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Bernal sphere

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Landscapes Brilliantly Turned On Their Heads in This Digital Campaign | Moss and Fog. We love the elegance of these cityscapes and landscapes that have been flipped on their heads to create impossible scenery. Originally designed for a United Airlines in Australia campaign, the ads used the tagline ‘Dreamers Welcome’ to announce the service of their 787 Dreamliner plane service.

From a surreal look down the Brooklyn Bridge leading to a vertical Central Park, to a paddle board down an impossible Colorado River, the scenes draw the eye in. Really fun work created by Cream Electric Art. Like this: Like Loading... Landscapes Brilliantly Turned On Their Heads in This Digital Campaign | Moss and Fog. Bernal sphere. Long-term space habitat, proposed in 1929 by J. D. Bernal, consisting of a large hollow spherical shell filled with air Exterior of a Bernal sphere Interior of a Bernal sphere A Bernal sphere is a type of space habitat intended as a long-term home for permanent residents, first proposed in 1929 by John Desmond Bernal.

Bernal's original proposal described a hollow non-rotating spherical shell 10 mi (16 km) in diameter, with a target population of 20,000 to 30,000 people. The Bernal sphere would be filled with air.[1] O'Neill versions[edit] Island One[edit] In a series of studies held at Stanford University in 1975 and 1976 with the purpose of speculating on designs for future space colonies, Dr. Island Two[edit] O'Neill envisioned the next generation of space habitat as a larger version of Island One. Image gallery[edit] The inside of the sphere as viewed from the sunlight "portal" Agricultural module of a Bernal Sphere Exterior of a Bernal sphere See also[edit] References[edit]