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Australia / New Zealand

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Let's celebrate #AustraliaDay with a pretty vintage map from 1943 showing Australia and even New Zealand. It's not often that we see the two countries side by side on a map to give us a good idea of scale. High-res version available here. *****Colonialisation / Straight line borders with a ruler / One of my favourite maps, an 1838 proposal for the division of Australia into new states. A few we know in new places, and some great names for the rest! Twitter. Our current exhibition “What it is to be here” includes a large-scale print of the @AIATSIS map, which visualises cultural, language, trade boundaries and relationships between groups of original traditional owners of Australia. Free, 10am - 4pm weekdays,

Map shows the history of subdividing Australia into several parts from 1787 to 1908. Source. Notasia. Odd label on this vintage map of Australasia... Source. This takes the piss out of Australia so much I almost want to go... hilarious… “From tourist to traveller.” Cool advertising campaign for tourism in Australia. Really odd that they missed out Tasmania though?! Source. Cute "Discover Australia" map (this is taken from a jigsaw puzzle). Source.


New Zealand. I wrote a post about putting together a satellite basemap for the #TeReo Maori map and figured out a few mapping tricks along the way. #Cartography #CreativeCarto. Looking good, straya. Very nice map shows Australia with an exaggerated relief. Source. The Mediterranean Sea perfectly fits inside Australia. How remote is Australia you ask? Let this map be my answer. Remoteness classification of Australia. Source. Twitter. And while we're having an Australian □□□morning, here's a great reminder of the comparative sizes of Australia and Europe! #maps #Australia #NLSadvent… This map of #Australia shows the routes taken by 19th century expeditions exploring the continent. #maps #NLSadvent From Philip's Australian Commonwealth Atlas.… Twitter. Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "Countries (like #Australia) are pretty keen to claim a few random small islands as their own. This provides them with the right to form an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) around that island in which they can exploit the ri.

#Map shows the different types of Boomerang that where used in pre-colonial Australia. Source. Not sure of the source but amusing.… Vintage #map from 1943 shows the natural and industrial resources of #NewZealand. Source. Nine tongue in cheek ways to divide #Australia. Source. #Map compares the size of #Australia and #Brazil. Brazil is about 10% bigger than Australia but is home to 9x the population. Source.

#Map shows Australian Population Density in 2017. Source. #Map shows #Australia's Electricity Transmission Lines. Source. Flags of Australia and Oceania Countries. Maps of WorldCurrent, Credible, Consistent Search Get Custom Mapping Quote +1 408 637 0064 |

Flags of Australia and Oceania Countries

Animated #map shows the #history of the changing states and territories in #Australia. I like that this features the indigenous map of Australia at the start. Source. Interesting little blog post. 300+ years ago the Gowanese kingdom spread across many Indonesian islands, Timor Leste and even included the northern tip of the Northern Territory in Australia.… 100 yeas ago a magazine in #Japan in Published this #map comparing sizes of European nations with #Australia. Link. Detail from a #map of the British Empire's main communication routes in 1853. Happy #WaitangiDay! 1920s vegetation #map of #Australia trolls #Tasmania. WTF! EW! From the archives of @TroveAustralia. Link. @DapperHistorian But have you seen the vegetation map in this series? Their description of Tasmania really captures a certain something.…

#SaltCensus infographic published in @australian on 4% non-farm workforce working from home. Mostly bookkeepers, Norwegians, female, low- a… Australian States by percentage of population living in the... Simple #map reminds us just how remote big parts of #Australia really are. Animation shows the changes in religious affiliation in Australia over the last 50 years. Australians are turning their backs from religious… Australian Same-sex Marriage Survey Results, 15th November... *****How long is a drive around Australia? Scale. A virtual trip across Australia's longest Highway Facebook Twitter Share Tap for details Swipe to explore Tap to go back Swipe to explore Australia is big.

*****How long is a drive around Australia? Scale

It's very big! But just how long would it take you to travel the full length of the highway? Starting in Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city and a popular destination to fly in to, Highway 1 can be taken either west or east. If you were driving continuously, without any stops along the scenic Victorian and New South Wales coast, this first stretch of the journey would take you approximately: 13 hours 40 minutes Starting in Edinburgh, Scotland and driving to Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. (13 hours, 30 minutes) From Sydney, Highway 1 continues along the eastern coast of Australia up to Brisbane.

