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Development of Geography. Geography Teachers to Follow on Twitter - Google Sheets. Flying geographically: I fly 747s for a living. Here are the amazing things I see every day. I've loved airplanes for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until my late 20s that I started training to become a commercial airline pilot.

Flying geographically: I fly 747s for a living. Here are the amazing things I see every day.

My adult life before then consisted of a master's degree and about a third of a PhD (I like to say I did the ‘P'), followed by a stint as a management consultant — career tracks that at least allowed me to fly regularly as a passenger, one usually too excited by the window seat to sleep. I often regret my late start as a professional pilot. "Geography is the world"

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Guest post #26 – Alan Parkinson – @GeoBlog. Shoulders of Giants – Alan Parkinson – @GeoBlogs I confess to not being a new blogger.

guest post #26 – Alan Parkinson – @GeoBlog

I’m an old blogger in several respects… I’ve been blogging a long time, and I’m old. I started blogging in 2002 and ran a CPD session on it for colleagues in Norfolk back then: the first time I’d stood up in front of my peers. My online user name of @GeoBlogs dates from 2003, and a project that gained funding from the Royal Geographical Society to blog about the geography of the everyday – I’m still going eleven years later. I’m convinced a bad pun on ‘Joe Bloggs’ made it stand out. Why do people mock us geography students? I’m tired of everyone giving geography students like me a hard time.

Why do people mock us geography students?

For years I’ve experienced jibes, sarcastic comments and mockery for the fact I like geography, but I didn’t think it would carry on at university. My friends and I have heard all the digs, from: “where are your colouring pencils?” To “do you not get bored of looking at maps?” I don’t mock any other student’s degree, so why is geography any different? Yes, I do like maps (I own a number of them in fact) but geography is so much more than that. GeoLibrary 2013-16 - a 365 project. Mappa Mundi - the worst world map? Satellite eye on Earth: July 2016 – in pictures. Clew Bay in County Mayo, Republic of Ireland, contains Ireland’s best example of sunken glacial drumlins – low hills formed from glacial sediment deposited at the end of the last ice age.

Satellite eye on Earth: July 2016 – in pictures

The bay is associated with Elizabethan pirate queen Grace O’Malley and Dorinish, a private island purchased by John Lennon. Mischief reef in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. An international tribunal in the Hague rejected Beijing’s claims to sovereignty over the waters in a landmark case, brought by the Philippines, on 12 July.