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Economic sectors eg Clark-Fisher

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Changing workplaces

*****The 5 Sectors of the Economy. A nation’s economy can be divided into sectors to define the proportion of a population engaged in different activities.

*****The 5 Sectors of the Economy

This categorization represents a continuum of distance from the natural environment. The continuum starts with primary economic activity, which concerns itself with the utilization of raw materials from the earth, such as agriculture and mining. From there, the distance from natural resources increases as sectors become more detached from the processing of raw materials. *****Replacing Three-Sector Theory and the Services Sector: Urbanization and Control as Economic SectorsSchafran et al open access. *****Economic sectors / cumulative line graph: Over the last 70 years the nature of work changed a lot in the US (this looks much the same in other developed nations). I think it's interesting just how stable sales jobs are. Source.

General election 2019: The jobs eight out of 10 Britons do. The UK is gearing up for another election, which means politicians of all parties fighting for the votes of what they call "ordinary" or "hard-working" people.

General election 2019: The jobs eight out of 10 Britons do

There are record numbers of people in work in the UK, although concerns have been raised about the quality of their employment and pay levels. So, what jobs do we do in Britain, and what might be on workers' minds? A nation of service industry workers When politicians want to appeal to working people, they tend to don hard hats and head to factories or construction sites. These workplaces may look good in pictures, but they do not chime with most people's experience of work. GetFile. This is what 150 years of US employment looks like #employment #unitedstates… Changing nature of work in the US over the last 150 years. Decline of agriculture is obvious. Rise and fall of manufacturing. Ever more healthcare and education. Source. *****Quaternary spending: Find Out How Much Your Country Spends on Research & Development. Tertiary / Services: window cleaners… *****1960: Peak manufacturing / Baby boom / Sewing the seeds of Brexit...Scunthorpe was brilliant, or rubbish, depending on who you asked. This is fantastic.…

*****Clark-Fisher Model for USA: Big picture shifts! US jobs by industry from 1900-2017. We see the rise of consumerism (retail), increased efficiency in food production, a mixture of increased wealth and prolonged lifespans (healthcare) and the rise an. #Tourism as share of GDP in @OECD countries (2016 data): #Spain 11% #Portugal 9% #Greece 6% #Germany 4% #Poland 1% Find more tourism trends here. Super quick recent #history of #agriculture in #USA in two charts and one #map: A smaller number of workers on a smaller number of farms produce more food than ever before. Technological improvements and switch to larger farms responsible. Source.

Here's why poorer countries aren't investing in #R&D. Gcse Globalisation Topic Edexcel B At Rhsb - Lessons - Tes Teach. @missgeog92 Sorry not a lesson, but a couple of ideas: See link in story map to other trends such as urbanisation and increasing light pollution / Could…