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Hazard Management

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We’re thrilled to announce a new initiative w/ @facebook, “Disaster Maps”, to better assist disaster-hit communities. #inequality's been a major driver of #disaster #risk throughout history, says expert #FadiHamdan. #MEXICOGP2017 #GlobalGoals #climatechange. *****Turns out a Volcano eruption is newsworthy after 1 death whereas a famine is interesting to media consumers after 38,920 deaths. Application - Stakeholder Steering Committee - Global Compact on Migration Preparatory Process. How have hazards impacted your state? Check out the maps at #HCAbriefing @aaas @geosociety @SeismoSocietyAm @theAGU. $175 bn economic & global insured disaster losses in 2016, highest since 2012 @SwissRe #switch2sendai #MEXICOGP2017. #Gender #inequality's a driver of #disaster #risk, @HibaQasas of @UN_Women tells #EFDRR. Powerful point. #MEXICOGP2017 #DRR. Sacramento Ready. Emergency Kit.

This is IKEA's flatpack refugee shelter. Read more. #Disaster deaths falling but costs skyrocketing. #Business #resilience is key. Great #SendaiAmericas @ariseinitiative meet. #MEXICOGP2017. *****How good are earthquake hazard maps? Interesting article on challenges of assessing their effectiveness. Deaths caused by disasters - Top 10 countries. Source. Safer Cities & Urban Development. *****Physics of inertia. *****Wildfires: "More than a plane, it's an angel" - tackling Chile's worst forest fires in decades. *****Inertia: UK Police defend choice to warn thousands to evacuate as storm falters. Police and Environment Agency officials today defended their decision to warn tens of thousands of people living near the east coast of England to leave their homes because they were at risk of flooding.

*****Inertia: UK Police defend choice to warn thousands to evacuate as storm falters

These are the risks the world is most likely to face in the next 10 years. Read more. You live in a world full of risks. These are the biggest. The past year will be remembered for dramatic political results that broke with consensus expectations: Brexit, the surprise election victory of Donald Trump, the ongoing refugee crisis, increasing geopolitical tensions and the continued threat of terrorism all left their stamp on 2016.

You live in a world full of risks. These are the biggest

As the World Economic Forum looks at perceived risks in its 2017 Global Risk Report, some of these trends come out very clearly as pressing concerns for our future. In this year’s annual survey, some 750 experts assessed 30 global risks, as well as 13 underlying trends that could amplify them or alter the interconnections between them. Image: World Economic Forum Extreme weather most likely threat. ***Extreme weather tent could help millions of homeless people. Live Earthquakes Map. Favourite image from @RGS_IBGschools A2 study day - global risk map - essential for synoptic essays #geography. Scroll to p80+97 Hazard CS rev: P,S,ST,LT quadrants. Pakistan's plan to cut disaster risk aims at a new target: ... Effort to cut child deaths includes new construction standards for schools, evacuation drills and putting climate risks into the curriculum.

Pakistan's plan to cut disaster risk aims at a new target: ...

'We can replace material possessions, but we cannot replace people': #UNSG Ban Ki-moon calls for a drive to curb #disaster toll. #IDDR2016. Thursday is International Day for #Disaster Reduction. What's it all about? Watch to find out. #IDDR2016 #LiveToTell #switch2sendai. Reducing the risk from natural disasters means looking to the past, as well as the future. Reducing the risk from natural disasters means looking to the past, as well as the future. In disaster risk management, we often pay close attention to the latest technological boosts to better understand risks and help communities prepare for the next disaster.

Reducing the risk from natural disasters means looking to the past, as well as the future

While such efforts are commendable, I noticed that insightful messages from our ancestors can also help us better anticipate tomorrow’s disaster risks. Such messages teach us how to keep hazards away from people (reducing existing risks) as well as how to keep people away from hazards (avoid creating new risks). On my latest trip to Japan, we hosted government officials from Armenia, Kyrgyz Republic, and Tajikistan as part of an experts’ visit focusing on disaster risk management, acting on Japan’s rich culture of passing on such decisive messages to future generations. In Japan, information on natural hazards seems ubiquitous. Made some posters for the classroom on the 3Ps for earthquake risk management. Download here #geographyteacher. 'Freaks on the peaks': the lonely lives of the last remaining forest fire lookouts. For Levi Brinegar, alone atop his mountain, a storm can feel like the end of the world.

