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Flood management

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1947 floods e.g. Fens

Causes of flooding. Eels in a park. 1 Various flood management. Bangladesh floods. Flash floods. Driving on flooded roads. Impermeable surfaces. Gripping (channelisation of moorland for farming) GIS flood response. Australia floods. Water cycle in literature. Flood resilience and awareness. Flood maps. Costs of flooding (and climate change) UK mills. #TBT - my first visit to the fantastic #ThamesBarrier in the mid 80s #itsbehindyou. What an idiot. Wow. The scale of this is amazing. Tokyo has spent $2 billion on underground tunnels and storage tanks to deal with potential flood risks… A house is destroyed after washing away in New Hampshire flooding and colliding with a bridge. Now that’s how you create a community flood forum website Check out @PangValleyFlood to see how it’s done! #OpenData.

What would an entirely flood-proof city look like? They call it “pave, pipe, and pump”: the mentality that has dominated urban development for over a century.

What would an entirely flood-proof city look like?

Along with the explosion of the motorcar in the early 20th century came paved surfaces. Still one of the most striking examples of the use of demountable flood defences - Danube 2013 #floodaware. *****Permeable tarmac: This super-absorbent concrete could be used to prevent flash flooding. Have a peek at our new look online flood warning service & tell us what you think. Might as well check your risk too. *****Nice infographic explainer on the tricky subject of flood frequency and return periods by @JAPollard12. *****River restoration: ‘Daylighting’ is a new trend that’s transforming cities. Waterways were once the beating hearts of our cities.

*****River restoration: ‘Daylighting’ is a new trend that’s transforming cities

They bore the boats laden with the goods, tradesmen and settlers that transformed inlets and backwaters into hubs of humanity. However, all that changed 200 years ago with the advent of the industrial revolution: as cities became crowded, rivers were polluted with human and industrial waste, becoming sources of disease; at the same time the development of the railways meant waterways were no longer the essential mode of transport they once were. The result was that all across the world cities covered over their rivers, forcing them into culverts or tunnels below the metropolis. Today, waterways across the world are fighting back. In a trend known as “daylighting”, towns in Europe, Asia, North America and Australasia are breaking open culverts to reveal the hidden rivers that have always been at their heart. The two most active cities by far have been London and Zurich.

Image: Canal River Trust Image: Share. *****Impermeable surfaces: Lovely green front gardens reduce flooding. Why not ban concreting them over? River restoration: 1957 #Thames biologically dead now 175 species of fish #Tidewaytunnel #cleanThames #London #nationalparkcity. What an hour of rain does to Indian streets. *****River restoration: A river runs through it: the global movement to 'daylight' urban waterways. Tucked away in a corner of Sheffield’s cultural quarter, among the graffiti and red-brick housing blocks and a derelict industrial site, lies a green oasis.

*****River restoration: A river runs through it: the global movement to 'daylight' urban waterways

Porter Brook is a “pocket park” – a small amphitheatre, sloping down to the banks of the river Porter, where wild trout spawn in spring and students from the technical college picnic and paddle. Two years ago, the pocket park did not exist. There was just a crumbling car park with the river Porter nowhere to be seen, save for a brief glimpse before it disappeared into a culvert. “There’s no green spaces at all in this part of Sheffield, so the pocket park has been a great success,” says Katie Bayliss, a local resident. “Before, I don’t think people realised there was a fully flowing river here. *****Dams and weirs - problems: Geomorphology of a river: what happens when you install a dam & how the sediment transport changes. Did you know that porpoises, dolphins & seals live in the Thames? This handsome seal was spotted posing in Chiswick! #NationalMarineWeek.

An extremely powerful image of how we are reducing water storage capacity by straightening rivers... #flooding #naturalfloodmanagement. *****Cornwall floods: Coverack wakes up to 'devastation' (everything including the kitchen sink) @Cloudseeker55 @TheoJThomas @DanRavenEllison @LondonNPC There's great potential to reintroduce a more natural watershed in London. Blank, grassy spaces could be criss-crossed by rivulets. *****River restoration (managing eutrophication): Lovely day making reedbeds for the river Lea with @Thames21 @thisisyourriver - Bit distracted by the mesmerising duckweed munching conveyor. *****Permeable / Impermeable / Infiltration rates / Fundamentally we fail to see this landscape as a way to heal London's watershed. Rain must be welcomed not diverted past these green spaces.

*****Hard engineering / Channelisation / River straightening / I'm sure Seven Kings Water in Westwood Recreation Ground would like to be set free! #BigWalkAroundLondon. *****River restoration / Wetland restoration: The river London forgot: how the Lea is being reborn. *****Keeping back the floods resources available. *****River restoration: Salmon return to Glasgow's once heavily polluted River Clyde - The i newspaper online iNews. Glasgow’s famous River Clyde is now far less polluted than it used to be, with water quality improving and fish returning to areas that they have been unable to access for decades.