The total time taken for this leg of the drive is: 10 hours 29 minutes Driving from Luxembourg City, Luxembourg to Bratislava, Slovakia (10 hours 9 minutes) Without taking the time for a swim, this stretch of the journey is: *****100 years ago a magazine in #Japan in Published this #map comparing sizes of European nations with #Australia. Link. After almost 10 years here I still haven’t fully mastered this #map of Australian slang. Source. How (some of the) urban areas in #Australia are connected to #Sydney. Visualized with #QGIS, data from @graphhopper. #Map reminds us how big #Australia is. Perth-Melbourne is a 4+ hour flight. Source. Great teacher resource for Indigenous language, culture & environment. Interactive weather map for use in class.

My Australasia Knowledge Organiser for KS3. #geographyteacher □□□□ Between catastrophe and survival: The real journey Captain Cook set us on. Updated June 11, 1770.

Between catastrophe and survival: The real journey Captain Cook set us on

For Lieutenant James Cook, the end looms. His ship the Endeavour has run aground on a reef. This man of the seas fears he will now be lost to it. Cook sees his men grow desperate; hope is fading. He dreads that in little time they will turn violently on each other. Those who survive will anyway be dead to the world; what is left of their lives lost in a wilderness. Cook's journal, counts every passing hour, his mood ever darker. "...death has approached in all his terrors; and as the dreadful moment that was to determine our fate came on, everyone saw his own sensations pictured in the countenances of his companions... " Cook's life, the lives of his crew, hang on the winds and the water. Everything that could be spared is tossed overboard, with the load lighter and the tide rising, the vessel heaves into the deep water.

The crew that had slumped exhausted on deck, lift their spirits for a final effort. All hands man the pump to hold the incoming flood at bay. Comments. Old maps of Australia #Australia #Oldmaps. The 24 states of Australia: if all statehood proposals had been accepted. *****Animation shows change in religious affiliation between 1966 and 2016 in Australia - accompanies @BernardSalt column. Over the last quarter the capital city in #Australia with the highest increase in #property prices was #Hobart. #Brisbane flat, #Perth down.

Stereotypical Map of New Zealand (2017) #MappingStereotypes #NewZealand. 1922 #map in The New State Magazine divided #Australia into 12 States and 5 Territories. They left out #Tasmania! #Map shows what #Australia could look like in 2017 had all proposed changes to state borders been integrated. Source. @HamishSmyth @CodyPhelan @Australia @mapinfo @mapdragons @simongerman600 @CartogRRaphy @VividMaps @BeautifulMaps @onlmaps @vWMaps @geography_stuff Correlate this map with Cody's to see why there's no roads through the middle. Also: 41 hrs to drive 4,000km. #Map shows nothing but #roads in #Australia. Great #map shows #Australia 18,000 years ago during #IceAge Sources Wikipedia Reddit. *****The most detailed map of Australian population density ever. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released what is probably the most detailed geographic view of population density in Australia.

*****The most detailed map of Australian population density ever

The dataset shows the population per square kilometre from the 2011 census, the first time a grid has been used for these figures. This gives a significant increase in detail, particularly in regional areas, over previous approaches. Here I’ve converted their data to an interactive map so you can see specific areas in greater detail. Update: I’ve created two other versions on request from commenters. Here’s the same map with a log scale to better view the population difference in regional areas, and here’s one with transparency and place names. The history of Australia.

The Evolution of Australia: Every year. These amazing historical maps show how people thought Australia should have been divided up. Here’s a great find from The Smith Journal of a proposal in 1838 to divvy up Australia into 10 principalities.

These amazing historical maps show how people thought Australia should have been divided up

It’s from The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, Volume 8, 1838, “to accompany ‘Considerations on the Political Geography and Geographical Nomenclature of Australia by Captain Vetch, Royal Engineers, F.R.S.'” At the time, Australia was made up of just four states, including New Zealand, which was administered by NSW: The author of the 1838 proposal, James Vetch, probably didn’t put as much thought into it as he should have, however. It’s roughly drawn to divide the country neatly up into equal squares, without considering climate, population or soil fertility. But it is quite a bit warmer for Victorians and Tasmanians, who in particular would have enjoyed the benefits of the mining boom in recent years as opposed to the nation’s highest unemployment rate.

