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Extreme weather increasing

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Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. John Curtin sur Twitter : "This is a map you’re going to want to pay attention to. Of our 400 or so river gauges around 25% have broken an all time record in the last decade - the red dots are those that have broken a record just this winter alone. Says i. Not your average #weather warning...… John Curtin sur Twitter : ".@CEHScienceNews has released its preliminary assessment of peak flows during the #NovemberFloods - in the worse hit areas we’re looking at very significant levels - you would only expect a 0.4% chance in any year of such flows. Shocked scientists find 400km of dead and damaged mangroves in Gulf of Carpentaria Mangrove monitoring trip to remote coast finds shocking impact of two cyclones across hundreds of kilometres.

Scientists have suggested that while flooding is a complex phenomenon, climate change could be making such floods worse and more frequent. May record maximum temperature for Japan today. 39.5°c at Saroma, beating previous 1924 record of 38.8°c… This is truly disturbing. Nowhere in Japan should be 39 degrees in May - but this is in Hokkaido - the very farthest north of Japan. □ What are the extremes we have been looking at in our latest climate change report? Weather: UK experiencing hotter days and 'tropical nights' - Met Office. Image copyright PA The UK has experienced more weather extremes over the last 10 years when compared with previous decades, a Met Office report has said.

Weather: UK experiencing hotter days and 'tropical nights' - Met Office

The hottest days have become almost 1C hotter, warm spells have increased, while the coldest days are not as cold. The number of so-called tropical nights - when temperatures stay above 20C - is increasing.