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Twitter. Twitter. Mapped: fossil fuel production by country #energy #environment… Fossil Fuel Production by Country. Rosamund Pearce sur Twitter : "□How the UK has transformed its electricity supply in a decade ☀ ...and how things are expected to continue changing. Me and @DrSimEvans have been working on this interactive for over a year! #netzero @CarbonBrief. The American Geographical Society sur Twitter : "Check out this interactive map that shows every type of energy plant/ station and its location in the USA! #map #energy #usa This map directly relates to our AGS Symposium: Geography.

*****Interactive #map shows every (!) power plant in the world by fuel type and capacity. Insanely cool data! Have a look at your local area. Do you know where your power (likely) comes from? Map shows parts of central Europe. *****Interactive #map shows every (!) power plant in the world by fuel type and capacity. Insanely cool data! Have a look at your local area. Do you know where your power (likely) comes from? Map shows parts of central Europe. USGS has mapped the location of every wind turbine in the U.S. A level Carbon Cycle □ Energy mixes round the world.

Mapped: How the UK generates its electricity. ENERGY | October 12. 2015. 11:05 Mapped: How the UK generates its electricity In recent years, the UK has added thousands of renewable power schemes to its ageing — and dwindling — fleet of coal, nuclear and gas plants.

Mapped: How the UK generates its electricity

Yet these older sources still supply most of the UK’s electricity. Carbon Brief has plotted the nation’s power stations in an interactive map to show the diversity of the UK’s electricity supply. The UK’s energy resources are not shared evenly. The maps also show how the UK’s hydroelectric generation is limited to Scotland and Wales, where plentiful rainfall, mountains and sparsely populated valleys make it easier to build dams. Windfarms are skewed, too, towards the coastlines and higher ground where consistent wind speeds are more reliable.

The UK’s hydro wind and solar capacity. The UK’s coal, gas and nuclear sites are more evenly distributed, but here, too, the map is revealing. *****% Homes heated with peat in Ireland. This #map is the opposite of enlightening. Map of energy consumption by country: 1979-1981 vs 2001-2003. *****U.S. Energy Production Through The Years (time slide maps) *****Energy pathway: Il percorso del gasdotto. Proseguirà quindi sulla terra ferma, attraversando la Grecia Settentrionale, nel suo tratto più lungo, muovendo in direzione ovest attraverso l’Albania fino ad approdare sul litorale Adriatico.

*****Energy pathway: Il percorso del gasdotto

Il tratto sottomarino inizierà in prossimità della città Albanese di Fier e attraverserà l’Adriatico per connettersi alla rete italiana di trasporto del gas in Salento. TAP si snoderà lungo 878 chilometri (di cui 550 chilometri in Grecia; 215 chilometri in Albania; 105 chilometri nell’Adriatico e 8 chilometri in Italia). Toccherà la massima altitudine a 1800 metri tra i rilievi albanesi e la massima profondità a 820 metri sotto il livello del mare.

Non si garantisce che la rappresentazione e l'utilizzo di confini, nomi geografici e relativi dati riportati sulle mappe non siano privi di errori né che implichino approvazione ufficiale o di accettazione da parte della Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG. Esri, HERE, DeLorme, MapmyIndia, © OpenStreetMap contributors, and the GIS user community | Mapped: How the UK generates its electricity. ***We mapped the UK's power stations. *Queensland has much coal but ideally suited for renewables. What to do?! Significant UK Hydrocarbon Discoveries and Fields. Introduction The Brent field is an oil field located in the East Shetland Basin 186 kilometres (116 mi) north-east of Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland.

Significant UK Hydrocarbon Discoveries and Fields

The field is currently operated by Shell UK limited and was once one of the most productive fields in the United Kingdom. The field has reached the stage where production is no longer economically viable. Decommissioning of the Brent field will be conducted over the coming decade. Side note: Brent Crude is a trading benchmark for pricing crude oil. Discovery This field was the first discovery in the northern part of the North Sea, and is one of the largest hydrocarbon accumulations in the United Kingdom licence area. The Brent Field discovery well was drilled in 1971, and was followed by six further exploration and appraisal wells that allowed calculations of volume to reach oil/condensate-in-place at 3.8 MMSTB, original wet gas-in-place is 7.5 TSCF.

Volumes taken from Taylor et al. 2003 Production Controversy Export. Renewable Energy - Views of the World. Renewable energy is defined as ‘energy from a source that is not depleted’.

Renewable Energy - Views of the World

Main sources include biomass, hydropower, wind, biofuels, solar, heat pumps, biogas, geothermal, and marine (such as tidal power). Data by the International Energy Agency sees the share of renewable energy in global power generation at 22 per cent in 2013, with an estimated increase to 26 per cent by 2020 as a result of supportive policies by a large number of governments. (click for larger version) Energy pathways: Why China wants control over south sea is that most of its #oil and #gas imports have to go through it. Flow line map: The global coal trade.

COAL | May 3. 2016. 16:13 Mapped: The global coal trade The global coal trade doubled in the decade to 2012 as a coal-fueled boom took hold in Asia.

Flow line map: The global coal trade

Now, the coal trade seems to have stalled, or even gone into reverse. This change of fortune has devastated the coal mining industry, with Peabody – the world’s largest private coal-mining company – the latest of 50 US firms to file for bankruptcy. It could also be a turning point for the climate, with the continued burning of coal the biggest difference between business-as-usual emissions and avoiding dangerous climate change. Carbon Brief has produced a series of maps and interactive charts to show how the global coal trade is changing.