*****River restoration: Salmon return to Glasgow's once heavily polluted River Clyde - The i newspaper online iNews

Some parts of the river are now graded as “excellent” after recovering from years of pollution, according to monitoring work carried out by Scotland’s environmental regulator. “We’ve abused this river, tipping our waste into it without a second thought for the impact it has”Roseanna Cunningham MSP The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) said the Clyde was in “significantly better health” than expected thanks to high levels of investment. Builders 'behind UK flooding risk' Work has begun scraping off Helton Bridleway today! Surfacing to follow tomorrow #floodresilience.

*****Climate Change in Bangladesh - Scientific American Blog Network. In some places, the impact of climate change is obvious.

*****Climate Change in Bangladesh - Scientific American Blog Network

In others, scientists predict that climate change will occur based on elaborate computer models. In Bangladesh, it is already happening at a scale that involves unprecedented human tragedy. I witnessed this in December 2016, when I visited Bangladesh to give some talks at the University of Chittagong. December 9, 2016. Frozen river in China blown up in spectacular explosion - CBBC Newsround. *****Keeping back the floods resources available. *****Ottowa river ice blown up: Cities on flood plains.

Flood defence plans heavily favour London and south-east. The government’s planned spending on flood defences heavily favours London and the south-east of England, according to a new analysis, with spending per person up to 13 times higher than in other regions.

Flood defence plans heavily favour London and south-east

The recently published plans set out spending to 2021 and, for major projects, beyond that date. By far the largest projects are those for the Thames estuary, leading to 60% of the planned spending going to London and south-east, home to 32% of England’s population. Accusations of a north-south divide in flood defence spending were dismissed by then prime minister David Cameron after severe floods across northern England in December 2015. But the new research indicates southern areas will receive significantly more money. It was conducted by analysts at Carbon Brief and takes into account the £700m funding boost announced after those floods. The new analysis assesses the funding in place until 2021 and also the anticipated spending on large projects that will completed after that date.

*****What to Do: Car Sinking in Water, Only Seconds to React (car in a flood) *****Flash flooding (a lucky escape?): More shocking footage from Comodoro Rivadavia, S Argentina yesterday, March 30!! Video: Cobo Behrens. *****Heavy flash flooding again reported in South America - this video is from Comodoro Rivadavia, S Argentina on March 29! Rivers Trust app. Parisians find a way to keep their feet dry after a flood of the Seine, 1924. See the dramatic moment a woman emerges from muddy floodwaters near Lima, Peru. Award-Winning Story Map Spells Out Flood Danger to French Schoolchildren. Torrential rains in France last June caused extensive flooding, closing museums in Paris including the Louvre, cutting power to parts of the country, and temporarily driving 3,000 people out of their homes in the city of Nemours.

Award-Winning Story Map Spells Out Flood Danger to French Schoolchildren

Mélanie Vallui and Laureline Gérard created this story map to educate school children about flood risk. The French have long dealt with devastating floods, one of the worst being the so-called Great Flood of Paris in 1910. However, French residents need to be better informed about the risks of major floods, according to university students Mélanie Vallui and Laureline Gérard. Complete Flood Management with ArcGIS. Northern California levees straining under massive water flows. If you aren't already following #OrovilleDam news - you should. Likely to be adaptive disaster risk management case study for years to come. Raw: Video Shows Water Gush Through Dam Spillway.

Softer engineering methods including unwanted Christmas trees are used to protect people and properties from flooding. Here's a potent example of encroachment on the Waiau River, '84-'16. The landowner's title allowed them to do this, farm now being eroded. 'Floods and Freezes' exhibition at Spelthorne Museum showcases fascinating photos from 1947 to 2014. A new exhibition has opened at Spelthorne Museum showcasing photos of floods and freezes in the area from the 19th century right up to present day, including the notable events of 2013/14.

'Floods and Freezes' exhibition at Spelthorne Museum showcases fascinating photos from 1947 to 2014

*****Dashcam video of flash flood in Northern California on highway 23. You'd think there were enough Geography GCSEs out there, wouldn't you? James Cheshire on Instagram: “Floods in England since 1945. Created using Environment Agency open data. #maps #cartography #flooding” ****You Can Slow The Flow – Slow the Flow Calderdale. ***£1.8bn earmarked for Thames Estuary flood defences.

Image copyright AFP Half of all the money earmarked for new flood defences in England will be spent on protecting London and areas around the Thames, official figures show.

***£1.8bn earmarked for Thames Estuary flood defences

Analysis by BBC News has found £1.8bn will be spent on the Thames Estuary out of a £3.7bn national flood spending programme. About 16,000 homes were flooded across the North of England a year ago. The Environment Agency said it invested money "where it will have the most benefit". The disparity in regional flood defence spending comes as many flood victims remain homeless, 12 months after storms Desmond and Eva devastated parts of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria. One in 10 new homes were created in areas of high flood risk last year. Flood Afghanistan bring woods from high mountains to villages. it is amazing. #Paktya #Paktia #Khost.

Megadams: Brazil's Environmental Agency Halts 8-GW Amazon Hydropower Project. Brazil’s environmental protection agency, IBAMA, in early August canceled development permits for an 8-GW hydroelectric project on concerns about its social and ecological impacts.

