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Climate change indicators/trends GENERAL

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Record of cherry blossom bloom dates in Kyoto, Japan date to 812 AD...more than 1,200 years ago. This year's peak bloom on March 26 was the earliest ever recorded. This is climate change. Article. Twitter. Excellent evidence-rich article on #climatechange in Australia. Twitter. The most recent atmospheric CO2 reading is over 410 parts per million. The last time humans experienced 410 ppm was... never. Never. Humans hadn't evolved yet. #climatechange… Global Temperature Ten Year Linear Trends #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #ClimateBreakdown… A glacier 1989-2016, Kargil District, Jammu and Kashmir, India □□ GIF. There is a difference between weather and climate. (See replies to original tweet) #GeographyTeacher… A glacier 1985-2018, Avannaata, Greenland □□ GIF. A glacier 1986-2016, Urt Moron, Golmud City, Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai, PRC □□ GIF.

An icecap 1985-2016, Coyhaique, Provincia de Coyhaique, Aysén Region, Chile □□ GIF. Another scale busting chart as Australia apparently sees the hottest ever recorded month. Temperature anomaly of nearly 3°c is bonkers.… Four warmest years on record: 2016, 2015, 2017 & 2018. 2018 to be nominally the 4th warmest year on record globally, at 0.91±0.1°C above the long-term pre-industrial average. This means that the last four years have been the warmest on record.

And today’s dose bad climate news ... Forecast patterns suggest enhanced warming is likely over much of the globe, especially over land and at high northern latitudes, particularly the Arctic region. The heat goes on in south Australia. Many locations recording highest recorded March temperatures and warmest March nights.… *****UK weather: February temperature jump was incredible, says climate expert. This week’s record winter heat in the UK was so far above normal trends that scientists have been forced to reconsider their statistical models, with one expert calling the temperature jump “incredible”.

*****UK weather: February temperature jump was incredible, says climate expert

UK temperature records have tumbled in the past 10 days. It’s at least a one-in 200-year event...the probability of this week’s temperatures was close to zero #FebruaryHeatwave @PeterGWeather. What a difference a year makes ❄️☀️… Global temperature between 1900 and 2018 Shows an 11 year average using HadCRUT4 temperature data at different locations around the world Note arctic warming is greatest Inspired by @anttilip climate dashboard #globalwarming #climatechange #dataviz #clima. Simon Evans sur Twitter : "**Bar Chart Race for CO2** The changing ranks of the 10 largest CO2 emitters in the world since 1850. Fascinating to see nations rise, fall & rise again in their yearly emissions* See how the UK dominates the C19th & US the 20th. Carbon dioxide emissions from human activity. Fossil fuels represented 87% of emissions in 2018.

Animation showing how the distribution over Earth's surface of annual average temperature anomalies has been shifting due to global warming since 1850. #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange… CO₂ concentration is accelerating.… Global ocean temperatures have been warming at a steady clip over the last several decades □ □️ Naturally occurring spikes are associated with El Niño, superimposed on other climate drivers, such as global warming. Data: ERA5/@CopernicusECMWF. Several of my ideas have come from plotting the same data regularly in different ways but occasionally making mistakes which look unusual and interesting!…

*****BBC Weather / Climate change: Met Office released its 'State of the UK Climate' report: -The 10 warmest years on record have all been since 2002 -The 10 coldest years on record were before 1964 -Summers have got 13% wetter, and winters 12% wette. The 10 hottest years in the UK since 1884 ranked: 2014 2006 2011 2007 2017 2003 2018 2004 2002 2005 The 10 coldest in the record: 1892 1888 1885 1963 1919 1886 1917 1909 1887 1962 Source @metoffice. The Earth is facing a ‘clear and unequivocal’ climate emergency, say 11,000 scientists. New study shows how greenhouse gas emissions are still rising with increasingly damaging effects. All summarised by these graphs...… ‘High likelihood of human civilisation coming to end’ by 2050, report finds. Could it be orbital cycles? Are we just getting warmer after the last ice age? No: warming from the last ice age peaked 1000s of yrs ago, and the next event on our geologic calendar was another ice age: was, until the industrial revolution, that is. Read.

Scientists puzzled by slowing of Atlantic conveyor belt, warn of abrupt climate change. A Delaware-Sized Chunk Of Ice May Soon Detach From Antarctic Shelf. Mapping Methane in a Bubbling Arctic Lake. By Kate Ramsayer / FAIRBANKS, ALASKA / At first glance, it looks like a typical, picture-perfect lake.

Mapping Methane in a Bubbling Arctic Lake

But scan the reeds along the shore of this pool on the outskirts of Fairbanks, or glance at the spruce trees lining the banks, and you notice something different is going on. Methane bubbles pop on the surface of a lake near Fairbanks, Alaska. Thawing permafrost in the lakebed soils releases old carbon, which microbes eat up and turn into methane. Carbon emissions 'postpone ice age'. Image copyright Ittiz The next ice age may have been delayed by over 50,000 years because of the greenhouse gases put in the atmosphere by humans, scientists in Germany say.

Carbon emissions 'postpone ice age'

167 Tiny Maps Tell the Major Story of Climate Change. Climate change just got another telling visual courtesy of the famed temperature spiral creator.

167 Tiny Maps Tell the Major Story of Climate Change

But rather than a graph, it’s a series of 167 maps. Alone, they each tell the story of whether a year was mostly hot or mostly cold or mostly average. Climate Change could jam thermohaline circulation - Nicola Jones: Yale Environment 360. 06 Sep 2016: Analysis by nicola jones Mariusz Kluzniak/Flickr Melting ice flows into the northern Atlantic Ocean in eastern Greenland.

Climate Change could jam thermohaline circulation - Nicola Jones: Yale Environment 360

Susan Lozier is having a busy year. From May to September, her oceanographic team is making five research cruises across the North Atlantic, hauling up dozens of moored instruments that track currents far beneath the surface. QBO "Old Faithful" of Earth's stratosphere failed to erupt. What's happening? @NASAGoddard scientists investigate. Climate Running AMOC. Thermohaline circulation (n.): deep ocean current driven by variations in salinity and temperature.

Climate Running AMOC

QBO Unprecedented disruption to atmosphere's pacemaker foretells wet winter for Europe. High in the stratosphere, winds whip around Earth's equator, switching from westerlies to easterlies and back again roughly every 28 months.

QBO Unprecedented disruption to atmosphere's pacemaker foretells wet winter for Europe

Although the length of the cycle varies from year to year, the quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO), as it is known, is as dependable as they come: It had not skipped a beat since scientists first reported its existence in 1960. Until now. Global warning: ocean warming. A new IUCN report, entitled Explaining ocean warming: causes, scale, effects and consequences, sets out the most recent and comprehensive review to date on this topic and shows a complex story of change in the ocean.

Global warning: ocean warming

This change is underway, often already locked in for many decades to come, and has already begun to impact people’s lives. This is no longer a single story of ocean warming challenges to coral reefs, but a rapidly growing list of alarming changes across species at ecosystem scales, and across geographies spanning the entire world.