That’s not to say it’s going to stay this way forever. The Goldfields proposal. 1922 #map in The New State Magazine divided #Australia into 12 States and 5 Territories. They left out #Tasmania! @ebatruth @simongerman600 Terra Nullius… What does Australia look like beyond the metropolitan haze? @BernardSalt. #Map reminds us that #Australia is a small nation in control of a big fat continent. HT @amazingmap. Census results shows population growth across Australia is not equally distributed says @simongerman600 with @BernardSalt. Cartoon #map shows #Australia as visualised by a #cartographer from #Tasmania. □ via. The History of Oceania: Every Year.

Help me out here. How exact is this #map of #Australia? (source unclear. Climate analogues of Australia. How Australia's climate compares to the rest of the world. Here's a nice map of New Zealand (Australia as West Island) In developed world cities in #Australia to grow the strongest until 2050. @ABSstat will adjust #Perth numbers soon. #Map shows that in #Australia all state corners are named and that SA borders every state in mainland OZ.

Top 5 foreign born population groups in #Australia #UK 1.2M #NZ 611k #China 482k #India 433k #Philippines 234. #Vintage #map (1925) shows all Australian #river basins. Zoom-able high-res version here #hydrology. Beuatiful #vintage 1920 #map of #Australia. Have a look at #Darwin :) *****Australians' birthplaces. #Map: #rail coverage of #Australia looks good. No high speed options though... Let me take you back to #Melbourne in 1934. Gorgeous #vintage map from. Australia was colonised by one group 50,000 years ago, DNA evidence reveals. Historic hair samples collected from Aboriginal people show that following an initial migration 50,000 years ago, populations spread rapidly around the east and west coasts of Australia.

Australia was colonised by one group 50,000 years ago, DNA evidence reveals

Our research, published in Nature today, also shows that once settled, Aboriginal groups remained in their discrete geographical regions right up until the arrival of Europeans a few hundred years ago. So where does the evidence for this rapid migration and long settlement come from? Early expeditions In a series of remarkable expeditions that ran from the 1920s to 1960s, scientists travelled widely across the Australian outback. They recorded as much anthropological information as possible about Aboriginal Australians. They recorded film and audio, drawings, songlines, genealogies and extensive physical measurements under tough outback conditions. The extensive collections from the Board for Anthropological Expeditions are now curated in the South Australian Museum. The metadata collected was voluminous. *****Map on early #aboriginal #history in #Australia! Easy to see how continent was originally settled.

But where is the green sheep? Old maps put the art in cartography. The national library's Trove digital service has been highlighting quirky old maps of the continent, starting with a 1920s graphic dividing the country up into the sheep haves and have-nots.

But where is the green sheep? Old maps put the art in cartography

Artist Judy Horacek, who illustrated Mem Fox's children's classic Where is the Green Sheep? , approved of the idea. For the record, Meat and Livestock Australia has this more modern take on the old sheep map, which is impressively precise — who knew there were only 167 head of sheep in the Northern Territory? — but not as charming. Gorgeous #vintage #map shows vegetation in #Australia. 100 year old propaganda #map warns #Australia of #Germany. Features funny alternative city names... The rise of populist politics in Australia. Image copyright Getty Images Once reviled for her views on Asian immigration and Aboriginal welfare, Pauline Hanson is being courted by mainstream politicians as the populist wave reshaping the world's liberal democracies laps at Australian shores.

The rise of populist politics in Australia

Ms Hanson's One Nation is the biggest beneficiary of growing disenchantment with traditional politics in Australia, where Donald Trump's US election victory and Britain's Brexit vote have energised minor parties with right-wing populist agendas. However, while One Nation is riding high - with four seats in the federal Senate, a deal with the governing Liberal Party in Western Australia, and forecasts it could win nearly one-quarter of votes in a Queensland state election - the former fish-and-chip shop owner is not the only contender for the title of Antipodean Trump. You might also be interested in: Dozens of small right-wing parties stood at the 2016 election, winning only a tiny fraction of the vote. #Spiders #map of #Australia. Funnel web spider lives in the East. Redback more widely spread. Australia, until 60s, Aborigines came under the Flora And Fauna Act, classified them as animals, not human beings.

Australian wealth used to be based on #sheep. Vintage 1920s #map shows sheep density across the nation. Beautifully simple #vintage (1920s) #map of #Australia shows #cattle and #mineral locations. HT @G8sthn. @simongerman600 Never knew that. Speaking of states this is interesting for others who may have not seen it yet. Central Australia! This 1922 #map in The New State Magazine divided #Australia into 12 States and 5 Territories. Quirky idea. Even quirkier is that they forgot #Tasmania! Source.