productive sectors, which reduce long-term economic growth. Moreover, house price bubbles are typically unsustainable. Once a housing bubble bursts, credit conditions will tighten due to falling collateral value, leading to a fall in household consumption and employment that cause an economic downturn. Meanwhile, the correction of housing prices may improve investment efficiency and trigger structural reform that subsequently enhances economic growth. In recent work, we look into the trade-off between the aforementioned effects and document new international evidence on the relation between real estate valuations at different stages of housing cycles and economic growth (Aizenman et al. 2016).

Charles Booth Maps Descriptive of London Poverty. How can the #smashedavo housing affordability debate be solved? @_chriskohler and @BernardSalt (millennial v boomer) tell us how. Timeline: UK Property Over the Last 50 Years. Very funny take on a problem for a whole generation. Ladybird wisdom, part 42. Rooms. Urban Demographics: Aggregate homeownership rates for different countries. This Blog Linked From Here Blogroll Monday, August 29, 2016 Aggregate homeownership rates for different countries.