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Child Mortality Rate (CMR)

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*****Why is the UK's #InfantMortalityRate so high? Deeply concerning metrics incl #ChildMortality + #LifeExpectancy > strong links to #deprivation. Interview with @MichaelMarmot by @Emmabarnett A must-watch report on @BBCNewsnight by @deb_cohen. *****Child Mortality Rate (CMR) in the world's most populous countries over the last century and a half. *****It's easy to forget how much progress we've made... [A School in South Uist, by F.G. Rea]… We are told many that the Europe of the past was so much better. What a strange belief… What do the people of the world die from? Image copyright Getty Images Around the world, people are living longer.

What do the people of the world die from?

In 1950, global average life expectancy at birth was only 46. By 2015, it had shot up to over 71. In some countries, progress has not always been smooth. How #Thailand has broken the link between #poverty and child mortality just by introducing free #healthcare see the impact this simple vision has on its population #geography #geographyteacher. Teaching Notes on Population Growth. There are politicians in Europe who want us to turn back the clock to a better time. Do not imagine this better time ever existed. #EUelections2019. An animation showing infant mortality in Africa since 1950. Max Roser sur Twitter : "Worldwide annual deaths by 5-year-age-group In the period 1950 to 1954 more than 20 million children died every year. Since then the number of annual child deaths declined 3-fold. And the number of older people's deaths doubled.…

Charts like this one make me happy. The number of children under 5 years of age that die each year has more than halved since 1990. Source.