Megadams: Brazil's Environmental Agency Halts 8-GW Amazon Hydropower Project

Megadams: Brazil’s government charged with ethnocide in building of Amazon dam. Brazil’s Public Federal Ministry (Ministério Público Federal, MPF), an independent state body, has started legal proceedings to have it recognised that the crime of “ethnocide” was committed on seven indigenous groups due to the severe detrimental impacts on their lives made by the building of the giant Belo Monte hydroelectric power station that will soon begin operating on the Xingu River in eastern Amazonia. The charges have been made against Brazil’s federal government and Norte Energia, the contractor that built the dam.

Flood torrent tears through a store in Furiani, Corsica on Thursday, Nov 24th! Report: Agnes Trojani Linhard. A View near Withypool, Exmoor, with Flood Water by Alfred James Munnings (1878-1959) (@AlfredMunnings). Floods by Roland Vivian Pitchforth c. 1935 (@Tate). Pulborough, Sussex. UK flooding: How a Yorkshire town worked with nature to stay dry. While the sodden, submerged North of Britain was, literally, wringing out the old year last week, one notorious Yorkshire flood blackspot was celebrating staying dry – despite having been refused a multimillion pound defence scheme. Pickering, North Yorkshire, pulled off protection by embracing the very opposite of what passes for conventional wisdom. On its citizens’ own initiative, it ended repeated inundation by working with nature, not against it.

Its success, and that of similar schemes across the country, should be at the heart of the “complete rethink” of policy being officially promised in the aftermath of last month’s floods – which cost the country at least £5 billion – as climate change threatens to make them increasingly commonplace. Time to restore nature's flood defences. The Wildlife Trusts are calling on UK Governments to invest in natural solutions to control flooding Storms and flooding have caused significant damage across the UK, and climate change is likely to increase the frequency of such extreme weather in the future, costing Governments and taxpayers millions and devastating communities and businesses. Now is the time for UK Governments to prioritise investment in wilder landscapes to provide the natural solutions so badly needed to help prevent flooding in future The Wildlife Trusts believe that now is the time for UK Governments to prioritise investment in wilder landscapes which could provide the natural solutions so badly needed to help prevent flooding in future.

*Soft engineering: UK government not funding natural flood prevention methods. Natural ways of preventing flooding such as planting trees have no government funding despite ministers repeatedly backing the idea, according to a freedom of information request by Friends of the Earth. Almost a year since devastating floods hits swathes of northern Britain, environment secretary, Andrea Leadsom, and floods minister, Thérèse Coffey, have both recently supported the approach, which aims to slow the flow of water off hills and reduce peak levels. But the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) told Friends of the Earth (FoE) that “there is no funding earmarked specifically for natural flood management”.

The response came shortly after a cross-party committee of MPs concluded earlier this month that natural ways of stopping floods must be a key part of protecting the nation as climate change intensifies rain storms. Before and after: Three Gorges Dam Brings Power, Concerns to Central China. Release Date: November 17, 2016. Flood mgmt: Subjugating nature is not the way to defend against floods. The Mendips form an east-west hilly ridge, framing the Chew Valley to the north and the Somerset Levels to the south. *River restoration (re-wiggling): Taming the floods, Dutch-style. Belfast: Connswater Community Greenway. Major green infrastructure project delivering 16km of new cycle and walkways and improved flood protection for residents and businesses Creation of a 9km linear park along three urban rivers, a new civic square, and improved open spaces New reinforced concrete floodwalls & flood embankments.

Living Places. Living Places Awards We will soon be launching our first Living Places Awards. Six ways city landscapes can be more flood resilient - in pictures. *SuDS MPs endorse landscape work for flood mitigation. The House of Commons Environment & Rural Affairs Committee last week called for a large-scale - in the region of 100-200sq km - catchment trial of natural flood-risk management approaches, including leaky dams, tree planting and improved soil measures, alongside using farmland to store water as is done in the Netherlands, with Defra and the NFU to work together with "appropriate incentives to recompense farmers".

The report acknowledges that the Government has increased funding for flood risk management but points out that the money "was unlikely to deliver sufficient protection in future decades". It says hard engineering solutions cannot solve the problem alone and recognises the part landscape can play, including the role of urban parks as temporary water storage areas and trees' ability to soak up water. *Sustainable drainage SuDS. Drainage systems can contribute to sustainable development and improve the places and spaces where we live, work and play by balancing the different opportunities and challenges that influence urban design and the development of communities. Flash flood (flash flooding expected over the next 48hrs along W coast of southern Adriatic and Ionian seas). Video: Fantasy Nature & Animals.

This is how a pool is built. Three Gorges Dam - Going up: the elevator that can take a 3000-ton ship. UK Coastal Floodstone Project. How Cities and Suburbs Affect Chesapeake Bay. Acquired July 18, 2016download large image (3 MB, JPEG, 2000x2000) Flooding of the Ganges Sept 2016. Taming the floods, Dutch-style. New plan for stronger flood defences.

Flooding: UK government plans for more extreme rainfall. National Trust under fire over Snowdonia hydroelectric plan. GaugeMap. FloodScreen. FloodScreen. Before and After: Louisiana flooding - BBC News.