'Freaks on the peaks': the lonely lives of the last remaining forest fire lookouts

Clouds swallow the peak, winds howl and lightning blazes. “The tower shakes. During the last one the windows cracked. The lightning was 50 feet away. Europe to strengthen tsunami alert system. The 1755 Lisbon earthquake and tsunami claimed tens of thousands of lives.

Europe to strengthen tsunami alert system

Tsunami risk has a low profile in Europe, but the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts have been hit by deadly waves throughout history.By Jonathan Fowler BUCHAREST, 27 September 2016 – Nations on the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Seas have decided to bolster their tsunami warning systems by giving France, Greece, Italy and Turkey a regionwide alert role. The decision came at a meeting of the 39-country Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Tsunami Early Warning and Mitigation System in the Northeastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Connected Seas – the ICG/NEAMTWS – which is part of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UN science agency UNESCO.

An estimated 130 million people live on the ICG/NEAMTWS countries’ coasts, and the numbers swell in the tourist season, while the role of the region’s ports in international trade also makes it crucial to address risk. Radio, flashlight and winding generator all in one. It also works on 2×AA batteries. 1: Cardboard Tubes - 10 Technologies That Help Buildings Resist Earthquakes. Economic loss is concentrated in high-income countries, in relative terms it is far greater problem for low income countries #switch2sendai.

Tokyo quake drill focuses on tourist language barrier. Image copyright KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images Tokyo has carried out an earthquake drill focusing on how to safely evacuate masses of foreign tourists when faced with a language barrier.

Tokyo quake drill focuses on tourist language barrier

The exercise took place on the 350m (1148ft) high observation deck of Japan's tallest building, Tokyo Skytree, and involved evacuating more than 100 foreigners down to ground level, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper reports. Emergency response officials carried portable translation devices to communicate with visitors individually, allowing spoken Japanese to be translated into three languages - Korean, Chinese and English. Innovative Christchurch buildings designed to beat quakes. Image copyright AFP A severe earthquake off the north-east New Zealand coast last week served as a stark reminder of why the country is nicknamed the Shaky Isles.

Innovative Christchurch buildings designed to beat quakes

More than 15,000 earthquakes are recorded in the South Pacific nation each year, but only about 150 are large enough to be felt. The 7.1 quake sparked a tsunami warning and reportedly caused some damage to property but no injuries. India gets tsunami-ready. Dr Srinivas Kumar Tummula demonstrating the Indian Tsunami Early Warning System in Hyderabad earlier today.By Sarah Wade-Apicella HYDERABAD, 6 September 2016 - Communities, local authorities and national disaster management authorities from 24 Indian Ocean countries are gearing up to put to the test their tsunami readiness during the 2016 tsunami mock drill “IOWave16” beginning tomorrow.

India gets tsunami-ready

The two-day drill will test the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System (IOTWMS) for the efficiency and efficacy of the messages issued from the Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre hosted at the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) in Hyderabad, one of three regional centres. Christchurch Rocks: 13 things I learned. Thirteen things I learned from an earthquake: The Southern sky is a beautiful thing, especially on a cloudless night.

Christchurch Rocks: 13 things I learned

We forget this when we live in cities, until the electricity is suddenly cut off and you see the stars again. You see them especially well at half-past four in the morning, standing shivering in your driveway hoping the shaking doesn’t start again. Olympic task: Tokyo is already in crisis management mode for 2020 Games. AJEM Housing construction in earthquake-prone places: Perspectives, priorities and projections for development. Abstract It can no longer be assumed for all earthquake areas, as it was thirty years ago, that all architects and engineers are both accessible and competent for earthquake-resistant housing.

There is a long overdue requirement for urban multi-storey and self-build small buildings to improve the standard of their construction. After almost every urban earthquake, the call goes out for building construction to be improved. Decrepit infrastructure denies millions urgent natural disaster aid, study says. Earthquake-proof buildings save lives @Profiainstewart. Can we use volcanoes to cool the Earth off? KalypsoWorldPhotography Exactly two centuries ago this summer, it was winter. A snowstorm in early June 1816 surprised New England, Ontario, and Quebec with a foot of snow. Below-freezing temperatures killed crops throughout the Northeast, forcing thousands of farmers to up and move west in search of warmer pastures. In Europe, the cold air was wetter and soaked the continent for more than 120 of the 150 days of summer; floodwaters displaced thousands.

Crop yields in parts of Europe were 75 percent less than normal. NATHAN Risk Suite - Profile. COP21 WeatherDisastersReport 2015 FINAL.